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Live in Style with Modern Window Treatments For Your Living room

Modern Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room

What are Living Rooms Good for?

A living room or family room is perhaps the most used room in a house. It’s where family members come together to spend time with each other, play games with kids, make conversation, watch movies, entertain and socialize with guests… in short, create memories with every moment. Our bedroom is where we retire to for the night, a kid’s room is where kids play among themselves and study, but the living room is for all and for all seasons. Some living rooms may also serve as a dining space where the family bonds over food after a long day’s toil. Often located at the center of an apartment, living rooms correctly referred to as family rooms do occupy a center-stage in a householder’s life.

Living Room Decor

This is perhaps the most used room in the house and also where guests are seated and entertained. So the room has to not only be functional but also should be visually appealing. The room décor style, the window treatments and furnishings should have high aesthetic appeal. The décor style should infuse warmth and softness at the same time. The décor should be appealing and comforting. Like furnishings and room décor, the window treatments must also be chosen with care. They must be chosen while keeping in mind the style of décor. Among other styles of room décor, a modern style is extremely popular in present times. It is characterized by a lack of fuss, extravagance and unnecessary detailing. There is a stress on neat vertical or horizontal lines and celebrates the use of neutral color shades and natural materials. When choosing window treatments for your modern living rooms, these are the things to keep in mind and look out for.

Modern Window Treatments for Living Rooms

Cellular Honeycomb Shades
When you are looking for a window treatment that has a neat appearance sans embellishments and extravagance, Cellular Honeycomb Shades cannot be too far away. The streamlined sleek look is perfect for the modern décor. Available in a wide range of colors, pick the one that best suits your living room. Cellular shades are also extremely energy-efficient which makes them one of the versatile window solutions for your room.
Cellular Blinds
Roller Shades
The straight and clean lines of this no-nonsense Roller Shades make them another interesting choice for your modern living rooms. They come in a wide range of opacities, they give privacy when needed, can be decked out completely and extremely easy to use.
Roller Blinds and Shades
Draperies & Curtains
Despite the popularity of shades and blinds, curtains and drapes continue to rule the hearts of the homeowners. The best part of the curtains is their flexibility. They can be lavish, luxurious and loud if you want them to be and be classy, sophisticated and simple yet gorgeous to suit your modern taste. Hung from the top near the ceiling they help to add dimension, they help give a luxurious feel to space without going overboard. You can choose from a range of textures, patterns and colors to blend with your existing décor.
Window Drapery
Roman Blinds
These are timeless classic beauties. Over the years, despite the changing tastes of the people, Roman blinds have been able to hold their ground because of their versatility. Almost similar to roller shades, the Roman blinds create folds in the fabric when they are pulled up. Depending upon the look you want to create you can choose the fabric of your choice. They can be decorative, lavish or subtle as you want them to be. They can blend with any style of room décor, modern or traditional, contemporary or minimalist.
Printed Roman Shades
Shutters are another classic window treatment solution for your modern living room windows. They look graceful and stunning. They can be traditional yet modern, interior or exterior mount. The neat and clean lines sans any embellishments make the shutters look extremely stylish.
Window Shutters
Wooden Blinds
You cannot come across a more luxurious or regal window treatment for your windows and irrespective of your décor style, real wood blinds look stunning. They give a natural look and add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere. They are extremely functional at the same time.
Wooden Window Treatments
Sheer Drapes or Blinds
These are all-time beauties. White sheer drapes and blinds look amazing and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your modern living rooms. They give an airy feel to the room, allow light to stream through and gives a luxurious yet subtle appearance to the windows.
Sheer Curtains
Valance and Cornice
Apart from window treatments, you could also use valance and cornice boards for your windows. You have the luxury to opt for gorgeous ones with frills and tassels or stick to more subtle shapes and fabric colors to suit the modern feel of the room. Either way, they help to add just the right amount of drama that is needed and if you could get the color palette and design right, they help to pull the entire room together in a harmonious blend.
To get your modern look right and also be functional at the same time you could also use a combination of window treatments. Wooden blinds can be paired with multi-colored Roman shades or sheer blinds with drapes. The secret to achieving that perfect modern look is not to overdo anything.
Valances and Cornices
Color Palette
Not just the type of window treatment, but the color palette you choose for your window shades or blinds has a deep impact on the room décor. To achieve a modern look for your living room, avoid using loud colors and too much dazzle. Neutral shades and monochromes like white beige, brown, black look majestic. They help achieve an exotic look for your room and work out best. If you want to experiment a little more then you could opt for colors like jade, turquoise, cream and even red. The mantra for getting the right look for your modern window treatments is keeping it simple and subtle.

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