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Making Simple Changes to Enhance Home Décor

How Skylights Can Adversely Affect Interiors without Proper Shading

“Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.” James J. Corbett
We often see that people want perfection but do not have the patience to get there. I was recently invited to make some changes to the interior décor for a client who was not satisfied by the ambience in his home. He was unable to get the perfect result even after making many significant changes that had cost him quite some bucks.
Finally, he decided to seek professional help to get the interiors the way he wanted them. When I visited his home, I was impressed by many of his interiors furnishings, wall paint and the window treatments. He had the latest motorized dual roller shades mounted on his windows, giving it a chic and modish look. Yet he did not have the patience to sort things out correctly and get that perfection he craved for in the interiors of his home.

Mistakes in Decorating Interiors

Unfortunately, the person had made some major mistakes that had spoiled the final effect on the ambience of his rooms. One of the foremost striking oddity was the way he arranged his furniture leaving empty spaces in some areas of his home while crowding the others. Moreover, he had completely neglected the amazing skylight, covering it up with Tarp, without making use of it to the advantage of his home. When questioned, he explained that his previous skylight covering had developed a leak, and he had to fix it. He initially removed the skylight shade to order a new one, but due to his busy schedule at work, he could not get it done. The open skylight was really bothersome. It cast a glare in his room and also let in bright sunlight, heating up the interiors. Hence, he decided to fix it with a tarp and then never got to order the shade that he intended to do in the first place. Unfortunately, this client was completely unaware of the advantages and benefits of having a properly shaded skylight in his home.

Usefulness of Skylights

For me, skylights are fascinating windows in any home since they can be effectively used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home considerably. They are available in a broad range of shapes, sizes and styles to make a difference to the design of a building. They bring in more bright natural light to the interiors than the windows due to their position. A home with skylight will receive more natural light in the room, transforming the interiors into more open and lively spaces.
Skylights can reduce lighting costs and energy consumptions, in addition to minimizing the need for air conditions and fans during warmer months by venting out hot air. In cooler times, they bring in natural warmth when the sunlight shines in. We have to reduce out electricity consumption since generating electricity contributes primarily to pollution in USA by producing harmful chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, carbon, and mercury emissions. The increased use of electricity has left behind its adverse effects on water quality, waste production and many other environmental issues which are a matter of concern for many leading nations.
I insist on energy saving designs for homes I design and decorate. Skylights are one of the best energy savers if installed and used in a proper manner. The light and heat streaming in can be controlled with good shading system installed on the skylight. I have created magical effects playing around with the skylights and the light streaming in through them, which has made my clients quite happy.

Making Corrections for the Right Effect

I decided to start with making changes to the interiors to meet the requirements of my client. First I checked out the spaces available to rearrange the furniture symmetrically in the rooms. I also installed few more decorative items to enhance the beauty of the already present expensive decorations in the home. For example, he had a fantastic set of sofas in his living room, but it looked too plain. All it needed to get that lively look was a few cushions on it. A vase of flower on the table, few attractive coasters on the dining table and other simple things made the home look so much alive and bright. This was the ambience and feel my client was looking for, and he was jubilant with the changes that were coming through.

Shading the Skylight

I decided to take down the tarp and install Graber Skylight Shades on the skylight. This amazing window shades came with 3/8 inch Single and Double cell Crystal Pleat, making them an ideal choice for skylights. The wide range of color options available for this shade makes it easy to find a shade that will perfectly blend in with existing color scheme. Crystal Pleat Light Filtering Shades allows diffused light to enter the home, which brings in a natural illumination increasing the visual appeal. I consider natural lighting to be the best type of light we can get to enhance the interior design. It is a challenging task, yet I usually succeed in successfully incorporating natural light into the building structure. With the removal of the tarp covering and installation of the Crystal Pleat Light Filtering Cellular Shades, now we had better aesthetics, better color, better definition of space, and highlights for the architectural details.
While I could have gone for motorized skylight shades, my client was highly satisfied with the final result that came with proper management of space, the arrangement of furniture, enhancement of decorative items and the installation of proper shades for the skylight. There was nothing much for me to do there other than enhancing the value of that which was already present in his home. Like Ferdinand Porsche said, “A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form”. And this is what I did to bring perfection into the interiors of the home.

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