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Match Your Window Treatments to the Mood of the Season

Roman Shades the drape and shade.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ said Robin Williams. Hailing from his hometown Chicago, Illinois, I do not hesitate to party during my spring break. In a city that has hot and humid summers, followed by cold and snowy winters, spring is always a welcome season that spreads pleasantness.

This spring, I plan to refresh my home with new colors that are bright and beautiful enough to reflect my mood. From where I stand today, I feel refreshed and happy with myself. It is also important for me to have some light filtration and protection against the approaching summer, to keep my peace of mind intact. It is nice to have a bright weather outside, but there comes a time when you desire some quiet, comforting ambiance. This happens to me too often. I also plan to drape my windows with something bright, like Relaxed Roman Shades, to welcome this spring. I have timeworn blinds on my windows at present, which have been left behind by the previous owners. They did not require any immediate replacement as they were functional; only problem being they did not suit my decor preference.

My choice is the graceful and elegant Roman Shades because I firmly believe that there is no other window treatment that can give my home a more sophisticated visual appeal. I installed them to cover my office windows, and I am completely happy with them, though some of my friends tell me that I have made the wrong choice. It all boils down to one’s preference, comfort and style.

I took a break from work to start off with spring cleaning and refreshing of my home, starting with painting the walls. I feel that when we do the walls first, it can be a backdrop for the rest of the decor ideas. Next, I want to get some new furniture and decorative features. I find the plain walls very dull because I am very sure that I am not a minimalistic person. Once I am done with the refurbishing, I plan to finally choose my roman shades for window coverings – they can either blend in design or contrast, as the mood takes me. Roman shades can fit into either version with ease.

There are people who prefer Roman shades as a budget option, but I am not one of them. There is something about the aesthetic appeal of this particular window covering that touches my heart. It could be related to the pleasant times I spent with my grandparents, who had their windows covered with Roman shades – makes me relive those pleasant days, instilling a sense of security in me.

Yellows and Gold Handcrafted Roman Shades.

To cap my makeover efforts, I finally chose to decorate my windows with the exquisite Artisan Yellows and Gold Roman Shades collection by Graber. Though I chose Artisan Roman Shades for all areas of my home other than the kitchen and bathroom, I decided to opt for different textures and colors for different rooms. I had no difficulty in finding right colors and there was no doubt that these graceful shades would give my interiors undisputable style. Artistic shades with chic designs, they suit every room in my home, creating an unmatched ambience that is very comforting. It is tough to decide which is brighter- my gold and yellow Artisan Roman Shades or the sunny day outside!

Just because I am talking about their aesthetic appeal doesn’t mean that they fall back on practical, functional features. I am very sure I want an inside mount, single shades, classic flat roman shade style, Trellis Harvet Gold, Amulet SunKissed, and Origami bamboo for the colors, along with completely motorized operations. That completes all of my requirements. With the motorized option, I can efficiently manage my shades from virtually anywhere in the house, without having to be in the direct line of sight of the red eye. This also increases the energy saving and safety of my home. I also need a wireless timer for security reasons.

My bedroom window shades have polyester/cotton liners to block light from filtering through the fabric, making it an ideal choice for the days I decide to ignore the bright day outdoors and sleep till late in the morning. Due to the multiple layers needed to create this liner, they are slightly stiffer, and due to the stitching, there may be minimal light seepage, but that doesn’t bother me at all. The liners will protect the shade fabric from outside elements and insulate my windows besides filtering light. Finally by adding few projecting brackets, my shopping was done.

My new window coverings hang so gracefully over my windows that they appear like some mystic waterfalls. I had them puddle on the floor in my living room, which I consider the most beautiful of all my choices. My home and my mood seem to be refreshed and rejuvenated with these new Artisan Yellows & Gold Roman Window Shades.

I feel like whistling even when my shoe is full of slush – my bright new refreshed home assures me that spring is here.


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