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Why Choose Motorized Blinds And Shades?

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Why Choose Motorized Blinds And Shades?

Installing good looking  blinds and shades on the windows of your home has become a popular choice as this can transform the entire decor of your home effortlessly, be it for contemporary stylized looks or formal, traditional looks. Apart from improved decor for your home, you can create an ambiance of comfort in your home that speaks of a contented life.
The modern contemporary window treatments have fantastic light controlling and room darkening capabilities. In addition, these window coverings also play a great role in providing you with the right amount of privacy! Statistics shows that a significant number of residential break-ins are due to improperly shaded windows. So, now you can have a relaxed afternoon enjoying a cup of coffee in the comforting ambiance of your home, as these window coverings will lay a guard for your home and will restrict the entry of the harmful and irritating sun-rays. Ditto, watching movies during the day. Let’s now take this level of comfort to an altogether new stature!

Gone are the days when you’d have to get up from a comfortable couch while watching a movie to lower the shades or the window coverings. You don’t have to make your way through the hanging wires to find out the which cord to pull in order to close or open the vanes of the blinds. Yes, this is now possible with the Somfy motorized shades! For example, our motorized wood blinds take all the stress out of having beautiful blinds on any window. These cheap motorized shades bring you refinement, comfort and most of all, convenience.

The main advantages of the motorized blinds and shades are as follows:

1. You can now really be the master of your home as the blinds and shades can now be operated at the press of a button. You can opt for motorized versions in any style of window treatment – raise or lower the shades, open or close the blinds, or tilt the slats of the window coverings for controlled entry of light into a room remotely, and with precision! This option is especially beneficial for homes and interior spaces with large window banks and those hard to reach windows, like motorized skylight shades for skylights, multi-storied window openings, and windows blocked by cumbersome furniture.

Control your view, whether top-down, bottom-up, or a bit of both – if you live by the beach, or in wooded areas, or if you have a beautiful yard, it’s so easy to view the unending visual treat at the press of a button!

Control the sun’s glare, brightness, and heat gain with seamless accuracy- studies show that motorized window treatments provide savings of up to 30% in energy consumption, annually.

2. Rapid advances in motorization also pave the way for control of blinds and shades from any location within the radio frequency provided – so feel free to operate your window treatments while working in the kitchen or study, while showering, or while weeding in the yard! Cutting-edge technology allows for the incorporation of timers in window coverings, in which the parameters of the angular tilt can be pre-fixed, and you can auto-time when the shades need to be raised or lowered. You have the added option of a light sensor which lowers or raises the shades according to the intensity of the sunlight, making for optimum energy efficiency!

3.  Have your window covering look neat and elegant – motorized window coverings do not have messy looking wires dangling from the shades or the blinds. The absence of the messy looking wires and cords also ensures safety for homes with children and pets, with no accidental tangling, and the danger of strangulation being completely eliminated. And the icing on the cake? Automated window shadings can be preset to operate according to your child’s sleeping habits!

4.  The motorized shades and blinds are available in a pleasant palette of colors and designs that help you coordinate with the overall decor of your home. These motorized blinds can be customized as per the needs of your home. You can choose the dimensions of these window coverings as per the size of the windows at your home, and they are easily installed – the step by step DIY window treatment installation instructions are extremely easy to follow, as easy as ABC! Eliminate the ‘wear and tear’ associated with handling manual shades!

5.  Other benefits of these blinds include enhanced security by controlling the window coverings with the timer for closing and lifting these blinds and shades randomly or by preset timing that tend to discourage burglars when you’re away from home. The shades can be preset to raise and lower even when you’re not at home. It is the general belief that since these motorized window coverings are sleek and modern, they are highly priced. On the contrary, these motorized blinds and shades are economically priced, considering the host of benefits they provide. So now, class and convenience is reachable within most budgets! In a nutshell, control the light entering your living spaces while boosting the energy efficiency of your home; create a safe haven for your children and pets within your home. Check out the awesome motorized shades and blinds at Zebrablinds; shop online at Zebrablinds for amazing rebates and discounts on motorized window treatments while availing value added benefits like free shipping and limited lifetime warranty.

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