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Make Your Living Space Livelier with Smart Window Coverings

Smart Window Coverings for Living Space

We are always looking out for new ways to innovate our homes and why shouldn’t we? The spaces we occupy are the background to our lives and they contribute a lot to the way we live. It sets the background to our story and it should be how we want to make it appear. It is like keeping your room organized to get more semblance and control over your life. So, it is with great precision, we maintain the spaces that we occupy. However, this is not possible everywhere we spend our time. Our access is limited to the spaces we control, and it is important that we decorate according to our taste and style. This is why building your own home is so important. You layout the nitty-gritty of a physical space to give you a sense of comfort and familiarity and to make you feel that it belongs to you. There is a certain romanticism attached to decorating and designing your living spaces, and homes generally reflect the personality of the persona and the people who occupy it.

Window treatments occupy a central stage when it comes to interior designing. They set the background and tonality of the space and give you a basic aesthetic to set the rest of your room too. The furniture and wallpaper/paint and the window coverings are always placed in sync with one another because of the mutual aesthetic they must share to make the room look pleasing. Hence, choosing the correct window coverings is very essential. The added functionality of window coverings to increase ventilation and insulation of the house contributed to the complexity of its purchase. Customers are riddled with so many options, all of which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, that it is natural for on to be confused. Apart from the conventional window treatments that are mechanically operated, the new product that is now soaring in the market is smart window coverings.

Smart window shades are generally operated by a remote or by a smartphone and can be automated with pre-set timings, all of which prompt it to open and close at certain times or according to certain conditions. They are the product of the future and come with so many added benefits that you will wonder why you didn’t have it installed in your house until now. Before you make the purchase, you will obviously want to know the benefits of using a product that tends to be a bit heavier on the budget. They are just the product you need to make your living room livelier and here are a few points that will prove why:

1. The variety in which they are available is innumerable
You will be surprised to find out the variety of materials and designs these shades are available in. Ranging from cellular shades to Roman shades and even solar shades, all of them can be turned into smart window blinds for your convenience. It goes without saying that the colors and the materials are also many, and you can make your choice according to what suits you. You can seek the help of professional interior decorators or even the customer support staff of any window treatment store, online or offline can help you make the decision. The compromise that you generally have to make before you choose one type of covering over the other can be minimized through this. You also have the option of customization, which is a boon to the customers while making creatively challenging decisions.
Smart Cellular Shades for Living Space
2. They add to your home’s ‘cool’ factor
It might sound silly, but can you imagine sitting in your room on a lazy day and the window coverings are open to let the sunlight in, but you just don’t want to get up and close them all around the house? These smart window shadings make closing them possible with ease – using a remote control, your smartphone, or even voice control. Your lazy Sunday mornings just get better with these smart coverings. And so does hanging out with your friends and playing games when you just shut the drapes with your voice to avoid the glare on your TV. Show off a little with these window shades. They add chic and fancy to your interior decoration, and you should get them for the same reason that you update your iPhone every time a new one comes out. They make window shades fun and novel – how cool is that?
Smart Sheer Shades for Living Room
3. They make your house more accessible
It’s nice to make your place more accessible. Children, people of age, and people with physical or mental discomfort. Smart shades allow them easy access as they can control them with little effort or strain. It may not seem like a big deal but for someone who has limited access, it makes a huge difference. These smart window treatments are not at all hard to operate and it does not only make it more accessible for them but also makes it safer. Even for your pets, amongst which cases of strangulation by the cords that hang from ordinary window coverings have been registered, these can reduce the risks for them too.
Smart Roman Shades for Living Room
4. They provide more privacy and security
It may often happen that on an evening you get engrossed in some work and forget to close the drapes only to realize that it is evening, and your home has been on full display for your neighbors. With smart shades you can control your shade from anywhere you have wifi access with your smartphone. These shades provide more security in the sense that they open and close at a time that has been fixed by you. So, even if you are not there, they open and close, giving it a more ‘lived-in’ appearance and making it less susceptible to burglary and theft. This way you can have a calmer time away from home.
Smart Motorized Solar Shades
5. They can be paired with other devices for added functionality
These smart window blinds can sync with other smart products such as smoke detectors, lighting systems and sound systems. This allows you to set more complex automation according to different conditions. For example, you can set your smart window coverings to open when the smoke detectors go off. You can set the shades to lower when your motion detector senses that you are home. You can also imagine bringing a date home one evening and in one smooth setting have your shades close, the lights dim, and music play softly all at once. They work very well with sound systems too, and you can convert your house into a home theatre at times when you want to see a movie.
Smart Motorized Dual Shades
Other than all these features that add a lot of style to your living space, these smart window blinds are also very eco-friendly and can save a lot of energy. They open and close at the appropriate time and maximize the insulation that a normal window shade would provide. They have a high R-value and will help you reduce the energy consumption on temperature regulating devices. If this is not enough, then these window blinds and shades are also very easy to install and do not require professional help. You can easily follow a DIY video or an instructor teaching you how to get it done.

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