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Keep The Sunlight At Bay: Light Filtering Sheer Shades For A Peaceful Sleep

Light Filtering Sheer Shades

Light Filtering Sheer Shades for a Peaceful Sleep

Whenever I think of the Sun, it brings very happy memories in my life. I grew up in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona. All through the year we used to enjoy the warm sun and used to do a lot of outdoor activities like arranging for picnics in the backyard of our home, playing hide and seek in the local park and many such things.

I still remember my mom’s constant endeavor to search for the perfect light filtering sheer shades to drape our home windows. Since the temperatures used to soar around the afternoon, taking a nap was quite challenging with sunlight seeping through the windows.

Today when the world has moved to the online arena and we manage to compare, check and buy everything online, buying window coverings online is not tough. Today we face another kind of problem. We are spoilt with multiple choices. We have so many online stores boasting of offering the best products in the cheapest prices with dreamlike services, that we are often confused.

Light Filtering Sheer Shades


Now let’s look at some of the light filtering sheer shades which are the most popular ones amongst our patrons.

  • Zebra Sheer Shades – Simplicity Redefined Through This Variety of Window Coverings Online

If you are looking for buying window coverings online which will diffuse light and make your room bright when required and make it dark when you need privacy and sleep, then this is one of the best options for you. So this festive season adorns your living room, bedroom, dining area, study and all other areas with this special variety of light filtering sheer shades. They are available in attractive shades like Madera Chocolate 793, RD/BO Coffee 747, RD/BO Brown 693 and a few more and they will ensure that you get a peaceful shut-eye. You will feel so energetic the next day that you will thank Zebrablinds for bringing these light filtering sheer shades to your doorstep.

Zebra incorporates dual layers of alternating 2 3/4″ to 4 3/8″ semi-opaque and 2″ to 2 3/4″ sheer woven fabric vanes. These overlapping layers of sheer vanes alternate with light filtering or room darkening fabrics. This variety of window coverings online are perfect for bedrooms as they will flood the room with sunlight during the day time and will ensure that you get sufficient natural light at home. They also will help bring darkness at night to ensure a peaceful eight hours of sleep.

Zebra Sheer Shades


  • Crown Roman Shades – Custom Size Roman Shades for Your Living Spaces

Custom size Roman shades look very appealing and they also provide good functionality. There are sheer shades available in standard corded lift and other cordless, continuous loop and top-down-bottom-up options. If you are looking for light control options then you may choose to order your custom size Roman shades with a blackout liner or thermal liner. They will protect your drapery and upholstery from the harmful effects of UV rays. You will see a reduced electricity bill and increase your savings.

They are available in Ashton Camel 187, Ashton Linen 931 and Ashton Nugget 486 kind of neutral shades. And they are also available in exquisite shades like Ashton Wine 549, Camellia Fire 967, DrawTheLine Slate 1217. If you are planning to give that sunny look to your home during this festive season, then these are the shades to go for.

These shades can be tailored and pleated in different styles. If you have any customized style in mind, then please reach out to our customer service team, and they will help you out to choose the best style as per your taste and budget. These window coverings online will definitely add that extra zing to your home.

Light Filtering Roman Shades


  • Artisan Elegance Roman Shades Graber – Soft and Elegant Custom Fabric Roman Shades For Your Dream Home

Artisan Elegance Roman Shades from Graber will fulfill all your desires of decorating your home with that elegant piece of window covering that you’ve always wanted for your home. These amazing looking drapes of fabric and are ideal for bedrooms as they will give you that peaceful sleep at night which you might have been missing for years.

They are available in light-filtering, blackout, cordless and many other styles and you may choose from many elegant colors and patterns.

If you love soft grays and your home is tastefully done in monotones, then these window coverings online are the perfect ones for you. They are available in soft, but exotic shades like Ravenwood Dahlia 7051, Dorchester Summit 5542, Esmerelda Arctic 6680, Maiolaine Misty 4101 and a dozen others.

Light Filtering Fabric Roman Shades


  • 1% – 5% LightWeaves® Graber® Dual Solar Shades- The Perfect Solar Roller Shades For Your Perfect Home

If you are looking for the ultimate light control options, then we would suggest you to go for these dual solar roller shades. These shades have two fabrics in one housing, allowing you to switch between them as needed for light filtering or complete blackout. You will enjoy the optimum privacy and peaceful sleep. After a hard day’s work and managing all the stress levels of managing a home, all you need is some peaceful shut-eye. In today’s stressful lives, we are bound to live a life full of anxieties and insecurities. Sometimes there might be stress related to our jobs, sometimes relationship-related stress, and sometimes stress which involves our families.

So when we come home from a long day, it’s important to get some peaceful sleep. If you want to mix elegance with style, then this variety of window coverings online will be the perfect one for you. They are available in solid shades like Plexus 3% Provisions 47703, Plexus 3% BlackGranite 47710, Plexus 3% SublimeGray 47712 and many others.

There are some printed and striped versions like ArboretumBO Distinguished 13703, ArboretumBO Sirius 13704, Opulentblackout Pale Brown 00103, Opulentblackout Parchment 00102.

Dual Solar Shades


They are perfect in blocking damaging UV rays and you can be rest assured that they safe for your children. With improved temperature control mechanisms, you can enjoy the comfortable interiors during these winters. When the summers come, you can take advantage of the sunlight and make the most of these light filtering sheer shades.

So now since you have checked out some of the offerings from Zebrablinds, visit our website and select the right one for you.

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