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A mother’s Day Surprise – Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

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The Fanciful Window Dressings that are Sheer Shades.

No one has stated it more perfectly than Charles Stanley, who said, “Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servant hood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves”.
Being the oldest of four kids, I have seen my mom, Lois, give up many of her dreams to keep us happy. We, the bunch of ungrateful kids, fought, threw temper tantrums, threw nasty surprises at her and made sure that she would regret having had, not one or two, but four kids. Somehow, this unusual woman was perfectly ready to handle every situation with a calm, but firm hand that kept us in line. I realized that the older we grew, the further we moved away from home, the more we needed and loved our mom. My brother and two sisters agree with me on this. Though we had maintained a loving relationship with our dad who separated from mom after 19 years of marriage, there was something very special about the way we felt about Lois. All of her six grand kids agreed that she was the best and kindest person on the whole earth.

This year, though she celebrates her 70th birthday on May 6th, we’ve decided to surprise her in a way that would make up for all the nasty surprises of the past. She’s usually adamant that we don’t fuss too much about her birthday. We decided to ignore her birthday altogether so that we could catch her unawares and surprise her on Mother’s day, which is just a few more days away.

Jim, Debbi and Janet were only too happy to go ahead with the plans. Now the question was, what was the best way to surprise her? Jim told us that mom had told him of some plans for redecorating her home, especially the manually operated window treatments that were starting to bother her. She was waiting for some funds to move ahead with her plans. Janet came up with the idea of luring Mom away to Debbi’s for a week since she was also having problems managing her baby along with the toddler who was going through the terrible two’s. Mom would love the time with the grandchildren. While she was away, we could get into action changing her window dressings for her.

Everything went according to plan. Mom was only too happy to spend some time with Debbi and her kids. My husband and son love mom as much as I do and wanted to be a part of the plan as well. We all agreed that the whole home would need automated window treatments, so that mom would not have to move from window to window to operate them. This is when my son Rylan stepped in and said he would put in whatever extra money would be required to make the home completely automated for convenience that would include lighting, window treatments, the HVAC, the alarm, the garage door and many other operable systems in home. He often visited and stayed with mom whenever he was in town on his work related projects. He had set up a cozy den in one of the unused rooms and had his desktop and gaming devices installed there. So, it was not a big deal for him to help make a few changes.

Exterior Solar Shades.

The budget was planned, and products selected. Motorized Exterior Solar Shades were unanimously selected for the patio. Since mom loved the view from the patio, we wanted to ensure that the view would not be blocked for her. The 10% transparency level of the exterior solar shade provides an expansive view affording enough privacy during the day. These 10% shades also block 90% UV harmful rays to ensure the safe level of sunlight diffused without causing harm to herself or her decor elements. They would also provide an able barrier against insects that often resulted in skin allergies that caused her agony. The GreenGuard and Microban certification assured us of good quality and easy maintenance of these shades. We also installed the wind sensor to the shades so they would retract during high winds to prevent damage.

We replaced the old separator in the living room with Graber Accent Sliding Panel Shades – Natural Shades that provided a great touch to the decor with a natural look that created a friendly and warm atmosphere. We observed that the sunlight streaming in through the skylight had damaged a part of the carpet where it hit it directly. Covering it with CrystalPleat SkyTrack Blackout Skylight Shades, also from Graber, was a good option to prevent further damage.

Horizontal Sheer Shades.

From our experience of our time with her, we knew very well that mom liked brightly illuminated rooms that uplifted the indoors. She also required enough privacy. We zeroed in on the Zebra Sheer Shades, which were the ideal shades to provide a sustainable amount of privacy along with proper illumination. She wouldn’t have any complaints there!

The unique design of the 2 inch light filtering sheer bands alternating with the 3 inch blackout bands made this product perfect for a surprise gift. Suspended on a roller in dual layers, the fabric could be aligned so the light and dark bands alternate, for view and brightening during the day while at night it could be aligned, so the blackout bands stack atop each other to provide complete privacy and a measure of insulation. They came with a color coordinated cassette valance to sync with the decor. The sheer bands allow a muted view of the outside world without even raising them. The fabrics are made from durable, sturdy, polyester.

Everything was settled, and the house thoroughly cleaned and the garden trimmed, well before Mom was back home on May 10th. We have decided to get together and have a barbecue on the patio to ease her into her surprise

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