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Blackout Blinds – A Modern Necessity

Blackout Window Blinds

The Growing Popularity of Blackout Window Blinds And Room Darkening Solutions


There’s something about darkness that attracts us… that calms and rejuvenates our minds and bodies. Don’t take it the wrong way, we aren’t talking theology or philosophy, not even horror movies, we’re talking about human bodies! Similar to most diurnal (daytime) creatures on the face of the planet, our bodies are hard-wired to perceive the dark as a sign for slowing down and resting. While our lifestyles have undergone a radical change over the centuries, with staying awake long into the nighttime becoming the new usual, our bodies can struggle with the irregular sleeping and waking hours. Fatigue, irritability, lack of focus, insomnia…there’s a long list of disorders caused by the disruption of the body’s connection to a regular sleeping schedule. In-room darkening solutions like blackout blinds, we’ve found a simple, successful way of protecting ourselves from potentially debilitating disorders while, at the same time, improving upon our way and quality of life. No wonder they’re so in demand!


Understanding the Difference Between Blackout Window Blinds and Room Darkening


Blackout Window Blinds


The term ‘blackout blind’ is mostly reserved for shades with opaque fabrics that completely block out light from entering a room through the fabric itself.


Room Darkening Window Treatments


Room darkening fabrics, on the other hand, provide a lesser degree of light control, dimming out the room instead of completely blocking out the light. While both the terms are often used interchangeably, it’s essential you understand what they each stand for so you can make the right call about the type of light filtering solution you need for your home.


Do You Really Need Them?

You go through your day pretty energetic, even have the energy to spare for a workout and late-night partying after. You aren’t an insomniac, no sign of any other physical or mental issues discussed earlier…you probably don’t need these blinds, right? Wrong! Not being unwell isn’t the same as being in good health. Plus, there are a lot of ways that they can improve your lifestyle, and that of your loved ones. Read more below!


They Offer the Optimum Level of Privacy

Modern-day blackout solutions like Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades have the ability to keep out every stray, undesirable ray of light and block out all unsavory eyes with unbelievable efficiency (make sure you block out light gaps with side channels). These can be fitted in windows of all sizes and designs so you are assured complete privacy irrespective of the geographical location of the room.


The Act as a Shield Against Light and Noise Pollution

Light and noise pollution are two of the most commonplace, and also the most overlooked and underestimated disturbances we face in our daily lives. But shouldn’t we be safe from these at least when we’re inside our homes? These blinds are a dependable way of keeping direct or reflected light from the outside from entering your living space. The material of thicker shades such as double or triple cell cellular shades can also help dampen outside noise creating a more relaxing atmosphere in your room.


They are Great for Insulation

The material of these shades is excellent for insulation, capable of preventing unwanted gain or loss of heat from the room. This ensures your living space is adequately protected against the heat and glare of the sun during the summer. In addition, this helps curb heat loss from the room during the colder seasons, thereby bringing down the need for artificial heating or cooling depending upon the time of the year. In the long run, this can amount to huge savings on energy bills.


They are Excellent for Kids and Pets

Young kids waking up crying at odd hours, older kids not getting enough rest… these are common complaints heard in every household with kids. These aren’t however, necessarily normal, and can be a direct consequence of too much light in their sleeping areas. These blinds can do wonders for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries by creating the perfect ambiance for them to rest up and rejuvenate their energies. Pets, especially cats, dogs, and birds are more attuned to nature than us humans. Also, unlike humans who need to be up or working at odd hours, they really don’t have a reason to sleep or remain awake going against their body clock. Moving the bird cages to a room fitted with these blinds can give your feathered friends the uninterrupted night time rest they’re accustomed to in their natural habitat. Pet cats and dogs too, will relish having their beds in a blacked-out room they’re free to move in and out of according to their sleeping preferences.


They are Useful for Creating Specialized Atmosphere for Various Activities

Love photography, watching movies or playing video games? Blackout blinds can help create the best ambiance for you to develop your photographs and help give you a better, more enjoyable gaming and movie watching experience.

From creating the ideal resting environment for your bedroom to enriching your favorite pastimes, blackout blinds offer a world of improvements to our frantic, busy lifestyles. A true modern necessity!

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