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Worried About Quality and Style? A Look at Graber Window Treatments

Graber Window Treatments

Worried About Quality and Style? A Look At Graber Custom Window Coverings


Window Blinds and Shades are a need for your home as insulation, privacy, and light control are some of the most significant duties of a window covering. Your first job is to determine what purpose you demand from your Window Blinds and Shades. Most of the time you can fulfill your room’s unique needs with proper window coverings. With so many innovative elements and exciting designs and fabrics, even the most challenging window can be functional and in fashion. Every window can be transformed into a decorative statement. 

Add Aesthetics to Your Home

Your windows can be a defining piece of your home or present the perfect way to accent your current decor. Your choice to stand out or blend in depends on the fabric chosen. Look for an exciting pattern or use your windows to add a dash of color to a dull toned room. The results will be striking.

Use Window Blinds and Shades to rid a room of a dry and ascetic decor. Or if your room has too many cold colors, you can introduce a bit of warmth with the right fabric. Choosing a rich wood blind or soft red drapery to balance the cool colors in the room will result in a more cozy and comfortable environment.

Confused About Choosing the Right Window Treatment Trends?

Now You Might be Confused About Choosing the Right Window Treatment Trends for Your Home and May Have Some Questions:

  • How can I pick up the right window treatment of the best quality?
  • Will the window blinds and shades I choose satisfy all the needs of my home?
  • Where do I get the best quality assured window treatments for the best price?

Don’t worry because there’s an easy answer to all your Window Blinds and Shades needs, and the answer is the brand Graber.

Why Choose Graber Custom Window Coverings?

Graber Custom Window Coverings


Since 1939, Graber has produced extraordinary window treatments that enhance living conditions, complement a collection of design styles, deliver on the assurance of high quality, and delight our customers.

  • Graber has built their fame for superiority by continuously enhancing every aspect of the market.
  • Graber champions creative design created under secured and sustainable production methods.
  • Graber has unyielding standards for premium materials and regularly try to improve their manufacturing process.
  • Graber prides themselves on fast and efficient order fulfillment and aims to exceed customer expectancies.
  • As a proud partner, we are confident we will surpass yours too.

The Strength of Graber’s Brand Value

We, as Graber dealers, appreciate the strength of Graber’s brand value and their impressive assortment of high-quality blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. When you choose Graber Window Treatments to achieve the desired décor of your home, expect an excellent experience, starting at the time of installation and lasting during the life of their products.

Graber is Also Environmentally-Conscious

  • Recycle all metals, fabrics, plastics, paper, and waste wood in their plants, diverting these materials from landfills.
  • Save water by using a closed-loop water cooling method for plastics production.
  • Design the least and minimum product packaging that uses at least 44% of the post-consumer recycled material.
  • Source and process renewable woods for Graber Window Treatments domestically, lessening shipping times and costs and thus saving energy.

# Go Green with Graber

Graber Window Treatments are an essential element of green living.

# Preserving Energy

Graber Custom Window Coverings regulate the sun’s rays to control warmth and create healthier, more energy-efficient homes for consumers. Graber Cellular Shades, in particular, provide an extra coat of insulation, keeping extreme heat and cold from entering through your windows, and saving energy year-round.

# Protecting Resources

Natural shades are crafted from renewable elements like jute, bamboo, and grasses.

# Conserving Clean Air

The window treatments from Graber use GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Guaranteed elements, with low chemical and particle emissions.

Graber Shutters for Light Control

Graber Shutters


Light control is crucial for everyday living inside your home. We all know the inconvenience of the setting sun’s glare while you are try watching your favorite show or having the midday daylight disturb you when you are trying to catch a nap. Graber Shutters, shades, and day/night Graber Cellular Shades allow you quickly adjust to the right amount of sunlight for your room 

Graber Roller Shades for Insulation

Graber Roller Shades


Window coverings can also insulate your home and make it even more energy efficient. Insulating window treatments like drapes, Graber Cellular Shades, and Graber Roller/Solar Shades from Graber are ideal for preserving the warmth through the winter and keeping the heat out throughout the summer. 

Noise Reduction Graber Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades


If you are residing in a busy area where you get disturbed by the sounds of heavy traffic outside your home, window treatments can help give you a little bit of peace and quiet. Graber’s dense drapery or noise reducing Graber Cellular Shades or Graber Shutters will help reduce outside noise and make your home more comfortable.

Privacy Window Blinds and Shades

Privacy Window Blinds and Shades


Privacy is another major consideration when it comes to choosing your window treatments.

Privacy window treatments are non-transparent, opaque window coverings which help to prevent anyone from viewing through, even when the rooms are bright from the inside. These are excellent and a must need for your bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms facing the outside.

Privacy is your Concern?

Graber’s Roman shades, Graber Roller Shades and Graber Cellular Shades are the perfect solutions if privacy is your concern. For more information, you can also go through Graber Blinds Reviews and select the perfect one for your home.

Window blinds and shades can do amazing things. They can help you get a good night’s rest and even lower your energy costs. Next time you find a design barrier within your home, ask yourself if a perfect window covering can be the solution.

Where to find Graber Window Treatments at The Best Prices?

Find Graber window treatments at ZebraBlinds at the best prices. Let these window treatments make your home look astounding. Decorate your home in the best possible way with these window treatments and embrace the beauty they offer to your home.


If you have any questions regarding the installation, selection, or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always ready to assist you with your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and to your home.

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