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Upgrade The Ambience of Your Home with Skylight Blinds

Motorized Skylight Blinds And Shades

Upgrade The Ambience with Motorized Skylight Blinds And Shades

Setting up electric lighting inside the house to keep it illuminated at all times can entail huge costs. To serve this purpose, and to let natural sunlight in the house, people usually go for skylights.

Skylights are windows that are built into the attic or on the roofs where the main purpose is to allow natural sunlight to pass through and brighten interior spaces. They are energy efficient options that can reduce your electricity bills by up to 50%, and can provide the house with a modern and elegant touch. They can be installed in independent houses which are directly under the exposure of the sun. That said, sometimes a skylight works too well and brings in too much heat or light into the home. For those reasons, a motorized skylight shade or blind is the perfect solution

Motorized Skylight Blinds And Shades

Motorized Skylight Blinds And Shades

As discussed, skylights are an excellent source of natural light which can let in almost three times as much sunlight as a normal window covering may allow. Installing them is especially beneficial in rooms with no windows or ventilation. They also lend a unique and somewhat unconventional architectural design. They can come in various designs for flat as well as slanting roofs and can be put in place either before or after the construction of the house.

There is a greater demand for skylight shades than ever before. Even more so, for motorized skylight blinds and shades which are essential in operating them easily from below. In the absence of remote control skylight shades, it is increasingly difficult to the task of opening and closing blinds which are installed on your ceiling.

Modern Blinds And Shades: Advantages of Skylight Blinds

Here are a few of the advantages that skylights blinds offer:

1) Reducing Excessive Heat and Glare

Having effective skylights is essential in adding a stylized touch to your living space. However, in the absence of blinds, the house can be prone to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which can damage your furniture and can give rise to skin infections. Skylight blinds have the capacity to block up to 80% glare and UV radiation.

2) Economical

Installing shutters, roller, or faux wood blinds for your small or large windows throughout the house can entail huge costs. However, even replacing one skylight blind is a more economical option as it can have a huge effect on your room.

3) Reduce Fading

The items that you have in your house, or the house itself, come with a shelf life that may ultimately lead to the wear and tear of these products if not maintained. The heat and excessive glare of the sun may contribute to fading of carpets, decorative items and even walls of the home. Skylight blinds help maintain and preserve these items from destruction.

4) Solar Warming During Winters

Solar Powered Skylight Blinds

The basic purpose of having solar powered skylight blinds is to let sunlight in, not block it completely. These are excellent options during winters as they provide natural light inside sans the glare. To add to it, they help in warming the house up during cold weather by absorbing in as much heat as possible and preventing its escape.

5) Attractiveness

Skylight blinds can upgrade the ambiance and look of any home. They are amazingly classy and look great on any kind of roofs and windows, be it tubular skylights or attic windows.

6) Outside View

Motorized skylight blinds can be custom designed to open, close or partially close whenever necessary. Apart from letting in enough sunlight, they allow for a clear view outside, especially if your abode is in the middle of nature or the countryside.

7) Versatility in Application

Their use is not limited to homes, for skylight shades are equally applicable for commercial purposes in buildings, offices, and restaurants.

8) Easy to Install

It doesn’t require much time and effort to set them up, as skylight blinds are much simple and uncomplicated in design than their counterparts. Because of this, they are also easier to clean and maintain.

Essential Solar Powered Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds are used specifically to not only illuminate the house and save on electricity costs but also to harness solar power to heat it up during winters. Let us look at some of the most effective skylight blinds in the market that meet this purpose. We will also discuss their features in detail.

1) 1 Inch Aluminum Blinds

1 Inch Aluminum Skylight Blinds

Trust the ever-reliable brand of Graber Blinds to come up with window coverings that are bang for your buck. 1-inch aluminum skylight blinds can be applied universally across high ceiling lights and sloped ceilings. They let you control and customize them to let only sufficient sunlight to enter the home while also giving you the much-needed privacy. They are durable, attractive and come in a variety of shades such as Fawn, Almond, dramatic black and rich burgundy to choose from.

Made from quality aluminum fabric, they ensure the blinds stay in place even at a 45-degree angle. You can choose colors which match your walls at affordable prices. They can be easily set up and cleaned by dusting or vacuuming.

2) Blackout Cellular Shades

The texture blackout cellular shades provide make them ideal window solutions for extreme heat while retaining some of the light that enters your home. Their elegance is a fine finishing touch for any room with little or no window coverings. They are available in a variety of colors such as Angel hair, Lemon Tree, Mist and Salted Caramel and are outlined by metallic liners.

Like most cellular shades, they come in single and double cell fabrics, of which the latter is most effective for energy efficiency and insulation. With side tracks that avoid light leakage, their blackout properties ensure you enjoy your sleep without being bothered by the harsh glare of the sun to greet you every morning. It also prevents the room from being privy to noise and cacophonic sounds from the streets and loud neighbors.

You can enjoy the comfortable room temperature during both winters and summers with their high insulation properties. Their honeycomb pockets trap heat and light. These cellular shades are ideal to be applied on high roofs as they come with sky poles and aluminum center rail handles for convenient and easy operation. The structured pleats offer a clean and crisp look and their variety can suit the mood and style of your home.

3) CrystalPleat Shades

Their highlight is 3/8” double cell CrystalPleat with white aluminum side channels. They are available in light filtering fabrics which do not allow for high privacy control but are good enough for letting in natural sunlight. They are operated with handles on center rails and are available in a wide assortment of colors such as Almond, Coconut Cream, White Rose, and Khaki.

Thus, we see how skylight blinds are unique window treatment methods which are equally, if not more, effective as some of the other popular window blinds. They just need to be maintained regularly and must be used in places with low and medium temperatures throughout the year. During summers, it’s better to go for blackout fabrics to keep the harsh effects of the sun out.

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