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Magical Makeover to Your Living Room This Spring!

Sliding Door Window Treatments

Magical Makeover to Your Living Room With Sliding Door Window Treatments


Why do we put a lot of time and effort into creating something beautiful?

It’s often more for other people to appreciate it rather than for ourselves to relish in it. It holds true for interior decors as well. We decorate our home with the trending market choices not just for our enjoyment, but also for others like family, friends, and neighbors to ogle and appreciate them. It’s a common human trait! Sliding Door Window Treatments will provide a magical makeover.


Why Choose Sliding Door Window Treatments?


While bedrooms and other rooms are our private quarters, the decor of our living rooms reveal a lot about our personality – from one’s character, taste, interests, sometimes accomplishments, and more. From a grand lounge with high rise ceilings to a small loft size with fresh designs, they come in wide variety of styles and sizes.

Window treatments are not just for show, but they control the actual level of comfort inside the house. Be it standard or wide windows, or specialty French door or Sliding Door Window Treatments, ZebraBlinds has got it all just for you!

With a wide range of products, we bring you beautiful coverings for your living room windows that will transform the whole look of your house.


Crown Top Down/Bottom Up Shades


Top Down Bottom up Blinds and Shades

Crown’s Top Down Bottom Up blinds or shades are one of a kind. Also called the TDBU mechanism, you get the versatile functionality of raising the bottom half of the shade or lowering the top half of it. So depending on the external conditions, you can change the window blinds accordingly. Available in various fabric choices of Cellular Shades like light-filtering and blackout, you get more insulation and temperature control in your hands.

Beautiful Roman Shades for French Doors


 Roman Shades for French Doors

This window covering can never go wrong for any room in the house. Artfully crafted and exquisitely beautiful, Roman Shades for French Doors and other windows are perfect additions to the home. The range of fabric and control options gives you the necessary protection from light and heat. French doors are vast areas which can become a hindrance if covered with inappropriate window coverings, but Roman Shades provide an excellent décor treatment idea for your patio and French doors.

Custom Made Roller Shades


Roll up Patio Shades

Roller – Solar Shades are the best choice for enhanced protection and privacy. With many exciting collections of fabrics in the blackout, light-filtering and different percentage openings like 1% to 7% and 10% to 25%, your interiors are adequately shielded from the harmful UV rays. You can use also use these shades for your patio doors. Roll Up Patio Shades provide a useful cover for your patio, making them a go-to hangout spot.

There are also Dual Roller Shades – with one layer of blackout and another layer of sheer or light filtering fabrics to retain light control and privacy conditions inside.

Graber Shutters

 Graber Shutters

Shutters are practical window treatments for any room in your home. With their timeless and regal appeal, they complement any design and style. So adorn the Graber Shutters for your living area and uplift your decor with their sophisticated and polished look. When your guests step into your home, they will fall in love with your home and your windows in particular.

They are also effective against light and heat. When the vanes are closed, the sun rays are effectively blocked from entering and similarly when they are open; you get filtered illumination into space.


Smart Home Blinds


Smart Home Blinds

Why not add a bit of Motorized Window Coverings to your lounge areas make them look more sophisticated and upscale?

Automated Blinds and Shades make your life more comfortable. From the comfort of your sofa, manage your blinds and shades with handy remote controls or even smartphones. Use of smartphones involves linking the motorized window coverings with a home automation system by the built-in z-wave bridge. You can control your blinds one at a time or all together.

The above products come in a multitude of styles and enriching hues, giving your living arena a vibrant look. So play around with the colors and keep your guests comfortable and your room filled with laughter and fun.

You’ll get these beautiful products at an affordable price and superior quality only at ZebraBlinds. We also offer customized designs, free samples, and free shipping, making your shopping experience a memorable one.

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