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A Personal Guide To Buying Blinds For Big Windows On A Tight Budget

Modern Window Coverings For Large Windows

A Personal Guide To Buying Modern Window Coverings For Large Windows On A Tight Budget

If eyes are the windows to your soul, then your windows are the focal points of your home. They talk about your lifestyle and taste for decorating your homes. If your windows are done up, keeping up with today’s standards for modern window coverings for large windows, then there is nothing better than you would like to flaunt amongst your friends and family. But getting the best window treatment to block sun and heat can create a hole in your pocket. And if you are thinking of blinds and layering them with other treatments, you certainly don’t want to make a big splash by digging into your savings. Hence, we bring you a personal guide to buying the most modern window coverings for large windows on a friendly budget.

The options are huge, ranging beyond just fabric or wood. Options like Venetian, Vertical, Pleated, Roller, Roman Blinds and more are the most popular ones. The fit, design, color, and costs should be your focus points while deciding on the right style to match the interior of your home.

Modern Window Coverings For Large Windows – Stand Apart With Venetian Blinds

Making a statement is what you would like to do while decorating your big windows with blinds. So mixing and matching different materials is the latest trend swaying the market today! While Wood remains the most popular of all materials since it lends the room a warm and refined look. Other options like Plastic, Metal or Fabric in high quality are also alternatives one can choose from for window treatment ideas for large windows.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Graber and Crown, the leading window covering brands, offer you Aluminum Venetian Blinds in modern styles and cool colors. These blinds are pretty practical in using as treatment ideas for large windows as they are low maintenance and lightweight. An easy swipe of a cloth just does the trick of maintaining them. These blinds can be customized to any size, hence making them the best window treatment to block sun and heat. You might also want to layer them with draperies of your choice to add an extra splash of color to your room.

Go Vertical With Blinds That Are Attractive Like No Other!

  • Vertical Blinds are great modern window coverings for large windows
  • These blinds are constructed in a simple manner to make them easily operate with a swipe of a hand
  • Hence, they are great at changing the mood of a room instantly by controlling the amount of light required
  • By the excellent light controlling of these blinds, you can get the required privacy of your room
  • They come in varied options of cordless or with cords a desired
  • Vertical blinds also come in varied material options while Wood remains the most popular ones as window treatments for large windows in the family room
  • High-quality alternatives can be chosen in Plastic, Metal or Fabric

Choosing Vertical or Venetian Blinds is a personal choice. Vertical Blinds, as the name suggests, moves from right to left while Venetian blinds also referred to as Horizontal blinds, move from bottom to top.

Different Styles Of Blinds That Can Make Choosing The Right One A Challenge!

#1. Custom Faux Wood Blinds:

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds make one of the best options as they are very attractive with low maintenance. They are typically made from PVC material combined with wood particles for durability. They lend a warm look & feel to any room and look very fancy as window treatments for bay windows. They are completely washable and are not affected by humidity. They don’t fade or fray due to the harsh sunlight and hence making them an ideal choice for modern window treatment ideas for living rooms.

  • Faux wood blinds look and feel like real wood but are less expensive and durable
  • Less prone to chipping, they make a perfect solution for big windows where there are children or pets at home
  • Adding curtains with some extra bright patterns and alluring colors will help give your big windows the modern window coverings you are looking for
  • So you might just want to give your room a warm feeling this summer with Faux Wood Blinds on those big windows

#2. Custom Plantation Shutters:

Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters are not only functional and beautiful as an option but can also dramatically change the architectural view of your room when used as window treatment ideas for large windows.

  • They help in light filtering and give you the right amount of privacy needed when closed
  • They also help to insulate against heat, cold and sound hence making them a good option to choose from
  • Giving you a traditional, sophisticated and timeless romance to any room with big windows, they help in reviving the ageless grace of a room

#3. Mini Blinds:

Mini Blinds

The most budget-friendly of all blind options are the Mini Blinds.

They provide basic controlling of the light filtering into your room along with privacy.

When used as a window treatment idea for large windows, they are almost invisible.

You can choose between aluminum and vinyl and opt from a wide array of colors.

They are very practical modern window coverings for large windows.

They can be layered with heavy drapes or curtains in vivid patterns and loud colors to go with the decor of your room.

#4. Custom Roller Shades:

Custom Roller Shades

Roller shades are a very simple solution for window treatments to block sun and heat. They can hang flat near the window pane when lowered and roll up into a nice cylindrical rod when raised up. You can choose from a variety of fabrics like a complete blackout, sheer fabric or linen in amazing & beautiful colors and patterns. With new technology available, you can choose the print patterns or designs of your choice on them. This allows you complete control of decor in your home on budget-friendly terms.

#5. Sheer Shades:

Sheer Shades

They are the best 2 in 1 window treatment for large windows to block sun & keep heat out with the exact functionality of a blind. They are light and airy. When closed, they can be tilted open for a filtered view or closed for complete privacy. While light fabrics are popular, you also have the room darkening options for more light control. These shades are ideal for any room as they are elegant and can fit into the decor of any architectural design.

#6. Designer Pleated Shades:

Designer Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are crisp horizontal shades that cascade down smoothly from your big windows. They are a budget-friendly version of the Cellular Shades available today. A graceful option for those seeking high-end treatments, yet have a budget in mind.

With the market flooded with cheap duplicate options and materials for modern window coverings for large windows, choose wisely so that you don’t get cheated. There are umpteen options while deciding on budget-friendly treatments for window treatment ideas for large windows. We have listed some, but sure enough, our Experts can help you mix and match for a better decor of your room