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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Window Treatment Ideas For Impressing Your Guests

Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is more than a place where we cook food. It is a place where many people take their meals while spending quality time with family members and guests. As such, it is necessary to pay attention to the décor of this important room of your home.

The right window treatment can enhance the decoration of your kitchen and draw awe and admiration from your guests.

So, let us look at some window treatment ideas that you can try out in your kitchen. We will also look at factors to look into while selecting modern kitchen window treatments based on material, colors, and privacy needs.

5 Ideas for Modern Kitchen Window Treatments to Try Out

The hardest-working room in the entire house is undoubtedly the kitchen. As such, window treatments for this room should be durable to stand up to the problem of moisture and heat and at the same time meet your functionality and style needs.

#1. Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains originated in Vienna during the 1800s where they provided some amount of privacy to diners in street cafes. These modern kitchen window curtains are an ideal way of adding privacy and style while allowing natural light to brighten up your kitchen.

Cafe Curtains for Kitchen

#2. Cornice or Valance

A curved or straight valance is capable of instilling a touch of fabric into your kitchen window and at the same time allow natural light to come in.

It is true that they are not the right option if you are looking for privacy, but they certainly let you bring style and color into kitchen by using patterned or solid fabric.

Cornices and Valances for Kitchen

#3. Roman Shades

If you have a mostly neutral or an all-white kitchen then you can draw attention towards your kitchen window by installing patterned roman shades and completely alter the look and feel of your kitchen.

Moreover, if it is a farmhouse kitchen then roman shades can bring in a certain charm and softness to your kitchen window.

Roman Shades for Kitchen

#4Faux Wood Blinds

As roman shades are made up of fabric material, they are usually prone to grease spots and food stains. If splattering is a concern for you, then what you will have to do is choose faux wood blinds, often times considered the best blinds for a kitchen.

Faux wood blinds will not necessarily help you make a design statement, but they will certainly provide your kitchen windows a polished look.

The good thing about them is that they never look outdated and since they are made using PVC, it is rather easy to clean them using soap and water to get rid of the grease and grime.

Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

#5. Roller shades

If you are looking to implement modern style in your kitchen and are fond of clean lines then the best thing to do is to choose roller shades as your over the sink kitchen window treatments.

Roller shades also prove to be the right option for smaller windows since they do not cover your outside vision when in fully raised state. Additionally, by selecting vinyl roller shades you will not have to worry about splatters as they are easily wiped down and cleaned.

Roller Shades for Kitchen

Selection of Modern Kitchen Window Treatments Based on Material, Colors, and Privacy Needs

Selection of Material for Window Treatments

If the window is close to the sink or stove then your window treatment will be soaking up the splatter and absorbing odors. Thus, how easily you are able to maintain the window treatment will be dictated by the material you select.

For instance, fabric drapery is one of the morepopular kitchen sink window treatment ideas since it can be easily cleaned (though this varies depending on the fabric). Similarly, you can wipe down shutters, solar shades, and synthetic blinds using soapy water with relative ease.

However, wood blinds are to be cleaned as well as conditioned using wood cleaner, which can turn out to be a tedious task. Similarly, if there are Roman shades with trim and lining then it will be necessary to dry clean them.

Likewise, cellular shades are supposed to be kept clean by vacuuming them at regular intervals. As such, these shades should be installed in your breakfast nook only, far away from the splatter of liquids.

Many materials can be permanently damaged from moisture, so be wary when using real wood or delicate fabrics.

Selection of Colors and Patterns for Window Treatments

In case, you have a small kitchen, then cool and light colors will make the kitchen look brighter and larger. Likewise, by selecting warm colors you will be able to make any oversized kitchen look more inviting and balanced.

Additionally, you can use asymmetrical styles and geometric patterns for creating excellent visual impact within your kitchen.

Similarly, solid colors that contrast or complement other colors present in the kitchen will be able to draw attention of your guests towards the windows. For example, cream or beige color palettes work perfectly with the striking contrast of purple accents or royal blue.

If there is a large bay window close to the breakfast nook then floor length curtain panels prove to be the right option since these panels bring with them rich patterns and colors to transform your kitchen into a special place.

Moreover, you can make a bright statement by draping a swag of floral chintz over a solitary kitchen window. In addition, you can achieve the desired decorative effect by selecting fabrics which have eye-catching designs and hues.

Lastly, the stationery cornices and valances can work like accent marks when added to your kitchen windows and draw the attention of your guests towards them.

Selection of Window Treatments to Meet Privacy Concerns

For better privacy, you will have to select a material that will allow you to see out, let daylight pass through and at the same time block view from outside.

With this goal in mind, you can select roller or roman shades that have woven or translucent material to achieve a contemporary feel and at the same time meet your privacy requirements.

Additionally, you can also try out sheer fabric curtain panels when maintaining privacy is the primary goal. Moreover, you can also purchase frosted vinyl window treatments since they are affordable and ensure privacy while letting in light into your kitchen.

In Conclusion

To summarize we can say that there are many options open for you when it comes to decorating the kitchen in right manner. You can also take our help in selecting an option which will perfectly match existing décor of your kitchen.

Just give us a call on our customer support number 1-866-881-8682 and our experts will do their best to understand the interior decoration scheme you have in your kitchen so that window treatment can be suggested that will easily blend with existing décor as well as enhance it.