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Creating A New Design In Your Living Space With Our Modern Sliding Door Blinds Ideas 

Sliding Door Blinds Ideas

Creating A New Design In Your Living Space With Our Modern Sliding Door Blinds Ideas


Sliding doors windows are a highlight of any room. By providing a direct view of your outside area or ensuring the appropriate partition inside the house, they are a treat to dress up. They are a great source of natural light and liven up any area. While these are great mood-lifters during the day, there are times you need Sliding Door Blinds Ideas that give you complete privacy and temperature control. Here are some Sliding door window treatments ideas.


Sliding Door Blind Ideas To Dress Your Home In Style


The conventional choice of Sliding door blinds would be curtains or blinds for sliding glass doors. But go more contemporary this season with a wide range of products to choose from that can dramatize the dimensions of any room. Sliding Door Blinds Ideas will fulfill all your needs. Here are some of them:

  • Vertical Blinds are the most favored option. Popular materials like Vinyl, Fabric, Plastic or Wood to choose from, they lend to a chic decorative atmosphere.
  • They are a good idea to combine with other treatments to get a healing and positive ambiance
  • Sliding panel tracks in natural woven wood gently filter sunlight and are a green choice

Honeycomb Vertical Shades

  • Honeycomb vertical shades glide effortlessly on sliding glass doors and are one of the best heat-blocking window treatments
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they make choosing the right treatment a huge challenge
  • Vertical blinds are most preferred blinds as they offer you complete light control
  • Easy installation and low maintenance make them perfect for sliding doors and windows

Outdoor Blinds For Patio

  • For homes with pets and kids, there are specialty sliding outdoor blinds for a patio that are a great option
  • With horizontal slats that are sandwiched between two pieces of glass, they are resistant to dust and dirt

Get Dressy with Our Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

  • Simplistic Style – Whether it is a rustic look that needs décor or a contemporary bathroom window, we have styles that will rule your home. From combining natural fiber shades that pair well with a metallic tub, to mimicking the tiles on the floor with sheer shades with fun patterns, we have it all. Options like mini blinds with loud colors, stained natural wood shades or outside blinds bring the modern flavor to any bathroom window covering.
  • Sheer Décor – Classic or plantation shutters are a simple addition you would not want to overlook. Pair them up with coordinated horizontal slats for the ultimate heat-blocking window treatments. They come in numerous color options and patterns that allow for combining with any existing decor.
  • Functionality Combined with Elegance – A water-resistant Roman Shade in a thick and durable material adds standard and style to any bathroom. In neutral colors, it will last you a long-time with a complete guarantee on privacy. Wood Blinds are the preferred options for bathrooms on the lower level. Allowing complete privacy while allowing natural light to sneak in, they are one of the most desired options.

Sheer Shades For Sliding Glass Doors For A Warm Romantic Look

Sheer Shades For Sliding Glass Doors

Go romantic this summer with some of the best Sheer Shades for Sliding Glass Doors. The soft look of the Sheers is bound to mesmerize you to no bounds. With their neutral colors and soft fabrics, Sheer Shades add a timeless look to the Sliding Glass Doors of your home. You can choose to combine these with any treatment as they gel very well with almost just about anything without disturbing the existing decor of your home. They make for the perfect Sliding Door Blinds Ideas as they allow light in naturally while adding a sophisticated elegance.

So come check out our Sliding Door Blinds Ideas at Zebra Blinds and talk to our experts for the perfect treatment. Our regular offers will ensure you get the right treatment in your budget. So why wait? Drop by and let us help you find what you need.

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