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Looking For The Ultimate Light Control? Try These Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

Light Filtering Window Shades

Enjoy A Deep Sleep And Privacy With Our Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

From the first ray of morning light to the cold and soothing breeze, windows keep your inner selves open to the outside world. Better if the windows in your house open to a beautiful landscape or a nicely maintained lawn. Sitting on your sofa and working on your laptop, you can enjoy the chirping birds and flowing leaves simultaneously. Enthralling isn’t it?

Light Filtering Window Shades

Now, what if your windows open to your nosy neighbor’s window or a street which is always immersed in irksome hullabaloo and profound commotion? Keeping your windows bare won’t help you in such situations. But there is nothing to worry about because we have jotted down some of the most useful blinds and shades to keep out those inquisitive eyes and unnecessary sunlight. To help you maintain a balance between your privacy and light control, we have enlisted the best light filtering window shades. But before you take the decision and order your favorite window coverings, consider a couple of factors mentioned below.

  • The Location of Your Window: If your window exposes your house to the blazing sun, then go for thick fabric shades and blinds. The lighter stuff won’t do much of a good job because, during the summers, the blazing sunlight can damage your furniture by making it fade. You can also go for UV protecting blinds and shades to keep your loved ones safe from the scorching heat and its harmful effects.
  • The Size of Your Window: If you are planning to dress the largest window of your house then detailed homework is very important. To save you the effort and time, we have a blog about ‘Dressing up your wide windows with stylish window treatments’. Go through it and save yourself from making wrong choices.
  • Your Interiors: Before choosing the ideal window covering for your room, it is very important to observe the rest of your interiors. Wrong window coverings can attract all the attention in the room and make the overall appearance harsh on eyes. Choose the right color according to the look, feel and mood of the entire room to save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment.

Light Filtering Window Shades For Ultimate Light Control

Besides blocking the harsh sunlight, the right window shades can provide you a number of benefits from high insulation to lower electricity bills.

  • Fabric Roman Shades

Light Filtering Fabric Roman Shades

For those who are looking for grace coupled up with utility, roman shades can be an ideal choice for all the windows in your house. Available in a number of rich fabrics and exquisite prints, roman shades can uplift the entire look and feel of the room. If you have neutral interiors, go for natural color roman shades with light prints and interesting motifs. Extremely versatile, the modern day roman shades also have a top-down/bottom-up feature which can provide you with a considerable amount of light and privacy control. If you want to cover your bedroom windows, you can go for roman shades with thermal liner or blackout liner which can provide you up to 100% light blockage.

  • Cellular Shades AKA Honeycomb Shades

Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the most suitable window coverings for you if you reside in extreme conditions. They can provide you with year-round insulation and privacy. Their honeycomb-like structure with hexagonal cells traps the air inside and provide a good amount of insulation. Suitable for almost every room, these are available in single double and triple layers depending upon your requirements. Available in a variety of colors and cell sizes, cellular shades are very durable and super light on the wallet. Easy to install, they have an aluminum headrail and bottom rail which makes their after maintenance extremely easy.

  • Roller Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades

If you are looking for light filtering window shades for your master bedroom windows, roller shades can be really satisfying. If chosen wisely, they can block over 90% of visibility and light. From translucent to opaque fabric, roller shades offer a lot of versatility and styling options. If you want a 100% blackout in your room you can get your shades installed along with side channels. This covers the remaining outer spaces at the edges and provides total privacy and darkness. Browse through and find some of the most premium quality roller shades for your home sweet home.

Light Filtering Window Blinds To Filter The Harsh Light

If you want to filter the harsh light and let a soothing and scattered light inside, then there are a number of blinds available for you.

  • Pure Wood Blinds

Real Wood Blinds

Elegant, graceful, and classy, pure wood blinds are among the most stylish window coverings available. Their slats are made of natural wood which makes their maintenance a little tricky, but all in all, they can prove to be a commendable addition to your interiors. They can complement almost every kind of interior and add a very uncanny opulence to the room. Available in a number of finishes like pine, bamboo and stained ebony, they are your thing if you want to experience a manor-like feel. To enjoy extreme light blockage during the days, close their slats tightly. They are also available in a variety of slats sized and you can choose them according to your privacy requirements.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

As their name suggests, faux wood blinds have a wood-like appearance but their slats are made of plastic and PVC. No fading or cracking, they are very durable and budget-friendly. An ideal choice for moist areas like bathing rooms and kitchens, faux wood blinds are very easy to maintain. If you want light during the days and privacy during nights, 2.5-inch faux wood blinds provide you with fantastic value for your money.

  • Heavy Duty Vertical Blinds

Heavy Duty Vertical Blinds

Among the best blinds for sunroom windows and XL sized windows, heavy duty blinds are durable, solid and extremely long lasting. If closed fully, their vertical slats allow a very soft light in and provide a full view blockage inside. Ideal for patio doors and home office windows, heavy duty vertical blinds are available in a variety of neutral colors and a huge range of slat qualities.

The Final Comparisons

Roman Shades vs Faux Wood Blinds

Clearly, among the Light Filtering Window Shades and blinds, roman shades have an upper hand. The thick fabric along with a blackout lining can provide you with extreme light filtering and can prove to be an ideal window treatment for bedroom windows. On the other hand, the space between the slats in faux wood blinds allows light to creep inside your house during those blazing hours.

Wood Blinds vs Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds offer a soft look to the windows but you cannot adjust the amount of light you want to let in. On the other hand, wood blinds are hard window treatments which offer a little more flexibility in light adjustment and can block a good amount of light if installed wisely.

At we have all these window treatments available for you in best price and premium quality. Browse through the website and do not miss the ongoing offers. Get your window treatments installed at low costs and call us at our toll-free number in case of any more questions.

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