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How to Match Colors with Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and Blinds on Same Window

Putting curtains and blinds on same window can be a challenging task since you have to ensure that they will blend together and not create a distraction within a room. As such we will be looking at few of the important aspects you need to analyze for finding the right mix that will work for your home. So, let us delve into the details in the following sections.


Aspects to Check When Using Curtains and Blinds on Same Window in Your Home


When you decide to use curtains and blinds on same window, then there are several aspects that you will have to check. Let us explore these aspects in the following sections.

Select the Blind First

When you decide to blend curtains and blinds on same window, the best thing to do will be to choose the blinds first. A few of the styles you can choose from Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds since they usually pair well with curtains and drapes, as well as provide you with a color to start with. At the time of selection of your blinds, you will have to focus on fabric and color selection as well so that you can select something that will work together.

One of the blinds and curtains together ideas you can make use, include the selection of wood blinds since you can easily pair them with curtains which have similar attributes. Choose a muted shade of color for the blinds or select window dressings that help you in introducing accent colors in the room. For instance, if there are cool colors in a room such as whites and blues, then you can test out orange curtains to introduce bright and vibrant colors into the decor of your room. On the other hand, if you are not too fond of bright colors then light cremes or white drapes can be used with different types of blinds.


Avoid Pairing Prints with Printed Curtains

If you are planning to use prints then when using curtains and blinds on same window you should select a solid color for one while selecting prints for the other.

The reason is that if prints are selected for both blinds and curtains, then such selection will be very overpowering for the room. This is especially true if it is a small room or if there are already too many prints being used in the room. The best thing to do here will be to purchase blinds of a single color and then pair them with curtains having patterns with same color as that of the blinds.


Curtains and Blinds on Same Window


Use Curtains and Blinds on Same Window to Make your Window Look Larger


Can you put curtains over blinds? Yes, certainly! And such a combination can be used for changing the perception related to a windows size. Curtains and blinds on the same window is an ideal option for houses that are rather small.

By mixing blinds and drapes you can make the windows appear to be larger than they are, and also create the perception that the ceiling is taller than it actually is. For instance, you can set up Roman shades just some inches lower than the ceiling for changing height perception.

After that you can mount the rod of the curtain at an equal level of the blinds, but extending thirty to sixty centimeters beyond the window.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Curtains and blinds on same window can be useful in creating a strong style statement and when you select the right accessories, it will augment the effect further. Let us look at few of the options for you to contemplate.

  • Utilize fabric tieback for creating a draped effect.
  • Do installation of a wall mounted piece that will remain hidden behind curtains.
  • Recessed pelmets can be used for hiding curtain tracks within ceiling space for creating a streamlined finish.


Use Curtains and Blinds on Same Window to Make the Room Cosy


Roman Shades with Curtains


It is also possible to make the room feel cozier by pairing blinds and curtains together. To achieve this goal you will have to layer Roman blinds underneath curtains. For instance, you can use bonded, textured, or sheer blinds in combination with blackout fabrics. Likewise, Roman blinds can be paired with linen sheers to achieve desired results. In addition, if you are looking for a simplified and relaxed effect, then pairing sheers that do not have metallic threading or a heavy sheen will go well with wooden blinds.

A few other details to consider include:

  • Pattern and Colors: Use solid colors or patterns? Here you need to understand that fabrics in solid color can be easily coordinated with patterned furniture. Similarly, bold prints are useful if there is solid color furniture in the room.
  • Privacy and Light: If it is a bedroom where you want to use curtains and blinds on the same window, then you can pair light filtering shades with blackout liner curtains. This way you will be getting the required amount of light during the day. Here, some of the liner options you can choose from include flannel backed liners, water resistant ones, and thermal liners.


What Color Curtains Go With Brown Blinds?


Curtains with Brown Blinds


If there are brown blinds, then you will have to select light colors for your curtains to create the right look and feel for your windows. Let us now look at how to match blinds and curtains together to create that perfect synergy.

Use a Single Color Scheme

By using a single color scheme for your window treatments and walls you will be able to develop synergy in the interior color scheme.

Use of the same color will also help in the creation of balanced and harmonious space within a single room. Moreover, when the color is used it helps in making the decor blend in, which in turn helps accessories and furniture in the room to take the center stage.

Use of Textures

Window dressings which are textured help in greatly enhancing simple, subtle, and neutral schemes when you are using curtains and blinds on same window. Moreover, you can combine differently textured blinds and curtains to create a sensuous environment within a room.

Utilize Existing Decor

Existing decor in a room can be an inspiration for the selection of colors for your curtains and blinds. For example, dusk Roman blinds can easily mimic wood paneling present on a wall.

Introduce Patterns

If you want to include interest in room decor then patterns provide an easy way to do so. For example, at the time of matching patterns and plains, you may want to choose a color from a patterned curtain or blind and utilize that shade while purchasing matching fabric.


A Final Note

To summarize, we can say there is no dearth of options when you are planning to use curtains and blinds on the same window.

You get also get in touch with experts at Zebra Blinds and discuss details of rooms in which you want to utilize curtains and blinds on the same window. We will do our best to understand all the details and then suggest options that will be most suitable for your home. Just pick up the phone and give us a call on our toll-free number: 1-866-881-8682.

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