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Motorized Blinds – A Must-have for the Modern Home

Motorized Blinds - A Must-have for the Modern Home

Motorized blinds – an epitome of modern blinds for any home

Window treatments have formed an essential part of any home’s décor. With windows being a source of natural light, ventilation and providing a view of the outside world, window coverings act as a means of protection against excess sunlight, providing privacy, and they are also tasked with regulating the temperature in an energy efficient manner.

As time passes, window treatments such as blinds started adapting and evolving to different circumstances to suit the needs of a specific home. For instance, aluminium blinds were fashioned to provide a durable window covering. Faux wooden blinds were seen as a well thought out substitute to real motorized wood blinds to ensure ease of maintenance. Cellular blinds specialised in keeping a home cool during the summers and warmer during the winters while helping you save money spent on utilities. Blackout blinds have also helped in completely blocking out sunlight and darkening rooms for those who need it.

These changes haven’t just taken place with respect to structural design, but also with due regard to the different types of colors, patterns, materials and fabrics, giving everyone a chance to get a window treatment that suits their style and vision.

Despite all the prior innovation that the window treatment industry has met, motorized blinds (and by extension, smart blinds) are arguably the biggest game-changing introductions brought to the market. They have turned homes into a multi-functional space by saving you a lot of time, warding of distractions and simply increasing your quality of life.

What are motorized blinds and how do they work?

Motorized blinds are basically a set of blinds or shades that are attached to an electronic motor which helps you draw the blinds open or closed. This control mechanism attached to the motor can now be controlled via a remote or a smartphone. If your cheap motorized shades are also smart blinds, they can be controlled with voice command through a voice command device.

The electronic motors are usually powered with a lithium battery pack that mostly utilises AA batteries. But you also have the option of getting a rechargeable motor that can be linked to an outlet whenever it requires recharging. When you purchase your set of motorized blinds, they will usually come with a remote or an instruction manual to help you download an App onto your smartphone that will help you control your motorized blinds.

The benefits of motorized blinds

  • Safety – From a purely functional perspective, motorized blinds are a safer option as opposed to traditional blinds. Traditional blinds used cords as a way to trigger their control mechanism so that they can be opened or closed. The cords pose a threat to toddlers and pets as they can become a choking hazard. It is impossible to curb the curiosity of a crawling toddler or pet. While it may be able to keep the cords out of the reach of the child, the possibility of a undesirable situation still exists.

With motorized blinds however, the need for cords no longer exists, taking them out of the equation entirely. It gives parents and pet owners some peace of mind, which is priceless.

  • Upgrade to quality of life – With a cord-type control mechanism or any other similar method of using blinds, you are required to get up and move from wherever you are and get right up to the blinds to open or close them. With motorized cellular shades, you can control them from wherever you are sitting with your remote control or smartphone. This saves you some time, but most importantly, it saves you the displeasure of having to move to your windows to make constant adjustments. No one wants these kinds of distractions while they are doing something far more important.
  • Increase in Re-sale value – Motorized blinds are just as important as any other accessory to a home. They are also indicators of smart and efficient planning. They add just as much re-sale value to your home as a fence, furniture or a gazebo. If you are moving away, you do not have to worry about your investment in motorized blinds not being used. In fact, it may fetch higher returns. This is especially true if your motorized blinds are also smart blinds because of their automation capabilities.

Smart blinds and their features

Smart blinds are an extension of motorized window shades. If you have your heart and mind set on motorized blinds, it might be worth looking into those that have an equipped smart feature. Smart blinds are motorized blinds that are equipped to process information and make decisions such as when to open and close, saving you some more time. For example, they have light sensors that can detect the level of sunlight and decide whether its beneficial to stay open, partially open, or closed.

The best part about smart blinds is that they have the ability to integrate with your other smart home systems like smart lights, thermostat and security systems. With the information it receives from the other systems, it can gauge the optimal level of light flow required to keep a room well lit at all times of the day. It can also decide when to close down to preserve room temperature.

You can also activate manual settings for your blinds to open or close during a specific time of the day and use it like a natural alarm clock, which can be really healthy for your sleep cycle. Integrating it with a virtual voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home or Siri can create a centralised system of automation that is user friendly and efficient.

Are motorized blinds a worthy investment?

There is no need to feel daunted with the apparent innovation in technology. They are designed to make your life comfortable. They last just as long as traditional blinds and the installation process is not that different. While each set of blinds come with an instruction manual, you can also seek professional help if you have any questions.

You can expect to have and engage in a maintenance routine, which is quite standard for any electronic device and is not a cause for concern. To sum up, there isn’t really any form of downside to motorized blinds. Figure out your budget and decide what your style and preference is. Once you’ve figured out what variation of motorized blinds you want, all that’s left is to compare between different sellers.