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Make Your Lazy Sunday Mornings Complete with Smart Blinds and Shades

Smart Blinds and Shades

The world has been taken by storm by the technological revolution. It has changed our lifestyle and has crept into all strands in our lives. It won’t be wrong to say that we are dependent upon technology to a very great extent, so much so that the tasks which seemed easily doable a few decades ago cannot be imagined today without the help of technology. To add to this, the advancements of the internet and global connectivity has made us heavily dependent on our phones and other gadgets. There are smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners, smartwatches, and the list is never-ending. Apart from the heavy dependency, it has also made our lives easier and more comfortable. We don’t have to deal with everyday insignificant hassles that require a good amount of time and energy. The physical comfort that this generation is experiencing is unmatched to any that the previous generations have lived in. Our food, products, grocery, clothes are just a click away and so are the services. We can communicate better and our devices are ‘smarter’ than ever before. They understand our needs and requirements and function accordingly. For example, a smart refrigerator regulates the temperature on its own and is under our control through our phones. We have a greater degree of autonomy when it comes to operating these devices. It would not be wrong to state that this is the age of smart products and they make a big difference. The latest product that is now coming under this umbrella is that of blinds and shades. Smart blinds and shades are the new things in the market, and they make your life easier just like every other smart product does. To have a sense of what smart window shades and blinds are, it can be understood that these shades and blinds are operational through a remote and through our phones. They can operate according to a pre-set schedule or be programmed to automate itself according to the temperature outside. They have a lot of added benefits that we will discuss further in the blog and you will realize why they might be the perfect choice for your home in the current day. There are many advantages to installing smart window shades and blinds and shades. Some of it can be listed below:

  1. They make your lazy days complete

All of us have been at a place where getting up from the bed seems to be the biggest trouble there can be. These smart window treatments are the best gift for you when it comes to dealing with these days. That time of the morning when the sunlight hits your face and it is not yet time for you to wake up or when you want to sleep in a little longer, these shades will be your best friend. You can pre-set the time when you would want the blinds to open or close and enjoy the coziness as long as you want. On the flip side, they can be pre-programmed to open at a certain time so even if you miss your alarm you can rely upon the sun to wake you up with its sheer force. These blinds make your living more comfortable and easier. You have more control over your own room.

Smart Motorized Shades

  1. They make your house more accessible

Just buying a product because you are too lazy to move around the house seems like a far-fetched idea. But it might not just be a luxury for many of you.  A house for people with that is inhabited by children, old people, people with disabilities and even pets has serious issues with products that require mechanized handling. The strings and wires can be a strangulation hazard for kids and pets. Elderly people also find it hard to keep moving around the house to adjust the drapes and so do people with physical and mental challenges. Kids sometimes don’t even reach these drapes to adjust it accordingly. Leaving pets behind in an always lit house may cause irritation and leaving them in an always closed house can also be a source of bad health. When you are away from the house for long period of time, it can be a problem to adjust to these issues. Smart window blinds and drapes are a perfect solution to this problem.

  1. They are a good option for the environment

Environment destruction by human activities is a major source for concern for all and everyone should do their bit to make a difference and prevent the catastrophe that is looming over our planet. Smart products are engineered to be environment-friendly and adhere to the new internationally recognized standards of product manufacturing. Smart blinds and shades promote energy efficiency in the home. We all know that energy-efficient smart window treatments reduce heat transfer through our windows. This can be maximized and minimized by closing and opening these window treatments at correct hours. For example, if you live in a tropical region where the weather is warm, you can close the drapes during the day to minimize heat gain and open them at night for cooling through better ventilation. It works in the opposite way in cold regions. This reduces the energy consumption of electrical appliances in your house that work to control the temperature such as air conditioners and heaters. It is in this way the window treatments in general act as energy-saving products. However, this energy efficiency can be made maximum use of through the use of smart blinds and shades as they can open and close without you being physically present. You can also program them to only open in certain areas of the house so that you can heat or cool certain rooms, etc.

Smart Cellular Shades

  1. Adds security to your home

Burglaries have seen an unprecedented rise in the recent years and the crimes are more organized because of technological advancements and because you have a greater digital footprint than ever before. You never know who might be keeping an eye out for you to get away for the weekend so that breaking into your house will be easier. Smart window shades can be installed with alarms and cameras that can make your house less susceptible to unwanted entry. Furthermore, you can open and close your drapes at regular hours to make it appear that you are still living in the house. You can keep good control over your house and add to the security of your place through such measures.

  1. You can add a lot to the house

Lighting can change the entire feel and ambiance of the room. You can choose to completely black-out your room and create your mini-theatre and can dim the sunlight by adjusting the blinds for a romantic evening. You can do so much more with these smart windows blinds and shades. They are compatible with other gadgets such as Google Home and Alexa and would just add to the ‘cool’ quotient of your interior décor. Showing off a little in front of your friends doesn’t hurt sometimes.

Smart Blackout Roller Shades

To summarise, these smart window blinds and shades are the new trend and getting them is the best choice you can make. It won’t be long before everything that you use in the present day will be voice-controlled or remote-controlled and smart window treatments are just a step in that direction.

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