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Adding Flavour To Your Beach Homes with 5 Effective Outdoor Treatments

Motorized Outdoor Window Shades

Outdoors can be a tricky place to set up shades to protect your house during extreme weathers. A lot of factors need to be considered while thinking of outdoor home protection methods. There should be enough space to experiment with various styles, along with having enough budget to go with a combination of two or more of them. It also depends on whether these treatment methods will suit the overall look of the house.

All things considered, motorized outdoor shades work best when you have an independent house with enough space outside the porch or when your home isn’t sharing common walls with other apartments on the same floor. However, outdoor treatments are often more effective than inner window protection methods when done right.

Motorized Outdoor Window Blinds And Shades

Beach homes are especially a dream come true for sea lovers and nature aficionados. After all, who wouldn’t want a whiff of the natural and refreshing aura of the sea? You can relax on your veranda, read a book, prepare a candlelight dinner for your loved one and have your meal under the moon with a soft breeze and the sound of waves crashing in the distance. That’s the stuff perfect scenes in romantic movies and novels are made of.

However, you might still want to remove that excess tan that you develop after constantly being exposed to the humidity and sun that shines brightly in these areas. So the next time you walk back to your apartment after a dip in the ocean, get these motorized window shades working for you.

These are much more helpful than, say, regular window treatments with cords or strings because of the convenience they provide. Also, you wouldn’t want to have to step outside just to ensure they are open to the level you desire, right? Why bother when you have a remote control to manage their movements and position according to the location of the sun?

Shutters: 5 Effective Motorized Outdoor Window Blinds And Shades

We know you’d like to get the best of both worlds: have something at your disposal that doesn’t interfere with your scintillating outside view of the horizon without compromising on the damage brought about by the merciless heat of the sun. Go for the following options as discussed below.

#1. Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Available in many decorative options and coming in a wide variety of textures and patterns, shutters in their metal, wood or faux wood designs offer an old-world charm that goes perfectly well for a coastal home.

Outdoor shutters are available in multiple colors and designs and offer complete protection from the sun by covering the windows perfectly well. This also helps you protect the house against harmful UV radiation, proving them to be ideal day night shades for home.

There are four types of the outdoor window or door shutters: louvered, paneled, Bermuda, and batton and board.

  • Paneled shutters are the traditional methods to cover your windows. They cover them completely, not letting any sunlight pass through their solid panels. They have a blackout effect and are also used for reducing outside noise levels. With their subtle look, they go well with any style of home.

  • Louvered shutters are the kind that has slats or panels through which light can pass through. As compared to paneled shutters, they do not completely block out the heat and are used in case you want to have some natural light passing through. They offer a high degree of style to homes that are casual in appearance. For beach homes, they are an ultimate choice to go for.

  • Bermuda or Bahama shutters are a unique type of outdoor shutters that swing out of a window, forming a diagonal shape that is mounted above the window and hinged at the top. They are basically designed to protect buildings from storms. Made from materials such as wood, composite, and aluminum, they allow a certain amount of light to pass through. Their unconventional design makes them stand out from the overall look of your beach home and offers a vibrant, flamboyant touch to your living space.

  • Board and Batten shutters are made of wide panels of one or more (usually two or three) boards mounted both inside or outside a window, alternating with thin wooden strips called battens. They offer a traditional and simple look that may provide a sharp and charming contrast to the modern look of a beach house.

#2. Awnings

Sheer Window Shades

Before you install curtains or blinds on the inside of the window, it can be a good idea to protect the windows through awnings, one of the most popular outdoor window treatments that provide much-needed protection of flat sheer window shades or curtains and floorings of the house from sun damage and wear and tear.

Awnings are supplemental covers that can be installed outside a window or door, helping against intense sun exposure. Made from cloth, wood, aluminum or vinyl, they can be great options to decrease the costs of air conditioning.

They can be fixed or retractable and can also be controlled through the use of remote controls to desired levels. They can take any shape or size depending upon the dimensions of the window. They come in various designs, so choose those which provide good, solid contrast to the overall structure and shape or those with matching colors.

#3. Window Ledges or Sills

Window sills or window ledges can be used both inside or outside a window, forming a shelf-like structure on the bottom. They can offer great protection against heavy rainfall that is common in coastal regions. Their structure prevents the rainwater from accumulating and lets it slide properly. Without them, the water can pool and form stains outside the window over a long period of time. They are available in many materials such as plastic or metal, and they are very cheap and simple in operation compared to other window protection treatments.

They also offer a classic touch and makes the outside appearance of the house more riveting and beautiful. To add a touch of style, consider putting a bird feeder on the ledge or some potted plants.

#4. Window Planters

Give a subtle and natural touch to your exquisite and classy homes with window planters placed just outside your windows. They offer a cozy and appealing cottage feel and will have your house brimming from the outside. You can sit beneath the windows when the sun isn’t shining too bright and enjoy the vicinity, feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the company of nature and fresh flowers. You can also consider hanging flowers by the ceiling if you like to experiment a bit with different styles.

#5. Patios or Decks

Talk to your decorator and build an area for outside activity while you’re at it. Even in beach homes where patios or decks are not pre-built, you can have them custom made if you have enough money to spare. Besides proving to be great areas to chill and enjoy the sun with shades on, they can be good areas for children to play in. however, they are expensive and require constant management.

In conclusion, there are many outdoor treatments you can go for depending on your requirement and personal taste. Not every one of them can offer a foolproof method to combat extreme temperatures, but they provide an aesthetic appeal to the house that will win you, admirers. A few of them like shutters and awnings can be great ways to dress up doors and windows while sharing the responsibility of protecting the house with inner blinds and curtains.

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