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Benefits of a Light Filtering Window Shade

Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

What Is A Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds, And Why Should You Want One?

Freezing on perfect window treatments for your home this summer can be a tricky situation. The need to stay ahead of the times and be seen as a good homeowner amongst other things is a necessity to the critical eyes hovering around you. And manufacturers offer you a world of window treatment solutions that make the whole mission of settling down for treatments a seemingly impossible task. So allow us to help you decide on some contemporary options that are sure to provide you with everything you need: great insulation, privacy and light control.

What is a Cellular Shade? Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

Go Cellular!

Cellular Shade - Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

Cellular Shades are a perfect solution for contemporary elegance and functionality combined together. These Light Filtering Window Privacy Shades are a popular window covering for homes seeking high benefits from their window treatments and are particular about having a decent window dressing in their living room window coverings. With huge paybacks, the Cellular Shades have large open channels to trap air at the window, insulating the room from the hot summer air or the cold winter winds. They offer the desired privacy and light control to suit any need. So stay with us while we tell you detailed reasons on why should you want one for your home.

5 Benefits of Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds

Energy Efficient

The honeycomb structural design of Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds provides a high energy efficiency and sound absorption. They keep your rooms’ temperature ideal in any season. What’s more is they reduce your electricity bills every month by ensuring lesser usage of other electronics for cooling or heating purposes.

Single layered shades are better used for spaces where resistance is not a priority. They are best suited for doors. Double layered cellular shades provide more insulation & sound absorption, therefore, helps in greater temperature transference. Triple layered cellular shades are best options in locations of extreme conditions with freezing and scorching heat. They offer maximum insulation for temperature control and noise reduction. They are thicker and heavier which can also limit the size and lift options.

Supreme Privacy!

Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds offer you complete privacy unless you decide upon a sheer fabric. If you choose the versatile top-down/bottom-up feature, you can lift the shade completely up or lower it down to the window sill, you can still get plenty of light filtering in while enjoying complete privacy at the lower portion of the window.

Get Opaque!

Blinds For Kid’s Room

Light control is the best feature of Cellular Shades. From semi-opaque Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds to the light blocking opaque fabrics, we have a variety of light control options. For complete blocking of light, you might want to look at outside mount cellular shades as an option. Their ability to darken a space when open makes them an ideal choice for bedrooms blinds for kid’s room or media rooms.

Safety First!

Offering cordless operating systems, Cellular shades are the ultimate in child and pet safety. Eliminating cords and chains give a clean and uncluttered look to your room. The cordless option simply operates by pushing up or down to rest at the desired height. They also come in vertical options which slide across patio doors with ease. With the advanced technology, they make a perfect solution as blinds for odd shaped windows like skylight windows. Their low profile makes them highly popular for combining with another treatment.

An Array of Fabrics And Colors!

Since Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds are made of fabrics, the choice is huge. From sheers to thick room darkening fabrics, with patterns and colors to suit the existing decor of your home, these shades allow you to experiment immensely. So bring out that hidden artist inside you and dress up that empty canvas in your home.

Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds can be a great option for windows in any home. They offer a simple, sleek look for modern spaces while working well in traditional settings too when paired with decorative valances or draperies. To know more about  Light Filtering Window Shades And Blinds, call in for expert advice and order your free samples today. We look forward to offering you our highly rated customer service.

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