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Light Filtering Roller Shades for the Perfect Bright Ambience


Why Some People Dislike Blackout Shades?


“We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves”.

Angelina Jolie


Windows play a significant role in our lives; at least, they do in my life. My windows are decorated with the Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades because they help stream in ample amounts of daylight to make me feel bright, more than my room. The excellent light filtering feature of these shades ensures that my home is illuminated in a gently, ensuring a very cozy and comfortable ambiance that is perfect for my requirements. I may not actually suffer from Nyctophobia, but I am very uncomfortable with darkness. Daylight makes me feel comfortable, happy and relaxed, and I need my daily dose of it to function normally.


I assumed everyone was like me until I met Dale. We met by chance at a singles club – I was completely smitten by his good manners, good looks and the romance he brought into my life, electrifying it as I have never experienced ever in my life. A few weeks of chatting over the phone, emails and romantic dinners, I was ready to move in with the gentleman Dale was. His home was as sophisticated as he was, decorated with love and care and maintained to the hilt! Everything about the house was so perfect, the colors, themes, garden, kitchen, bathrooms, and especially the exotic bedroom. More than just well-decorated, it looked as though Dale nurtured his home. Something astounding which caught my eye was Artisan Pleated Teals and Purples Drapery Panels that cascaded down his windows from ceiling to the floor, creating a luxurious ambiance!


The hot romance, love and care Dale showered on me took my breath away. With a singing heart, I locked up my apartment and moved into his home to live there happily ever after. It is surprising how small things in our lives can make such a huge difference. Dale, the bright man who filled my life with sunshine, somehow loved a dark and warm ambiance in his rooms. He did not like the beauty of natural light streaming in through his windows. When he wanted sunlight, he would go outdoors, and not invite the harmful bright light in to mess up with his perfect décor, to his thinking.


Though his home had large windows, they were practically non-existent because of the excellent blackout shades that were installed on them along with the artisan drapery. Graber’s Crystal Pleat Blackout Cellular Shades that were installed on the windows have a cellular or honeycomb-structured fabric with a metallic liner coating the insides. They provide great insulation, which I had to agree made the indoors very comfortable throughout the day. They also had crisp, clean pleats that created a sleek look on windows. The air pockets prevent sound transfer from the outdoors to the indoors, as well. Moreover, I agreed that they were ideal window coverings for bedrooms and media rooms as they block 100% of the light. I would have been happy and okay if Dale made use of the motorized option to control the shades when required. Unfortunately, he preferred to keep them closed most of the time, which made me feel uncomfortable in his home. Though his home was illuminated with artificial lights, they did not bring the same feeling that the daylight streaming through the sheer shades brought into my rooms. I had to get away from the darkness that I consider the physical manifestation of the unknown, ignorance and danger. When I can’t see what is there, I often imagine whatever frightens me the most. I needed the assurance of daylight every morning because that is what I preferred and loved.


Though Dale was a loving person, he loved the way he’d perfected his interiors and did not wish to change it for me. We hadn’t been too far into our relationship when we realized that there were many other differences in our personalities apart from the desire for daylight or not, that led to misunderstanding and fights. I was a happy-go-lucky person who loved to live my life carelessly whereas Dale was a perfectionist who wanted everything in a particular way. In few months I realized it was time to make a choice. Should I change myself to live with Dale or walk out to have the life I desired? I decided it was better to part as friends rather than live together with differences that would finally lead to hatred. I had a small friendly talk with Dale, when I explained to him why I decided this was not going to work. Fortunately, he was thinking along the same lines and agreed with me. With that, I walked out of his home with hope for a better future, reflecting what Desmond Tutu had said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”


Once I entered my shabby uncared-for apartment, I felt a wave of relief sweep over me. I rushed to the windows and pulled apart the boards that blocked the light from entering my apartment. I was glad to have my light filtering roller shades to allow all the sunlight in. There is something about daylight that makes me feel free, happy and alive that I missed when I was with Dale.  I know blackout shades have their own advantages, but they are not the right type for me. The perfect day began for me with the diffused light streaming in and caressing me awake. Like they say “Each to his own.”



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