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The Best Motorized Shades for Your Living Room

Motorized Shades for Living Room

Motorized Shades for Living Room – Much More Convenient

The world is slowly upgrading itself to make the lives of everyone easier and much more convenient. Every now and then, we are exposed to revolutionary ways of doing things more simply and easier than before. The things that exist today, thanks to technology, would have been impossible to think about just a decade before.

The motorization of window solutions for your home is just one of those aspects which have made our lives better. Without a doubt, remote controlled or Z-wave enabled shades have become a popular choice in most homes: a must-have upgrade that can make your home even more beautiful and clutter-free. Besides, as there are motorized window treatments offered by just about every top brand in the market, there is no dearth of options while choosing your own colors, fabrics or sizes for every window in every room of the house.

In this section, let us find out which cheap motorized shades will be the perfect fit for your living room.

The smart window shades make use of the Z-Wave technology to integrate with your home automation system. These motorized shades can be set up anywhere, especially the living room, to not just bring you a plethora of benefits but to also make an indelible impression on your visitors.

Here are a few benefits of motorized shades that you must be aware of:

1) Smartphone or tab operation

Z wave Home Automation

The whole world is at your fingertips, and your little device is no longer meant to just not surf the internet or to post on social media. Once you download the required app and integrate it with the Z-Wave home automation, you can start operating your shades with it.

2) Manage hard-to-reach windows

Tall windows are the biggest pain when you are manually operating the shades or using a cord to pull them up or down. With motorized treatments, all you require is a flick of a button, or simply your voice command to adjust, open or close your prized possessions.

3) Scheduled timers for safety

Suppose you were to leave your home to attend an important work meeting or to go on vacation. Wherever you might be, you’ll always be concerned with your home’s safety. However, with scheduled timers to open, close or adjust your blinds, outsiders will get an impression that someone is always inside. Hence, the security of your home is considerably increased with motorized shades.

4) Safe for Kids and Pets

In the absence of motorized blinds, kids run the risk of hurting themselves by entangling themselves in cords, which may be dangerous for them. Similarly, pets don’t know any better. Hence, having motorized blinds that can be operated by way of a remote or a smartphone is a much better choice for any home.

As discussed, the smart blind technology was an unheard-of concept till about a few years ago, until Graber introduced to us an automated home system by which shades and blinds can conveniently function. Resulting in Smart Homes, these wondrous ideas have made life easier and simpler in every situation. Now functional with Amazon Echo and Google Home (when used with Samsung’s SmartThings hub), you also have hands-free voice mechanisms.

Google Home is a smart controller device which has become extremely popular thanks to its smooth and easy-to-understand operation. When it is used with a compatible smart hub, you simply need to address it by “Ok Google” followed by the rest of your command, such as “lower the blinds upstairs” or “adjust the shades in the living room” for the shades to move automatically. These smart solutions not only give you the much-needed convenience after a tiring day but also provide you with a luxurious lifestyle.

Amazon Echo, just like Google, is a rather smart mechanism and a great voice interface to automatically move your blinds all the way up or down. After connecting your shades to Alexa, you can order or command them to work as per your requirements. These smart solutions are built to make your lives easier, without you having to even get down from your bed or sofa.

Let us now take a look at some of the most popular smart window treatments available at Zebra Blinds.

Virtual Cord Z Wave Graber Solar Shades

Z wave Graber Solar Shades

With an elegant furnishing providing a neat aesthetic look, these Smart Shades are the perfect recipe to any living room in dire need of a contemporary appearance. You can choose a shade with 1-14% openness, helping you block natural light and harmful ultraviolet rays without compromising on the outside view.

Virtual Cord Z-Wave Graber Cellular Shades

Z wave Graber Cellular Shades

Graber’s use of the Virtual Cord is the cornerstone of technological development, offering operation of shades with merely clicking the button of a remote. These motorized cellular shades are developed by Springs Window Fashions, where you can choose to mount them either inside or outside the window space easily.

The value of these cellular shades is enhanced by several notches through the VC control. Besides expected benefits of glare reduction and energy efficiency, these shades help maintain room temperature while being extremely safe for kids and pets alike.

Zebra Motorized Sheer Shades

Zebra Motorized Sheer Shades

Zebra Sheer Shades are reliable window coverings owing to their sleek design and light diffusing properties. They control the level of sunlight entering the home, and now with a motorized control, their popularity has grown even more. These double-layered zebra shades consist of layers of both colored and sheer fabric stripes that overlap one another. This feature allows them to be adjusted to let in more light while allowing you to see through, or overlap the stripes so that they will block more light and provide privacy.

These shades can be easily set up yourself in your home. However, as it is a relatively new technology that some people might not be completely aware of, make sure you do your research and consult our professionals if you have any questions.