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Can Someone See Through My Blinds? A Look at Blind Materials And How They Affect Privacy

Can Someone See Through My Blinds

There are multiple reasons why anyone would want to go for a specific blind for their windows. Some people prefer them in elaborate designs in patterns, some prefer to keep them simple and uncomplicated, some need a window covering to give the privacy of their homes, while others want to protect the home against heat, cold and rain, without bothering about the aesthetic appeal. Every one of us expects different things from window treatments. However, privacy is one factor that just about everyone needs. It is not a choice: it is a necessity. Whether your home is big or small, in the middle of a city, on the outskirts, by the beach or in the middle of the hills, it deserves to be protected from the prying eyes of the neighbors and passerby. There are troublemakers everywhere, and you need blinds that can prevent them from seeing through the house at all times. It is for the safety and security of your homes.In this section, we cater to the oft-repeated question and a major recurring concern related to blinds. Whether someone sees through your blinds has to do with the fabrics and materials used in its construction, as well as the types of blinds. So let us take a look at the different blinds, the materials that they employ and observe how they affect your privacy.

The Light Filtering Capability of Solar Shades

So I have a window shade in my drawing-room, and the wonderful material that it is made of, creates beautiful glowing patterns in the living room. It doesn’t affect the comfort of me or my family when we are watching television, for the blinding glare is kept at bay. The fabric used in its construction prevents the UV radiation from streaming through and affecting the peripherals, gadgets and furniture from fading. At the same time, we are not bothered of the heat, for the heat-resistant features ensure that the room stays at room temperature even when the sun scorches at its mightiest. These are Solar Shades. Besides their obvious light filtering features, here are a few other features that these sun shades boast of.

1. Openness Percentages: So these shades have different light-filtering capabilities based on the material and colors used in their construction. The darker shades are opaque, where the openness percentage is as low as 0-3%, while those in lighter, loosely woven fabrics can go as high as 10-15%. We prefer the latter, for besides lowering the electricity costs by the end of the month, these also allow you to have a fair view of the outside, thus making a room appear larger and more receptive than it is. Solar shades can be used on a variety of windows, big and small, with equal flair and ease.

2. Colour Options: Solar shades can be both light-filtering and opaque, and even in the sun filtering shades, you have color options ranging from Charcoal and Chocolate to Ivory, Ice Blue and Moss. These privacy shades can be raised up and down without hampering your privacy as you enjoy a solid outdoor view.

3. Privacy: With solar shades, the concern of privacy is never raised, which explains the point of having them in the first place. No one can see through your roller shades during the day, no matter how sun filtering or opaque they are. However it is important to note that at night time, they have the opposite effect if your lights are on inside. These shades are made up of 100% polyester with acrylic backing.
Light Filtering Solar Shades

The Slats Of Shutters

Vinyl shades are made up of alternating horizontal slats that provide a textured look to the window shades. They are made up of different materials such as wood, PVC, plastic, or glass. While wood or composite wood shutters are fairly common because of the thickness of the slats and superior light control, see-through materials like glass are not preferred if privacy is a major concern.

It’s not as if wood shutters cannot be seen through by the outsiders. It all depends on the level to which they are open. Their slats can be adjusted at angles up to 180 degrees when you want to let in a good dosage of natural light. People sometimes keep these slats fully open when they wish to enjoy an outside view or to first check upon anyone who is at your front gate before opening the door. However, these slats must not be left open for extended periods, because this carelessness may make your home and its interiors exposed to the outside world. Despite this, modern technology has ensured that they are constructed in a way that the angle lets you watch the outdoors without being spotted in return.

Wood shutters are undoubtedly good options, and so are composite wood shutters, where you can get the benefits of privacy, insulation, superior light control and a fabulous appearance at a much lesser price. In areas exposed to the sun, however, we prefer wooden shutters because plastic or any synthetic material can get damaged.
Composite Shutters

Zebra Sheer Shades

Containing both light filtering and room darkening fabrics, Zebra sheer shades might just be the ideal blinds for you with their zebra-like pattern. The front and back segments can be aligned to let in a good amount of light, to entail maximum privacy or lend a combination of both. The beauty of these window treatments is the choice that you can make in your room darkening and light-filtering fabrics. There are over 14 different fabrics to choose from in total, besides the different slat sizes.

So a summary of the takeaways of Zebra Sheer Shades would entail the following:

1. Let in more light with the sheer fabrics.
2. Bring in privacy with the room darkening fabrics, stopping the outsiders from obtaining a clear indoor view.
3. Constructed from durable and firm polyester material, they can be easily taken care of.
4. Four room darkening and 10 light filtering fabrics available.
5. Create a striped effect for a modern and elegant design.
6. Simple to set up.
Smart Zebra Sheer Shades

The Privacy of Day-Night Cellular Shades

The day-night cellular shades have a unique construction, where the upper portion is light filtering, meant to bathe the room in natural sunlight, while the lower portion can cover the entire window and create a room darkening effect for ultimate privacy. The fabulous construction of honeycomb shades, meanwhile, brings an elegant touch to your interior decor. You can adjust these top down bottom up shades accordingly for the ideal combination of light control and privacy, thus keeping the onlookers at bay while enjoying just the right amount of light in the room. Here are a few features that you must be aware of for these shades.

1. Excellent sound absorption and insulation against extreme weather.
2. Durable material which can last you for many years
3. Light filtering fabric which filters sunlight but also lends privacy.
4. Shades controlled through the bottom rail, thus keeping your hands off the fabric and preventing its sagging or cracking.
Whether someone sees through your blinds depends on the kind of shades and their light filtering and privacy features. Solar shades, day-night cellular shades, Zebra sheer shades and vinyl blinds offer varying degrees of light control through their fabrics. Hence, you need to select your blinds accordingly and choose one that meets all your requirements.