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Luxurious Double Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains

Double Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains

Everyone yearns for a very welcoming space. Upon entering people’s houses your comfort level depends on how they make you feel and how their house makes you feel. Some houses seem delicate like you’re walking around on the glass, whereas some house seems minimalistic but comfortable to unwind within. Apart from homes being a place for self-expression, they are spaces that define you, so it not only needs to appeal to you but everyone else you invite too! When it comes to making a home space appealing, a lot of thought goes into the minor details. This also includes window accents. Windows are a way for the outside world to peek inside the bubble you have created. While they are outlets that allow you to enjoy a bit of fresh air from the outside world, they also inhibit privacy. That is where window accents come into play. They help you in maintaining your privacy while blocking out extra light or noise that enters your space. There are many window accents to choose from like drapes, blinds, etc. But one type of window accent is perfect for dressing your home with that warm glow. Those are sheers or commonly known as sheer curtains.

What are Sheers?

For homes, everyone wants to invest in the best. The ambiance and the lighting should highlight the features of the house. You might be wondering, how do I give my home that golden halo? Well, that’s where you choose sheers! These are thin draperies that are made of light material that seem opaque. They often get confused with opaque drapery or curtains, which they are not.

These can not only be used for windows but also doors, beds, etc. It can instantly transform anything into something that has come out of a dream. When you want to enjoy some light and privacy at the same time, all you need to do is close your sheer curtains and viola, enjoy the ambiance you set. What’s great about sheers is that they allow you to enjoy ample privacy without compromising on sunlight. They’re versatile enough to easily pair with various window accents like curtains, heavy drapes, and even blinds too!
Pinch Pleated Sheer Curtains

Why Should You Choose Sheer Curtains?

When it comes to window accents, it’s beyond just looks as functionality plays an important role. While choosing a window accent, you look for some qualities it provides alongside its aesthetics. You also consider how it would cohesively set in with the rest of your space. Regardless of that, sheers are perfect for all types of themes from contemporary to rustic. It just knows how to perfectly accent and elevates any space it’s kept in. There are several benefits which are the reasons why you should invest in sheers:

1) Unlike opaque curtains, sheers are transparent enough to let light in but also maintain your privacy by not giving the world outside a clear of what’s happening indoors. This way you can enjoy the natural light while still having a degree of privacy.

2) Letting in natural sunlight and basking in the sun are energy-efficient options during the day, but with sheers, you can enjoy that while blocking out UV rays. Based on the material they’re made of sheer curtains can help in reducing the harmful UV rays that enter your space.

3) Their versatile nature makes them a great addition to any home space. You can pair them with great ease with the bold patterned drapers, solid drapery and light curtains too!

4) You can enjoy sheers in various light colors and sizes, providing a perfect fit for almost every window.
Double Pinch Pleated Sheer Shades

What Options are there to Pick from When it Comes to Sheer Curtains?

Sheers are a great way to give your home space that starry-dreamy effect. Their gorgeous yet simple construction can look stunning in any place and time. The double pinch pleat sheer curtains are perfect for adding a hint of sophistication to your space. These are sheers that come with pinched pleats that form a V shape in the base, for that extra graceful effect. Here are two distinct options for sheer curtains:

Crown Custom Drapery Panels with Sheer Rod Pocket:
From snowy white to sophisticated Ivory, introduce minimalistic style to your space with these drapery panels. On the top part of these sheers, the come with small pockets that make it easy for you to just slip them onto rods and hang them in the living room, bedroom, dining room or even your study. It also comes with a two-way feature, meaning open it either from the left, right just from the middle to let in some more natural light. Choose from an array of colors and sizes.

Crown Drapes with Sheers Pinch Plates:
Searching for simple ways to uplift your space? These sheer draperies are perfect for the job. Perfect for almost every type of window, door and even sliding doors. Choose between majestic Ivory or subtle snow white. They even come with a tied option so for that extra whimsical appeal. Enjoy the view of your lushes’ garden or watch the kids play down the street as with these sheers you can enjoy privacy, light and the view of the outside world with great ease.