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Layering Treatments For A Complete Makeover of Your Home With Our Heat Blocking Window Treatments

Heat Blocking Window Treatments

Layering Treatments For A Complete Makeover of Your Home With Our Heat Blocking Window Treatments


Layering treatments is a solution for all chic looking items, whether it is fashion or your windows. It is a simple, exciting method that can be fun and intoxicating. You can go all out and layer those beautiful windows with various options and create your own style. Apart from heat-blocking window treatments, you would also like to ensure that they give you complete privacy at the tip of your fingers. Our options give you enough choices to experiment with. Let’s explore some options for you to let your creativity take over.

A Few Things You Might Want To Think About

Living Room Window Coverings

Choosing Living Room Window Coverings is likely deciding on the right outfit you would like to choose. A dress or jeans, open sandals or shoes, jewelry or bare, makeup or a fresh look, the list is endless. Hence, making it a confusing and tedious job. Similarly, you’ll need to look at the basic requirements of layering your windows to help lead you to proper and satisfying window treatments.

Here are some suggestions for you to think about before deciding on those layered window treatments. Do you want…

  • Heat blocking window treatments?
  • Complete privacy or partial?
  • A formal or a casual look?
  • Functionality or glamour?
  • A certain look already set in your mind or looking to experiment?

These answers will help build your to-do list in your search for the right layered window treatments. Play with Your Canvas In A Professional Manner with Our Huge Range of Heat Blocking Window Treatments

  • Picking up the right base will help you choose the other layers better as heat-blocking window treatments and privacy required. Wood, Plastic or Vinyl will help you decide the next layer.
  • Now layer them with draperies that set the tone and mood of your space with their vivid patterns and bold colors. Heavy drapes give you complete privacy that you might be seeking while Sheers give you the right amount of light filtering with just about the privacy you might need.
  • Layer them further with Valances that lend a formal look to the draperies that you might have chosen.

Whether you like a formal or a casual look, choose layers that will make them an extension of your personality, hence making them an ideal solution for your Living Room Window Coverings.


Combining The Functional with The Aesthetic For Amazing Layered Window Treatments

Bay Window Roman Shades

If you are looking at Bay Windows that face the exterior of the house, then there are many options to choose from. Treatments like long, stationary Drapery Panels combined with Bay Window Roman Shades will satisfy those creative buds. Bay Window Roman Shades are a classic, enchanting choice for this Victorian architecture. When mounted right, these shades give you a clean, structured, and contemporary result.

Motorized Blackout Shades

  • For complete privacy, you might want to consider motorized blackout shades with side channels
  • They are an excellent choice as heat-blocking window treatments
  • Installation choices range from control colors and valance options to complete blackout with side channels to cover the edges of your shade
  • Woven Wooden Shades add texture and space to your existing area, making it look larger
  • They are grateful for any window in your home
  • Roller shades are an inexpensive but alluring option to look at
  • The chic patterns and bold colors will brighten your day and lift your mood at any given time
  • Just pull them up and they will roll securely into the cassette, leaving you with a clear view

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

  • Real Wood or Custom Faux Wood Blinds are available in different wood tones that bring character to your living area
  • This window treatment lends itself beautifully to a natural decor that you might be interested in
  • The look of wood can be comforting for you to just curl up with your favorite book and let time slip by
  • Cellular Shades are versatile window treatments with light filtering or room darkening fabrics available as required
  • They are energy efficient, helping you save on your electricity bills every month

Vertical Cellular Shades

  • Beautiful Vertical Cellular Shades for sliding glass doors make an impact that stimulates your living space with their unique and simple look

A Perfect Solution For Layering Those Big Windows

Functional blinds or shades usually do the trick of layering windows in the most fashionable way. But if you still are not satisfied and get a feeling of something missing, you might want to explore our range of sheer drapery. They are beautifully functional while adding that extra layer to your existing treatments of blinds for big windows. They come in amazing shades and patterns to choose from that give you the partial privacy you might need during the day while allowing natural light to flow into your room. So go ahead and dress your window the way you want it to.

  • Alluring colors and bold patterns of draperies could add a touch of glamour to go with your existing decor

Customised Pinch Pleat Drapes

  • Go fashionable with Customised Pinch Pleat Drapes that are considered traditional, yet give a contemporary look to any space
  • Made of cotton, linen or silk with the lining of your choice, they are beautiful as an extra layering

Layering your windows is a therapy that you do not want to miss on. With varied options to choose from, the list is endless. If you’re not sure, talk to our experts for help. We will help you find the right Layered Window Treatments for a soothing and stimulating space at your home.

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