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Are Solar Shades Good Light-Blocking Window Treatments?

Light Blocking Window Treatments

Solar Shades – Light Blocking Window Treatments


Everyone’s needs are different, and each person expects a different thing from life. Naturally, our preferences when it comes to buying things for our house are as different from each other as chalk and cheese. Our personalities, hobbies, and preferences all affect our choices in home decor. We all want different designs, patterns, colors and textures in our bedsheets, couches, sofas, tables, and kitchenware. And when it comes to our choices in window treatments, this is no different.

Many of us prefer sheer and translucent window coverings over thick and opaque ones. Our choice of materials may also vary based on what appears pleasant to the eye. However, an important point to note is that our preferences do not always govern our choices. That’s because we sometimes go for the ‘right’ choice instead of our favorite one to meet our needs at the time.

When the sun is shining brightly in all its glory, temperatures rise and that can make both staying inside and outside equally difficult. What should we do in this case? Must we buy light lace curtains because that’s what is more appealing to the eye or go for more practical solutions?

Solar shades are one of these practical solutions to beat the heat. However, they also come in different patterns, opacity levels and colors to appeal to different people, so we can customize them to meet our creative preferences.


Light Blocking Window Treatments

An important feature of many solar shades is that they block out the sun without compromising on the outside view. So on a lazy weekend when you have nothing better to do than observe neighbors or just see what the morning is like on the front porch or your yard overlooking the street, it’s better you go for solar shades and keep your interiors protected from outside disturbances.

Apart from solar shades, there are several other lights blocking window treatments that do the job just as well in containing the heat and keeping you protected. Such window treatments preserve energy, block the sound and let you sit or sleep in peace.


The Ultimate Blackout Effect


Blackout Solar Shades


Solar shades may be excellent at blocking light, but if you want complete darkness in your room, you may want to try other window treatments. Ever tried setting up every window of the house with honeycomb shades? It can lend your indoors a fantastic minimalist design and supreme construction.

Blackout Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades look pretty innocuous with their soft texture and materials but watch them weave their magic on a sunny day with blackout fabrics. Draw them all the way down, preferably without cords, and see how they give the room the ultimate blackout effect. Their honeycomb construction makes them a big hit with households throughout the world, as it also allows them to insulate your windows and your home.


The Magic of the Sunscreens

Solar shades are the perfect alternative to sunscreens. Their fabric is woven tightly together to block “some” sunlight, but then they are open enough to see through them easily. Sure there are solar shades that have different opacity levels, but even low openness solar shades do not block out outside light 100%.

Solar shades hardly take up any space inside the house and can be set up either outside or inside the window. Exterior solar shade material is specially designed to withstand outdoor elements. Hence being outside for extended periods of time hardly has any effect on them.


Three Levels of Openness

The level of openness in solar shades depends on how tightly woven the fabric in question is. A solar shade with low openness lets in a minimal amount of sunlight. These shades offer mild privacy and are suited for those who want to block glare outside while still being able to see shapes and movement through the fabric.

A solar shade with a medium level of openness will preserve a good amount of your view while protecting the home against harmful ultraviolet radiation and glare, while shades with high openness levels are preferred by people who like to preserve the view, want a good amount of natural light in while protecting the house against excess sunlight.

To sum up, solar shades help you in glare reduction, UV protection, preserve the view and offer a minimal look of class at reasonable rates and without taking much space. If you want to block sunlight using solar shades, you can go for those with low openness levels. They are great for privacy control. However, if you want shades that offer 100% protection against sunlight, blackout honeycomb shades or privacy-lined silk/velvet curtains or drapes are a better solution.

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