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Make Your Living Room More Lively with Natural Decor

Natural sheer shades in a living room.

Is your living room in need of an upgrade? Are you looking for a livelier look for the place where you spend most of your living? There are several ways you can change up the space, from getting new couches, new wall decor or wall art, or maybe a new rug. But seeing as how we at Zebrablinds are a window coverings company, we are here to talk about how you can bring something new with natural shades.

Nature Inspired

A new decor style that allows you to bring some natural elements to your living room decor. As suggested by the name, natural shades use natural materials such as grass, bamboo, and wood. As a new window treatment, you can base the rest of your living room decor around it, bringing in some other decor pieces from nature. You can build a mini indoor home garden, with plants, dried flowers, faux plants, and more.

Natural woven wood shades.

Natural shades are styled in roman shades. That means they fold in large pleats as they close, giving a more extravagant look as they invoke the appearance of classical drapes from an older era. With bamboo woven into fabrics and going up in the large folds, they are sure to liven up your living room.

Motorized Bamboo Shades

With your shades, you can get them in a smart motorized version, belonging to a category of smart technology called smart homes. These are shades that you can connect to other smart technologies, like smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Apart from home decor, this will add a lot to your home, especially convenience. Furthermore, you can control them with a remote and your smartphone, allowing you to open and close them from your seat.

The smart technology can extend to other parts of your living room as well, especially smart lights and motorized vacuums. By being able to control so many aspects of the living room without too much effort, you will be given more time to work on your decorating ideas around the house. 

Naturalize your Home

With this new decor in place in your living room, you can then work to bring natural blinds and shades to the rest of your home. It need not only be just the window coverings, you can bring in a lot of other elements. You can use more nature-inspired furnishing, with paint finishes that use a more naturalized look and if you combine it with plants located in strategic places, you can create a beautiful forest-like look.

And if you combine the motorized shade with natural elements, you get the best of both worlds. You create a natural-looking home that works with the latest home technology. It’s as if you are creating a futuristic sci-fi look that is only found in comics and movies. It’s exciting to think about putting this type of upgrade in your living room and the rest of your home. It can be time-consuming and be quite an investment, but if you do it over a longer period of time and not all at once, it can be easier for you, your wallet and your ability to plan. So consider these ideas especially if you are looking to upgrade your mundane living room.

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