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5 Ways To Mix Curtains And Blinds For Elegance And Versatility

Mixing Window Coverings In One Room

Mixing Window Coverings In One Room

Window treatments are an essential part of everyday living. They not only spruce up the look of your house but also come with multiple benefits to keep your place cozy and devoid of outside interference. By investing in the right window treatment, you can have something at your disposal that will last you for years to come. After all, who doesn’t want to have a sturdy item which is a bang for your buck?

However, we have learned in many previous sections that having one right window treatment isn’t always enough. There is always the need of mixing window coverings in one room. Such an arrangement will enhance the appearance of your living space and will be loved by one and all.

Amalgamating various styles you can use in one room is always dependent on several factors. We look over them in the next section.

Smart Blinds And Shutters: Usage And Versatility

Using smart blinds and shutters together is a great way to amplify the look and feel of your home while also controlling the level of sunlight you want inside. With the proper hues and styles, you can go for the best options for your rooms. By mixing and matching shades, you can have the same great style in a diverse range of rooms that have different requirements and that serve different purposes. Here are the different ways in which you can mix and match curtains with different types of blinds:

#1. Curtains with Roller Blinds

Curtains with Roller Blinds

  • This is a great way to combine the benefits of sheer roller blinds with the advantages of privacy that a blackout curtain provides
  • With a cord mechanism, roller blinds are fitted at the top of the window, preferably on the inside of the room
  • Translucent roller blinds give you natural light even when pulled down
  • At the same time, you can choose a blackout roller blind with a sheer curtain

Whether the temperatures soar or the air becomes too cold during the winters, a combination of both provides the necessary protection or retains the temperature inside. Reliable and affordable, they are one of the ultimate solutions to finding the right modern blinds and shades.

#2. Curtains with Shutters

Curtains with Custom Plantation Shutters

  • In various patterns, sizes and textures, shutters are often the go-to options for people who like to customize their window settings depending upon the climate and the level of noise outside
  • Shutters can be easily adjusted by a cord or a cordless mechanism, through a motorized or remote-control, or by simply using a wand
  • A set of sheer panel pair curtains with shutters will add a cool and stylish vibe to the interior
  • Apart from filtering light and letting in the heat for a warm and cozy environment, this combination will make others sit up and notice your fine taste in home furnishing

#3. Roman Shades with Draperies

Roman Shades with Draperies

  • Combining the best of both worlds, this is a fine arrangement that will layer your windows with class and panache
  • Where Fabric Roman Shades leave some gap between the window frame and allow some light, a blackout curtain will curtail excess heat from entering your homes
  • In case you want to retain heat inside, you can also go for translucent fabrics that will serve the purpose while giving the home a unique look
  • Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics and designs depending on which part of the house you want them for
  • This amalgamation is best suited for living rooms or large bedrooms where there’s enough space to warrant such window treatment

#4. Blackout Drapes with Sheer Panels

  • Typically used for bedrooms where you might want to enjoy a great night’s sleep after a tiring day, this is a fine, often coveted combination
  • Blackout drapes allow for privacy inside the room while the sheer panels fill it with filtered and natural sunlight during the day while saving on electricity costs
  • The drapes can be a single pair of panel pair depending on the size of the window and will also provide the necessary privacy
  • The sheer panels can be solid or vibrant and designed, depending on your taste

#5. Honeycomb Shades with Curtains

Honeycomb Shades with Curtains

Available in single, double and triple cells, these light filtering options come in different fabrics depending upon the purpose they serve. While single-cell shades are used when you need enough sunlight inside for saving energy, triple-cell cellular shades offer privacy and protect the home against unnecessary outside sounds and heat during peak summers.

  • For single-cell shades, you can go for blackout curtains and use sheer curtains for triple-cell shades
  • It must also be noted that Honeycomb shades can easily hide behind curtains
  • They are usually not the most decorative options you might want to go for, giving the look of pleated paper
  • However, they do their job well and are used with more stylish and attractive window curtains which provides the necessary balance any window treatment requires

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Pairing Curtains And Blinds

It is no surprise that using blinds and curtains together can completely change the look of a room. However, it is essential to consider the following factors while using them in combination:

  • Choosing The Right Blind: Solid blocks of Colors in curtains go well with lighter blinds. If you have lighter, pleasant Colors in the room, you can try burnt orange curtains or Colors which provide a zing and flamboyance to the room. Make sure to not make it look too loud or gaudy.
  • Do Not Pair Similar Patterns: Using a printed window curtain overprinted and patterned shutters or blinds will give an overpowering look, overshadowing the rest of the room especially if it is compact or small. It’s better to go for solid colors to contrast with patterned blinds and vice versa for giving necessary contrast.
  • Make The Room Cosy: Your comfort is of paramount importance and there should be no way you should compromise on that. The benefits those shutters and blackout curtains bring must be carefully weighed before you decide on the look of the room.
  • Experiment with Colors: Bring out the inner fashion connoisseur and do not be afraid to mix and match one style with another. Do not stick with one pattern and combination but keep alternating between types and colors every few months or so. This will help you weigh benefits and decide which works well in different seasons and climates.
  • Consider The Size of Windows: Draperies look best on large windows, and Roman blinds work well for kitchen window treatments. Double panel curtains work best on door-sized windows, and smaller rooms look attractive with window treatments without any dramatic effect.
  • Consider The place: Places, where there’s a huge amount of moisture and heat, require proper ventilation, like the kitchen. Faux wood blinds work best here. Maintaining the privacy of a bedroom, however, requires you to shop for the best blackout shades for a bedroom in combination with softer, sheer window blinds. Similarly, bay window blinds and curtains need a different treatment. Further still, living rooms require solar or cellular shades depending on how much light you want coming in while preserving the outside view.

Window blinds look awesome and spectacular in any room. The only thing you need to keep in mind is how you combine, mix and match them according to the look of the room and how they will go along with the windows. Do not be afraid of experimenting and researching properly before going for the ultimate option. There is no single, sure shot solution to giving the best window treatment your house deserves.