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Mixing Window Treatments In One Room

Mixed Window Treatments In One Room

Go Stylish By Mixed Window Treatments In One Room


Matching everything from furniture to drapes to floors and walls to decorations is a trend of the past. In today’s era of wanting to experiment, mixing is the way to go. With materials, colors, patterns, sizes, textures and a whole lot of other factors to choose from, mixing can be a lot of fun and the biggest de-stressor of the season. Why restrict mixing to just furniture, decorations or electronics for that matter? Break away from boring old traditions of having the same type of window treatment in one room. Mixed window treatments in one room can be a far easier challenge with the help of our experts. Here are some tips.


Layering Those Windows

While you might be seeking the basic heat-blocking window blinds and privacy, there are other options that also need to be considered. The size of the windows, single/ multiple windows, material, or fabric that you want to play around with, other elements in and around the area of the window you want to dress up; with some of our options you can be as stylish as you want!

Roman Shades with Drapes



Roller Blinds and Curtains


  • Roller Blinds and Curtains – For a functional look to conservative windows, install Roller Blinds that are practically invisible when rolled up. Roller Blinds serve the basic purpose of being one of the best heat blocking blinds and providing privacy as needed. Add a layer of chic drapes to these roller blinds to bring in the season. Sprinkle a bit of modernizing to your room with the trending colors and you are set to go. Roller Blinds with curtains make for a very practical and budget-friendly option to opt for.


Wood Blinds with Curtains


  • Wood Blinds with Curtains – Wood Blinds have stood the test of time for the warmth it lends to a room. With their amazing wood stains and perfectly natural wood, this treatment adds an ageless grace to your room. You can choose to decorate a couple of windows in your room with this treatment or experiment with Wood Blinds and Roman Shades in an alternating pattern. Layer them with beautiful Sheer Curtains for an extra touch of grace that might be missing. Wood Blinds with Curtains is a treatment that has been chosen the time and again for its simplistic yet ageless appeal.


Curtains Over Cellular Shades


  • Curtains over Cellular Shades – Cellular shades, with its unique structure, are a preferred option for energy savings. Blocking out heat completely, these shades help reduce the usage of your other cooling elements like fan and ACs at home. One of the most modern blinds and shades treatments for your home, Cellular Shades, when combined with curtains are a picture perfect solution to any room. Simply choose curtains that appeal to you and layer the shades with them.


Material, Colours, and Patterns

Choosing the wrong material, color, or patterns can be disastrous while dressing up your windows. Mixing your window treatments is increasingly trendy, but you’ll need to know how to do it right to get an artistic result. So ensure you do consider a few things while experimenting:

  • Choose from material options that are practical and low on maintenance. With options like Wood, Fabric, Plastic, and Vinyl to choose from, keeping the next layer in mind will make this an easy job. For eg; if you are looking at blinds in a kids play area, you might want to choose from Plastic or Vinyl as they are easy to clean. And layer them with drapes that are heavy with patterns appealing to children.

  • Colors play the most important role while mixing window treatments in one room. They can spoil a perfectly set up ambiance and create negative vibes in a room if not co-ordinated well. Choose colors that match your space and family’s requirement to ensure a balanced harmony in your room.

  • Patterns are normally dictated by the other elements of your room. You can choose floral if you have plain walls and floors. You can look at combining paisleys and stripes for a more flattering effect.

There is no foolproof method to mixed window treatments in one room. The process of decorating requires an experienced eye and is something that is customized to suit your home. However, these few tips should help ease your process and make the window treatments the envy of your neighbor.

Talk to our experts for more tips on mixed window treatments in one room. We will surely be glad to help you.

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