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Convert your Dorm Room into a Sleeping Sanctuary

Modern Window Treatments


Modern Window Treatments to Convert your Dorm Room to a Sleeping Sanctuary


Care for yourself by prioritizing good sleep. Sometimes this can be hard as our sleeping schedules change, sleeping soundly one night and working through the next night to sleep in. Following an unusual sleeping schedule can be ok as long as you can make it work for yourself. So how can we ensure we get a sound sleep during the day or any other time we need it?

Especially during the summers, the long sunny days make us exhausted and we need a nice sleep. Find the perfect Modern Window Treatments to help you darken your room and escape from the sun.

Even your dorm room can be a sleeping refuge. You don’t have to wait for any particular time when your sleep will not be disturbed by the outside noises. Modern Window Treatments do it all for you. Blackout window treatments bring the beauty of darkness to your dorm room and Noise Cancelling Blinds absorb the noise from outside disturbances and help you get a sound sleep.


Blackout Window Treatments

 Blackout Window Treatments


Blackout Window Shades turn your room DARK! If you sleep during the daytime and work at night, bring home Blackout Window Treatments home today. You need not bother about the sun as the sunlight will no longer bother you. Bring home the blackout shades that can entirely block the scorching heat rays of the sun and contribute much-needed darkness for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep during the day.

A cooler ambiance during the summers and the warmer ambiance during the winters is what you can expect with the Blackout Shades. These shades can help in making your home energy efficient. Use your window treatments to help control the temperature in your rooms, reducing utilization of air conditioners leading to reduced utility and power consumption bills.

These shades can also be used to convert your dorm room into a media room. These shades block out the light completely and create a dark place so that you can better see screens, projectors, or have the perfect atmosphere for watching movies or playing video games.

If you are a film lover, you can create a home theatre by making your room completely dark.

You can also go for cordless blackout window treatments. They offer the following advantages

Child Safety Features

As they do not have hanging cords, these shades do not allow any hazards that harm your children as well as pets.


They possess greater R-Value and provide more excellent insulation.

Blacks Out the Light

These shades block out the maximum amount of all light and create the darkness in the room and make it comfortable to sleep.

Best Blinds Brands


From comfort, convenience, and beauty, to durability and efficiency, there are many significant factors to consider while picking the window treatments for your home. One among them is the brand. Any time that you want the highest level of light control and privacy, choose blackout window coverings.

Noise Cancelling Blinds (or Cellular Shades)

 Noise Cancelling Blinds


If you have an infant at your home, blackout cellular shades are a perfect choice as they make the room so dark. A completely dark room is the right ambiance that lets the child sleep in peace. Cellular shades are also known as Noise Cancelling Blinds and they help dampen outside disturbances to allow your child to sleep happily. They block unwanted noise that can cause a disturbance to your child and help create a quiet ambiance. The unique cells within the cellular shades trap the light, UV rays, and dampen the maximum sound too. If you choose cellular shades, you will be benefited with a better light control and a better-insulated window against the extreme hot or cold temperatures. The cellular shades are designed by a novel mechanism that makes them the right choice to withstand extreme temperatures and make us feel comfortable inside the home by creating a moderate temperature.

The double cellular blackout shades come up with a honeycomb-like structure which helps to provide you with maximum insulation. Besides possessing excellent insulating properties, these blackout shades will entirely keep out the light and makes them the perfect window treatment that makes you sleep happily.

Smart Window Blinds and Shades

 Smart Window Shades


These shades offer convenience, safety, and security together. You might not be ready to get up from the bed to operate your window treatments after a good sleep, these Smart Window Blinds and Shades let you operate them without moving to your own smartphone. You can also set up programming based on your schedule so that the window treatments will be operated automatically without you operating them every single time. With their modern functionality and effortless control, smart window treatments can make you feel comfortable and happy to use them.

 Smart Window Shades offer the following advantages:

There are several ways to operate the smart window treatments. You can choose the desired control style you want for your window treatments based on your requirements.

Best Motorized Blinds


Best Motorized Blinds


You can also choose from our best-motorized blinds that are comfortable to operate. An upgrade to the normal window treatments, Motorized Window Treatments are almost same as Smart Window Treatments, except you will not be able to access your window treatments with the smartphone but you can operate them with a remote control.

Do not delay as we do not want you to miss out on our Christmas offers. Get these beautiful blackout window treatments home today and convert your dorm room into a lovely sleeping refuge.

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