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How to Make Your Living Room Window Coverings Stand Out

Living Room Window Coverings

When it comes to interior decorations, your living room occupies a very significant place. It is the decoration of the living room that we take the most concern of and put our most of our mind to. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, the living room is the place that is most frequently visited by guests. It becomes the gateway to our house and a reflection of what the rest of our house looks like. It is the living room where our aesthetics are judged and appreciated. If our house was a book, this room would be the front cover. So, people try to make it look as good as possible by putting out their best.

Secondly, the living room has to adhere to the comfort of a large number of people. If the bedroom is organized according to your own personal comfort or to the comfort of you and your partner, the living room hosts more people and has to have a more generic taste and comfort space. You can’t be putting out individual-specific goods in the living room.

Thirdly, this room is generally larger than your other rooms and is often in a central location that leads to the rest of the home. So, the decorations of this room have been carefully crafted so as to maximize the utility of the space and to not create an obstruction for the pathways.

Keeping all this in mind, it is important to remember that the comfort and aesthetics of a room are largely dependent on the window coverings that are installed in the room. A careful choice has to be made regarding the purchase of these products. There are many products available in the market but not all add to the elegance and appearance of a room like some do. We are providing you with a list of window covers that might make your living room stand out from the others. We will also try to give you an overview of the pros and cons of some so that you know what you are buying into and whether they really suit your needs. Here are a few products that will add to your room:

1. Wooden Window Shades
Wooden window shades are the best shades to be installed in your room. They are the most elegant and luxurious-looking shades in the market and give a regal appeal to your room. This holds especially true if you purchase good quality wood. They are rich in color and go naturally with your other furniture. They have a very rustic, earthen appeal, and if that is the look you are going for, then these window shades are the best for you. They look more ‘built-in’ and become a natural part of the room. The good part of using these blinds apart from the look that they add to your room is that they have a very high R-value and are energy efficient. However, the demerit of these blinds is that they are not very resilient to humidity and sunlight. They can get deformed if they come in continuous contact with water. This is why it is really important to use products made from good quality wood. The second demerit of purchasing them is that they can be a bit heavy on the budget.
Wooden Window Shades for Living Room
2. Shutters
Shutters are a really good option if your living room is on the ground floor. Shutters are outside and inside mount window treatments that are structured inside a frame and act like a second window to your room. The slats tilt up and down in place to adjust to the lighting and however, you want it to be. They have a very Victorian appeal and look very sturdy. They are not very common in many households and will make your space stand out. The merit of using these products is that they are very durable. However, this can also be seen as a downside as shutters are often considered permanent installations in a room. They cannot be easily removed and replaced and that’s why they are expensive too. This does not allow you to change them frequently according to the changing styles and your mood. That said, the style and appearance of shutters stand the test of time.
Shutters for Living Room
3. Drapes and curtains
The variety of prints and styles and colors the curtains and drapes are available in are completely unique. So, you can really amp up your style and try out a lot of things when it comes to these. Because they are fabric-based products, they can be made up however you would like them to. They can be paired with other window treatments to increase their efficiency. And, you can’t ignore the old-world charm of sheer curtains that blow with the wind and give your house a very breezy appearance. So, let your creative juices flow with these products and have fun decorating your living room.
Curtains and Drapes for Living Room

Other than these types of window shadings that will set your living room apart from others, here are a few tips and tricks that may add some oomph your old and boring window coverings. You don’t know how much difference a few additions and a few quick adjustments can change the appearance of your room until you try it. Take a look at these:

1. Use more than one window treatment. If you are bored of your solar shades, add a quirky curtain on top of it. This works only with drapes and curtains as they complement almost any other shade and blind that you might have installed in your room. This is the most efficient way to lift up the ambiance of the room.

2. Don’t match your blinds and shades with the furniture or the wallpaper or the carpet. This may sound very absurd, but too much color matching can be bland. Choose a color that will give your living room the pop that you are looking for. However, make sure you don’t overdo it or it will look tacky and gaudy.

3. Minimalism is a trend and its time you make full use of it. Think of the simplest product you can imagine that will just do its job and would be a subtle addition. Think in neutral tones and nude shades. Minimalism speaks in the absence and you should use the absence of products to make it work. However, you have to have a clear sense of what you are doing. Minimalism gone overboard may end up making your room look bare and would make it seem that you did not put in any effort to decorate your room. Finding this balance is the hardest thing to do. So, it would be a good idea to get the help of a professional.

4. Accessorize your curtains and other window treatment. There are so many accessories that are available in the market. You can buy different kinds of finials (the ends of the rods that hold your window shades), curtain tiebacks, strings, and even the hooks. These are all available in different materials; different styles and you can find the one that suits yours the best. It is small things like these that will make your living room stand out and you shouldn’t disregard them as insignificant.

The thing with decorating your living spaces on your own is that they have a touch of your own styles and preferences rather than a pre-made product. However, if you’re still not confident in your choices, you can seek out the help of a professional and get this done. They will help you choose the best window treatments for your home and your requirements, and also adhere to the budget that you allocate to them. A house is never perfect, but little additions now and then will always be required and this is how you can make the best of them!