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Types of Valances You Can Install in Your Living Room

Living Room Valance Ideas

Living Room Valance Ideas for Your Home


The kind of window treatments we install in our homes come with their range of benefits. Each is different from the other. While one helps you in keeping out the heat, others with their insulating designs help with heat reduction and sound reduction. It also helps that there are a variety of materials used in blinds and shades creating different styles and serving varying purposes. The light filtering fabrics are great at keeping your rooms cozy but filled with light. The room darkening ones, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of light, but, still, let in just a small amount so you can still see during the day and finally blackout that helps you relax in peace without being bothered by the sun’s glare by blocking everything through the fabric.

Whatever your purpose of buying home window treatments, it cannot be denied that we all desire them to look presentable enough to not ruin the overall window space. Otherwise, they might look like a blot in your room, standing out like a sore thumb. A major challenge that accompanies the installation of blinds in your room is the hardware that comes along with it. The rods and the headrails and other hardware parts are something that you wish to keep hidden from the visitors when you’re throwing your weight around in showing off your taste. Therefore, valances are used for this purpose!


Living Room Valance Ideas


Living Room Window Valances


Before we proceed to discuss living room valance ideas, we must fully understand what a valance is. They are a key component of window coverings. They are a form of window treatment where they cover the topmost part of the window and are accompanied with window blinds, shades or curtains. They are popular choices in concealing hardware that comes along with your blinds or shades and has been very much in use since the Victorian era.

Following are the types of valances you can use in your living room to give it a distinguished touch, and for making a solid impression on house guests over your splendid taste in home decor and furnishing.


Wood & Faux Wood Valances


Faux Wood Valances


These are made from wood or faux wood and are painted or stained in the color of your choice. Crafted and available in various different styles and sizes, they compliment any window treatment with ease and elegance. Installation is a breeze as well. They are great as decorative covers for the headrails of blinds or shades as well as a decorative top to a window, however, if installing without a window treatment, we recommend opting for valances with some height.




Custom Cornices


Cornices are excellent pieces that can conceal window covering hardware pretty well, but instead of containing an entire piece of fabric, they are typically constructed of a wood or a lightweight material that is in turn concealed with some kind of padding (unless it’s a wood cornice). Fabric wrapped cornices are then covered with your choice of fabric which is usually available in the same fabric as roman shades. They are installed on the outside of the window frame, and they will fit only on the top of the window.


Other Forms of Valances

Fabric valances typically come in a number of shapes, including scallops, trims, rosettes, tassels, and pelmets, where the fabric is stiffened and shaped with a number of decorative edges. Many people also use scarves as a lightweight piece of single fabric with consistent design, hanging loosely from the rod.

To sum up, valances are important window treatments that have come back in vogue in urban homes that want a stylistic addition to their window coverings. Not every window covering can be great looking, but the addition of a valance adds a nice finishing touch to your window spaces. As there is a huge variety of these available, you can be selective about choosing them. They might not be intended to help with light control or heat control or any other reason you would want a window covering, but they are great home decor options that will send your guests drooling over their design. Customize them for your preference, and have them measured accordingly before you decide on the one most suited to your living room.

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