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Managing Temperature and Humidity Levels in a Gym solar shades

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It’s the same all over, I suppose. Walk into a gym and the first thing that hit you is the warmth, pleasing in winter, stultifying in summer, especially when its full house! The other irritating thing is that often, treadmills are positioned in front of the plate glass windows that are the facades of most gyms today. While this often makes for diverting views, the sun is often blinding. Many youngsters even wear glares to protect themselves from this irritant. And woe be unto thou if there’s a pool outside, the glare is then razor sharp!



All those bodies going thump thump, sweat pouring out of everyone’s pores – weight lifting and strength training on the one side, aerobics on the other, yoga conducted in seclusion, oof, just watching all the activity could get the heart thumping out of your chest sometimes, raising the body temperature to uncomfortable levels! And all that sweat! The air was moisture laden, and even though the a/c was kept at optimal levels – 65 to 68 F – recommended by the International Fitness Association (IFA), all manner of cardio exercise raises the body temperatures to uncomfortable levels in a packed gym. The humidity levels are to be maintained at levels between 20 and 60%. This apart from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which stipulates temperatures to be maintained between 68 and 76 F, and the same humidity levels. Those are broad ranges, and gyms seem to keep their temperature levels in the lower 70’s! And I fail to understand why gyms don’t bother with window coverings.


There’s a school of thought that says that the more high impact the exercises are, the cooler the ambient temperatures need to be. This way, fatigue is kept at bay and longer durations of exercise can be sustained. On the other hand, a higher temperature means a faster metabolism. When the temperature is higher, the body produces more energy to keep up with the increased blood flow that results from high heat. The heart pumps faster, blood flows more easily, but you’ll get tired more quickly. However, the faster metabolism means that you’ll burn more fat than you would in a cooler environment. This has to be the reason why gyms feel too warm in the middle of exercising.


So, there are three factors at play here, the glare of the natural light, the heat it generates through windows, increasing indoor temperatures even though the cooling system is at work, and the resulting humidity from sweating bodies, circulated round and around. One of the simplest ways to manage the situation is by using window shades to control the heat and humidity to reduce the load on the cooling system and to increase the comfort levels of users. It’s all very well to arrive all duded up to ogle the gals, but hey! Nobody’s going to be in the mood when one is warm and uncomfortable all the time! Some of the best solutions among window shadings are –



Motorized-Exterior-Shades -


Graber’s Motorized Exterior Solar Shades – shades that deflect the sun rays before they even touch the surface of windows have proved to be the most effective solution to controlling solar heat gain while allowing for an unobstructed view. Designed and conceptualized by Phifer, SheerWeave solar shade fabrics are single layered, made of various weaves and textures, the shading factor depending on the density of the weave. The tighter or less open the weave, the better the shading and heat deflection. Fabric colors also influence the incoming light – light colored ones allow more light in, bright and diffused, making for dulled views and cooler and environments; dark colors absorb the heat and light to create darker interiors, entirely dulled glare and fantastic exterior views. Both colors create optimal daytime privacy. Controlling the light energy reduces the solar gain, which in turn reduces the load on cooling and heating systems. This means cooler indoor temperatures that allow the HVAC to work efficiently in keeping members happy. Motorized shades can be programmed to work in tandem with the sun’s trajectory, making them even better heat deflectors. This means, exhaust systems can also be adjusted accordingly to maintain optimal humidity levels. In the event of inclement weather, wind sensors are provided – this allows the shades to retract automatically, if there is a storm in the making, protecting the shades.



Graber’s Motorized Interior Solar Shades – works much the same way as the above, except that the availability of performance+ fabrics with a metalized coating on the window face of the shade ensures that unwanted heat gain and glare is deflected no matter the color of the shade facing the room.



Graber’s Motorized Faux Wood Blinds – horizontal blinds are considered one of the best options to harvest and direct natural sunlight to diminish its damaging effects through the tilting of the vanes, without obstructing the exterior view. Blinds with 2 1/2” vane widths can effectively deflect glare – programme the system to turn the vanes upward along the sun’s trajectory to direct the light to the ceiling, from where its harmlessly diffused, brightening the interiors, and dulling the heat gain. Faux wood is also the best material for high humidity areas, so there’s no danger of the vanes cracking due to variations in the moisture content in the atmosphere.



Gyms would be well-advised to use window shading that provides seamless atmospheric controls that would benefit its members’ comfort levels.




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