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Live in Style with Modern Window Treatments For Your Living room

Modern Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room

New-age Window Treatments: Modern Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room


The family room is one of the most important parts of your house. Hours of chitchats with your loved ones and the adorable giggles of your children, to watching your favorite movies with your siblings and enduring the light-hearted scoldings from your parents. Endless numbers of memories echo here. Our bedrooms, on the other hand, are personal, while our living rooms carry the essence of togetherness. Being the heart and soul of your house, your guests are entertained there too. Your living room is where the entire hustle bustle of the day happens. From formal meetings to family get-togethers, everything is impossible without a living room and so, we believe that it deserves a little extra decorating effort. To broaden the list of your creative ideas, we have shortlisted the best modern window treatment ideas for your living room.

Choosing A Suitable Window Treatment – Modern Blinds and Shades

In order to choose the best window treatment for your living room windows, consider the look and feel of your room first. Your living room carries your aura, so be clear about the mood you want to set it in. To give it a formal look, go for royal and upscale fabrics and try to keep your window coverings light in color. Go for simple and uncomplicated window treatments. You may choose velvets, silks, and paisleys. On the other hand, if you want to set a casual mood, don’t be afraid to play with color. Try linens and blends with quirky motifs and patterns. Be bold, do some research and experiment!

Modern Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room

Choosing Single Window Coverings

#1. Roman Shades

Fabric Roman Shades

If you are looking for some elegance and appeal, roman shades are a very good option. They can be tailor-made in a variety of fabrics. To maintain a formal environment, natural materials like linen, cotton, or woven wood have always been on our list. While if you are more of a color craver, choose a solid colored silk fabric to pamper your windows. Remember to go with the cordless option if you have your little kids or super energetic pets jumping around.

#2. Draperies

Custom Draperies

Draperies are the perfect combination of style and utility. The flaring fabrics, neatly tied with ethnic curtain ties and beautiful embellishments will certainly bring your living room windows to life.

#3. Cellular Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades offer you a lot of flexibility in choosing the right colors. Their exclusive insulation feature bags them the third position among the modern window treatments for your living room. If you want a calm and easy-on-eye window treatment, cellular shades are the right choice for you. Apart from enhancing the looks of your living room, they will contribute to reducing your electricity bills too.

#4. Opaque Panels

The marvelous look of opaque panels enhanced with a velvet fabric is an ideal option for windows in the living room. Tie them for a free falling look and allow them to cascade the floor to give your living room a palace like a feel. Besides the aesthetic value, we love the opaque panels due to the amount of privacy offered by them. If you have a light colored furniture, go for bright shaded opaque panels to make your windows the center of attraction in your family room.

#5. Wooden Blinds – The Best Blinds for Living Room Windows

Natural Wooden Blinds

Installing wooden blinds will add a traditional feel with a lot of aesthetic appeal to your living room. Many interior decorators believe that wooden blinds give a natural look with a graceful charm to the room. Writer Jimmy Sturo once said, “wooden blinds add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room.” In addition to the look and feel, they offer you a considerable amount of privacy control. A cover from your over inquisitive neighbors and glamour for your living room, what more can one expect out of the Best blinds for living room windows?

#6. Sheer panels

Sheer Panels

Sheer panels offer you beauty at budget-friendly prices. Balancing between privacy and outdoor light makes them the perfect choice for north facing windows. Hang white collar sheers from floor to ceiling and enjoy the airy feel they create in your family room. They are also available in many other colors. You can go for a zebra-striped sheer panel to add some brightness to the room. To create a classic appearance, couple the white sheers with dark grey curtains.

#7. Curtains

Having neutral colored furniture gives you a wide range of colors to experiment with for your curtains. Choose any 3 hues for the living room and play with the shades. Going for a pastel pink, powder blue, or light green color for your drapery with a bright colored curtain can add a lot of brilliance to your living room. Don’t forget to buy a complementing rug for a complete look. To go further, get matching cushions with your curtains.

Playing with Combinations

If you aren’t satisfied with a single window treatment, merge two of them. Modern windows usually support at least two window treatments. You can pair the wooden blinds with multicolored roman shades for an exquisite look. Plantation shutters can be installed with a chic valance for a natural look. Doubling your favorite window treatments will fetch your family room beauty along with dual utility. While choosing the ideal window treatment for your living room, remember not to overdo it. Too much of anything is bad. Layering your windows with a lot of fabric will make your living room look smaller and create a very draughty feel in summers. Try to keep it simple but interesting. Overcrowding can turn out to be extremely unattractive at times.

Color Scheme Ideas For Your Living Room

To save you some effort, we have found some of the safest color schemes for your family room. Pick and choose the one which appeals to you the most and thanks us later.

Turquoise, White, and Jade Green

Light colors can make your room look spacious. If you have a living room with a lesser amount of light supply, this color scheme will do wonders for you. Go for turquoise window coverings and cushions. White colored wooden furniture is ideally the best suited for this combination. Choose a jade green rug and wooden frames to add some brightness. This will give your living room a very soft and soothing appearance.

Cream, Red, and Gold

If you are somebody who loves an ethnic look, this is the right combination for your family room. Keep your windows and doors brown in color. Play with the shades of gold and add draperies and curtains reflecting different hues of gold. Complete the theme with a bright red rug and red-gold cushions.

Go Monochrome

We saved the best for the last. Blacks and whites are ideal to create an exotic look. Go for black color sofas and white color accessories. Combine the look with zebra blinds and white curtains. Install black and white curtain holders to add some more charm to your windows. This combination will create a contemporary look with timeless grace and modern style.

So, are you planning for a house makeover? Then check out and find the ideal draperies, curtains, shades, and blinds for all the rooms in your house.

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