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Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Window Shades

Metal Window Shades

Choosing Window Shades, A Cumbersome Task

Sometimes the task of choosing window coverings for your home can appear rather daunting. With a wide range of window shades and blinds at your disposal, it is difficult to make that one choice that can suit your preference, meet the needs of the house and also increase the aesthetic appeal of your homes. Roller shades, Roman shades, blackout shades, room darkening shades, cellular honeycomb shades, vertical blinds, shutters, the list is endless. Equally challenging is deciding the ideal material for shades. Not all materials are ideal for all rooms. For example, fabric and wood for shades or shutters is the perfect recipe for disaster when you use them for bathrooms. Similarly, the fabric is the worst possible choice for kitchens where stains are inevitable. With only images for reference, you often have to rely on your good sense and word of mouth to zero down to a particular shade or blind and the material that will best meet your requirements.

Every material that is used for window shades or blinds has its share of pros and cons. Some are durable and sturdy while others boast of low maintenance. Some add warmth to your rooms while others are on the cheaper side. With too much of information floating around you, processing the right information is a tough task. So, we are here to make your life easier by filtering the information that you need.

Guide to Metal Shades and Blinds

If you are considering metal shades as an option, we will guide you to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of these shades and whether they can serve the purpose for which you want them for your windows. Among metals, aluminum is most commonly used for shades and blinds for a variety of reasons. They are light and malleable and mix well with alloys which make them durable and sturdy. Unlike iron, they do not rust and offers a layer of protection against the moisture in the air.

Let us take a quick look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of metal window frames, why they are chosen over others and why they continue to lag behind some others.


Extremely Durable
Aluminum is among the most durable materials that you will come across. If you invest in good quality aluminum, rest assured you will not be disappointed. The biggest selling point of aluminum shades is the fact that they are resistant to water and moisture. They make a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens which are high on humidity, heat and moisture. Any other material like fabric and wood will perish in no time. Aluminum blinds and shades can endure the toughest of conditions and continue to thrive handsomely. They do not warp, peel off or fade over a period of time and are hence more than worth the money.
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Low Maintenance
Another important factor that makes aluminum an obvious choice for many homemakers is their low maintenance. Maintenance and care for homes are one of the biggest nightmares of any homemaker. Spending hours cleaning and washing are highly dreaded. In this sense, aluminum is truly among the best. They are lightweight and sturdy. They can be cleaned with ease, can be removed and moved without any hassles. Normal dusting and wiping on a regular basis is sufficient to keep those metal shades glowing. And the best part is, once installed they need not be removed regularly for maintenance.
Aluminum Venetian Blinds
Let us admit that purchasing window shades and blinds for your homes can be an expensive affair. Yes, we have tons of options for you and they are all versatile and functional but most of them cost a ton. The thought of changing blinds for even one room can give us cold feet. Aluminum blinds, on the other hand, are extremely budget-friendly. If your aesthetic requirements are not high for places like the bathrooms, laundry rooms or garage, where the blinds and shades can be subject to maximum wear and tear, opt for aluminum shades. They are durable and functional and complete value for money. So if you are running on a tight budget and looking for cheap yet sturdy alternatives, aluminum shades rank high on your list.
Budget Friendly Aluminum Blinds
Range of Designs
Although made of aluminum, these shades and blinds come in a variety of colors and designs. A good coat of paint of your choice color, a customized fit and your shades are good to go. You can choose the design and style that appeals to you and because of their versatility they look charming despite their cost.
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Lacks Elegance, Class & Warmth
This is one aspect where aluminum blinds fail to make any impression on its users. They do not have the regal or luxurious feel which fabrics and wood have. They do nothing for your rooms and contribute little to the aesthetic appeal of your home space. That is why they are considered for places where aesthetics is not a major consideration. High on functionality, aluminum shades are good for rooms that need functional solutions more than visual appeal. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages are where they are mainly restricted to. They are not often considered for living or bedrooms. Given the straight hard lines, they lack warmth and softness which these rooms need. They could never compete with a Roman shade or Cellular shade in the aspect of looks.

Not Energy-Efficient
This is another major drawback of aluminum or metal shades. They are not particularly energy-efficient. They can be a good option to reflect the heat coming in, however, the material is not thick so they don’t provide insulation. So if you are looking for window solutions that will offer insulation and put a check on your accelerating electricity bills during summer or winter, aluminum shades are not the ones you would want.

Aluminum shades and blinds do have some appreciable features that make them a popular choice for window shades and blinds. They enjoy a fair amount of popularity among users but their usage is restricted to rooms that need durable solutions. There are some spaces in the house that are exposed to moisture and humidity for a prolonged time where no other material can survive. This is where aluminum is an indispensable choice. But other spaces that need warmth and comfort, you would want to look for better options if your budget permits.