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10 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades for Your Living Room

Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades for Living Room – 10 Reasons Why

You don’t need someone to tell you the benefits technology has brought to our lives. It has made our lives easier by taking loads off of our daily routines and simplifying tasks that were once mandatory and exhausting.

The era of motorized window treatments has begun. Until recently we had remote controls in shades and the headrail system which did away with cords. Now we even have voice control capability with assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, synchronized by our ever-reliable Z wave smart hubs, to give us all the convenience of the world.

Z-Wave Shades

In this section, we focus on motorized shades and dictate to you the major reasons they have become a must-have item for the modern smart home.

Motorized Shades

Technology has affected change in just about every sphere of our lives. What earlier seemed to be the stuff science fiction movies were made out of, have disrupted our lives. Every outlandish idea is now being given shape, with artificial intelligence now inculcated into home decor as well. From smart television sets and appliances to mobile phones and washing machines, possibilities have expanded.

Now all the famous window treatments — from Roman shades and honeycomb blinds to Venetian blinds, motorized wood blinds, and roller shades — are available with smart motorized lifts. Let us discuss the 10 reasons why you need motorized shades for your living room.

1. Convenience

What’s better than the mere push of a button to control all shades in a room, or even in the house! This not just saves time but the energy that is otherwise spent in walking up to every shade separately to pull the cords that open or close them. This feature is also especially helpful when you have hard-to-reach skylight blinds or tall windows.

2. Increased privacy

The need for privacy fluctuates according to the situation, but the need is particularly high when you have thin walls and are part of a congested locality with snoopy neighbors. Motorized window treatments require just the flick of a button to open or close these shades when you are getting ready for bed or need to work on an important project.

3. Increase your home’s value

Motorized Shades

A home’s value can be increased manifold when it has features that add convenience and comfort to the homeowner. With home automation becoming increasingly popular across all generations, households, and cultures, having motorized blinds and shades for your home will not only help you save on your bills and lead to a better standard of living but will also increase the value of your home when you plan to put it on the real estate market.

4. Fun and Interesting

This might be an “unconventional” feature of them, but anything that is new and interesting will have you playing with them for hours on end. Just command “OK Google, turn off the blinds” and watch them follow this instruction to your amusement. You’ll get used to it soon, though. But ensure that while you are at it, you do not end up draining the battery of your device.

5. Ease in Waking Up

When you have cheap motorized shades, you can literally dispose of your alarm clock or stop relying on it completely in waking you up every morning. Instead, schedule your blinds to open as soon as the sun is up and shining! So no more waking up to the shrill sound of your device when you can rely on a natural and more peaceful way of greeting your days.

6. Protect Your Loved Ones & Precious Items

One of the most well-known benefits of motorization of window treatments involves the safety of your loved ones. It prevents children and pets from getting tangled in cords which are otherwise found in non-motorized or corded window treatments. Besides, when you schedule these blinds or shades to open and close according to different times of the day or changes in temperature, you can better protect your furniture, wall paintings, and floorings against the harmful infrared and UV radiation of the sun.

7. Simulate Your Presence

When you schedule the operation of your shades even while you are away on a business trip or a vacation, it may give the impression to potential intruders that the home is occupied. They simulate presence, and this way your home will be secure even when you are not around.

8. Peace of Mind

One of the greatest advantages of having motorized treatments is that you need not worry about constantly lowering or adjusting your shades every time the weather changes from sunny to overcast, or from chilly to pleasant. Many modern shades and features have sensors which make them react according to changing temperatures and weathers. They will automatically lower and raise and even adjust to a preferable degree. This feature ensures the homes stay cool during summers and warm and cozy during winters, leading to better energy efficiency and savings in electricity costs. And all this without you having to leave your comfy sofa or bed.

9. Creating Ambiance

Motorized window coverings help you create the perfect ambiance of coziness and privacy where you can sit back, relax, enjoy or movie or a drink with your loved one. Whenever you need to lighten up your wood, you just need to ensure that you have your remote or smartphone handy. With the flick of a button, your window treatments will open or close as per your demand. When you are planning a party, you can create a solid impression on your guests by setting up artificial lighting and music to complement the mood.

10. Experience a Home Theater Atmosphere

When you have sturdy motorized blinds, you can also draw the blinds and be prepared to experience a home theater atmosphere where you can enjoy watching your favorite television show or movie without worrying about being distracted.

Going through these advantages might make you want to just reach out and get the perfect motorized options for your home. If you, however, face a dilemma in finding out the best shopping outlet, look no further than ZebraBlinds. With a range of window treatments available in a plethora of colors, textures, price ranges and designs, you can easily zero in your favorites.