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The Best Window Treatments for Bedroom Windows

Light Filtering Blackout Cordless Shades

Light Filtering Blackout Cordless Shades: Suitable Bedroom Window Treatments


Among the most intimate and personal spaces, bedrooms are an extension of our selves. After a long trip, all we look forward to is an hour of undisturbed snuggling or sleep in our beds. However, big windows in the room can be a problem; they welcome all that heat and light inside and is a significant hindrance. The importance of good sleep has been well established. From your health to your day to day mood swings, the quality of sleep you get makes a great deal of difference to everything going on in the life. So some good news is in order; we’ve compiled a list of shades ranging from light filtering, day & night shades and blackout shades which additionally reduce or cancel noise as well.


Light Filtering Blackout Cordless Shades


Day & Night Shades Light Filtering, Sheer & Blackout

Especially made for you to balance the light and privacy, as well as provide a blackout effect, these are great for your bedroom windows. These 2 in 1 shades will let you enjoy the outside light when you want to and provide you with privacy. Want to sleep during the day? Adjust their cordless lift handle and pull/ push it to the extent you want the outside light to enter inside.


Blackout Roller Shades


Blackout Roller Shades


Designed to block all light and UV rays, Blackout Roller shades are a combination of light filtering roller shade fabrics with blackout lining. Ideal for both bedrooms and living rooms, they filter all the harmful rays and keep your loved ones safe. Besides privacy, blackout roller shades are also cost-effective and can help you reduce your electricity bills considerably while not breaking your budget.


Noise Cancelling Blinds

For those who have their apartments on the main road of a city and those who have super chatty neighbors, noise canceling blinds can save your me-time a great deal. Though no window treatments can block 100% of the outside noise, these blinds can effectively reduce the unwanted incoming sounds. Available in some variants like noise canceling cellular blinds, and Noise canceling roman curtains, these blinds are specially designed for the modern apartment exposed to all the hullabaloo of the city life.


Window Treatments that Block out Heat and Light


Blinds That Block out Light and Heat

Perfect for bedroom windows, blinds or shades that block out light and heat are available in some variants like roller blinds, cellular blinds, Venetian blinds faux wood blinds and pure wood blinds.

Depending upon the amount of heat and light you are looking forward to getting rid of, go for one of these blinds and pair them up with a blackout lining to ensure your privacy and sound sleep.


Shades that Block out Light and Heat


Shades That Block out Light And Heat


Shades are the soft window coverings which can reduce your light and heat problem to a great extent. The most suitable ones for the light-heat issue are the cellular AKA honeycomb shades. They have hexagonal cells which trap the outside air and provide the right amount of insulation. Enjoy reduced electric bills with the new age honeycomb shades. Besides installing them solely, you can also pair them up with curtains or drapes to add an aesthetic element to your windows.


The Light Blocking Curtains and Drapes

The new age draperies all the perfect cross between utility and style. Install a blackout lining behind the curtains and enjoy your afternoon nap as you have always wanted to. Easy to maintain, convenient to install, all you have to do is choose a good quality fabric for your curtains or drapes. If you live in a hot and humid climate, please stay away from dark shaded velvet fabric. You can also go for sheer curtains and pair them up with fabric drapes. Draw the sheers when you want a scattered light and use your drapes or curtains when you are looking forward to blocking all the unwanted light.

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