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Most Suitable Blinds to Complete The Look of Your Living room

Living Room Window Blinds Ideas

Living Room Window Blinds Ideas to Pamper Your Living Room Windows and Doors in Style



Have you been on a long trip lately?

If yes, we are pretty sure that among all the things you felt, homesickness was one. Our home is where the love dwells, families grow, warmth resides and memories are made. The memories which we cherish treasures all our lives. A couple of days far from home and you know how it feels, don’t you? The smell of your bedroom, the comfort of your sofa, the paint on your walls, you love absolutely everything about your home. And we, at understand that feeling. To give your den the special attention it deserves, we have a series of blogs focusing on every big and small query you can have about decorating your doors and windows. Now if you are planning to redecorate your home, or decorate it in the first place, then allow us to tell you that among all the rooms, your living room deserves a little extra pampering. From all the family get-togethers to casual guest visits and movie nights, your living room plays a major role in them.



Living Room Window Blinds Ideas



Before you make the final call, you should know the importance of a suitable window treatment.

Bare windows look fine, but if you dress them up wisely, they can be far more useful than they currently are. From privacy control, UV control and light control to enhancing the look of your room, they contribute a lot to everything. A correct window covering can also chop off your electricity bill to a great extent. To save you some effort, we have listed the best Living Room Window Blinds Ideas below.


Modern window treatment ideas have been evolving and advancing quite rapidly with the style referred to as modern itself changing year over year Its all come down to how they look, feel and their ease of use. From ready-made to custom window blinds, they come in various shapes and sized for all kinds of windows.


Living Room Window Blinds Ideas - Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds: extremely adaptable and elegant, roller blinds can help you maintain a balance between outside light and privacy. They are soft window coverings with a fabric rolled on top. You can draw them close during the bright hours of the day and simultaneously savor a scattered light entering inside through the fabrics. On the other hand, if you want complete blackout, you can go for roller blinds that block out light and heat with a blackout fabric attached to it. Among the safest Living Room Window Blinds Ideas, Roller Blinds top the list due to their looks, flexibility, variants, and utility.

You can also go for double roller blinds with a sunlight absorbing or blocking fabric at the front and blackout fabric at the back.



Blinds for Bay Windows Ideas


Graber Faux Wood Blinds

If you have a bay window in your living room, you can go for pure wood blinds paired up with a beautiful valance or cornice. This will help you take the advantage of both the window treatments together. Pure wood blind carries a very royal look and feels due to which they are a little expensive but totally worth the penny.

Blinds combined with curtain decor also give a very exquisite look to bay windows in the living room. A pure wood or faux wood blind paired with sheer curtains or velvet drapes can add a lot of charm to the overall look and feel of your living room. Consider the interiors of your living room and choose the curtain colors accordingly. If you are looking for something light on the pocket, then couple your curtains with Graber faux wood blinds. Made of high-quality PVC and plastic, Graber faux wood blinds are extremely suitable for bay windows as they are super easy to maintain.



Solar Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


If you have a sliding glass door installed in your living room, you can easily depend upon solar blinds. A glass door provides a huge gate for the outside light to enter inside and the same sunlight can be damaging for the pure wood furniture sometimes. To save yourself from all that trouble, go for solar blinds with UV protection.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

  • Venetian Blinds: the best among latest window blinds, Venetian Blinds are timeless and profoundly versatile. Available in numerous patterns styles and colors, they can give you a lot of flexibility over light and privacy control. Venetian blinds have maintained their market and stood the test of time since long now. With remarkable durability and grace, they are among our personal favorite Living Room Window Blinds Ideas.


Cellular Honeycomb Shades

  • Honeycomb AKA Cellular Blinds: Just as their name suggests, Honeycomb blinds are made up of hexagonal cells which provide a very high insulation system. The cells trap the air and regulate the temperature inside the room. This gradually helps in cutting down the electricity bills to a great extent. Available in a number of variants, cellular blinds can be installed on almost all kinds of windows from French windows, doors, hung windows, slider doors etc. Cellular blinds are also available in a top down bottom up variant. You can adjust it as required and enjoy the privacy with natural sunlight during the hot hours of the day.



Modern-Day Blinds: Going Cordless


No more wands or cords, modern-day blinds are all set to capture the market with either non-motorized cordless lift systems or high-tech motorized systems. They are much safer for your pets and children, and extremely easy to operate. As an added bonus they provide a clutter-free look to the windows.



How to open cordless blinds?


Extremely convenient, cordless blinds need a light push or pull in the direction you want it to unfold. To raise the cordless blinds, raise the bottom rail and to pull them down, tilt the rail back and forth depending on the direction.


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