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The Smart Choice: The Cost Effectiveness of Solar Blinds for City Homes

Modern Window Blinds And Shades

Modern Window Blinds And Shades: The Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Blinds For City Homes

Modern, state-of-the-art technology has affected every bit of our fast-paced lives, aiming to make our everyday tasks, even more, simpler and more effective. The arena of window treatments is no different. There are multiple window treatments in varied designs, price ranges, and lift options that you can choose from based on your convenience and from the comfort of your home. You can pick and choose your favorite window dressing ideas without having to step out of your house!

One thing that we always look for while shopping for window blinds is their affordability. You can even customize your options online by selecting the price range and then select blinds accordingly. However, there are chances that some of these window treatments may come at a lesser initial price, but entail huge costs in the process of maintaining them over time.

Modern Window Blinds And Shades: Energy Efficiency of Solar Blinds

When you are buying solar blinds for your homes, you are increasing the energy efficiency of your home by reducing solar heat gain during the hot summers. Some modern solar shades include roller shades, which can be pulled down to block excess heat. Other traditional treatments such as shutters work just as well, allowing you to angle their slats to block the sunlight as needed.  Some motorized shades, such as those used for skylights, even have solar panel options available, allowing you to harness the power of the sun to power those shades and reduce electricity costs.

Best Solar Shades to Block Heat and Lower Costs

Best Solar Shades to Block Heat

Let us have a look at a few of the best solar shades to block the heat of the sun, which is their prime purpose, apart from having a few other features that will prove to be extremely beneficial for your city homes.

1) Graber Solar Shades

Graber Solar Shades

Even though we love to get ourselves tanned whenever we hit the beach, few know the harmful implications the sun can have on our skin. It leads to pigmentation and other skin diseases in the long run. Graber solar shades help to block most of the sunlight and let you enjoy your comfort and privacy. They also help you lower your cooling costs in the absence of heat and the use of bulbs during the day.

These window treatments have several levels of transparencies provided by a variety of fabrics. You can choose fabrics according to the level of openness they provide. The lesser the level of openness, the more light control and privacy you can have in your room, but the less you will maintain your view. These window shades also protect the valuables in your house against fading by ultraviolet light. They also prevent against glare which can fall on your television screen and cause a disturbance when you are watching your favorite show. At the same time, they maintain an outside view which helps you keep a check on the children or pets when they are playing outside.

2) Crown Exterior Solar Shades

Crown Exterior Solar Shades

Crown exterior solar shades offer ultimate protection from the sun, blocking UV rays and heat while diffusing insufficient sunlight to light up your home during the day. They are not only perfect outdoor shades to be installed in city homes but are also universally used across restaurants, offices, and commercial and domestic external patios.

They are available in various colors, including charcoal, ivory, white and silver. They are excellent insulators and keep your indoor room atmosphere protected in all seasons, be it extreme heat or extreme cold. You can choose the different levels of transparency based on the amount of outside view you prefer. These shades will help you enjoy your summers and also protect you from outside dirt and insects. They are made from water-resistant and dust-resistant fabrics to withstand any negative external influences.

3) Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

These type of window shades have all the necessary features that you require in any window treatment. With their motorized feature, they are easy to function and operate through a remote-controlled device. Their 10% transparency level ensure a proper view of the outside while maintaining your privacy inside. They can block up to 90% ultraviolet rays to ensure only the healthy, diffused sunlight enters the home and illuminates it.

When we install interior window treatments, the outside glass gets dirt because of moisture, dirt, and dust on the glass. We often neglect the exterior spaces while the interiors are maintained regularly. However, Graber motorized exterior solar shades ensure this is not the case. Their special construction and texture give you protection from odor-causing molds and mildews. They are also great for preventing heat as they keep the air inside the house at room temperature, stopping the heat from the sun before it even gets to your window. This feature makes them extremely cost-effective too, as the need for an air conditioner greatly reduced.

Advantages of Installing Solar Blinds

Solar shades are made from sturdy and very efficient materials that are thus designed to make them great options as against conventional drapes and blinds. Here are a few benefits of using them:

1) Keep Heat Out

As discussed, solar shades are quite effective when it comes to stopping heat from entering your home and disrupting your comfort and peace. You do not need any alternate methods of cooling your home when these blinds are installed effectively in place.

2) Variety and Versatility

Brands such as Graber and Crown offer multiple colors, textures, and patterns with a varied level of transparency in solar blinds. So you can choose the level of outside view you need with solar blinds. They are also available in various sizes and shapes to suit your window requirements. Get someone from the store or a technician inspect the dimensions of your window before deciding on the shade you purchase.

3) Prevent Ultraviolet Glare

In the absence of window treatments, the sun can be merciless with its ultraviolet glare. When directly exposed to harsh sunlight, it can lead to long-term skin ailments, including skin cancer on rare occasions. However, you need not worry as solar shades prevent you from UV glare when you are in the comfort of your home. They also keep the items, flooring, and furniture in the house from fading over time.

4) Reduce Requirement of Air Conditioners

As they are great insulators and energy efficient options, solar blinds and shades reduce the need for an air conditioner in summers as the house is greatly protected from outside weather conditions. This, in turn, reduces your electricity costs, making them extremely cost-effective.

5) Provide Clear Outside View

Other window treatments, while protecting your house from heat and cold, provide limited or no view of the outside when they are closed. However, in the case of solar shades, you can enjoy the view outside even when they are pulled down completely. Hence, they do two things at once: provide protection against the sun and ultraviolet radiation, and maintaining the view through your window.


Thus, solar shades are one of the premium window treatments available that come with a variety of benefits and features. And they do it all at minimum costs of maintenance and features such as energy efficiency, insulation, and light diffusion. So what are you waiting for? Adorn your window spaces with these shades and let them do the talking.

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