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The Best Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom

Light Blocking Bedroom Curtains

Light Blocking Bedroom Curtains for Better Privacy

For travel aficionados, summers are an excuse to pack their travel bags and going along with their loved ones on trips to colder places. Others who get home sick easily prefer staying in the comfort of their homes, reading a book or sleeping for extended hours in their leisure time. A high degree of comfort requires a few necessary steps to make the home as comfortable as possible and free from the perils extreme seasons like summers bring.

High summers means higher temperatures and intense heat, along with bright light entering our homes, which can affect people who come home after a night shift and who require some peaceful sleep in the middle of the day. While there are several options like shutters, faux wood blinds and honeycomb shades to filter light, curtains are the traditional and often the most effective ways to block light.

Curtains give a nice finishing touch to the décor of any house. Without them in place, the room feels unprotected and open to interference and views from outside. Privacy is a major concern and we realize its importance.

The bedroom is one of the places in the house which requires utmost privacy. In the next section, we discuss some of the things that need to be kept in mind while choosing the appropriate light blocking bedroom curtains.


Best Blackout Shades for Bedroom

Blackout, as the name suggests, serve the purpose of blocking outside light from entering a room. While sunlight may be welcome by a few of those who prefer energy saving options and have natural love for sunlight, other privacy-loving recluses have a natural inclination to buy shades which this article specifically focuses on. The best blackout shades for bedroom that you choose depend on the size, color, fabric, patterns and the additional purposes they serve.

Best Blackout Shades for Bedroom


1) Light Blocking Bedroom Curtains According to Size

Yes, size does matter, especially when it comes to buying items for home décor. Curtains are no exception to the rule, and a lot depends on the length and breadth of the window or the door. The curtain length has a direct impact on the style of the room, be it a kitchen or a bedroom. Floor length curtains are the obvious choice, unless there’s a deep sill or radiator installed in their way. Before buying the right curtain, measure the dimensions, right from where you will install the rod to the floor.

If you’re moving the curtains regularly, it makes sense to go for window sun protection curtains that touch the floor as they will fall easily back into place every time you shove them out of the way. They usually touch the floor or dangle just above. Apart from being used in bedrooms, they are also a good fit for bathrooms and kitchens.

The width of the curtains should be such that it should cover the doorway or the entire window and still leave some room to cause pleated panels. Ideally, the width should be at least twice the width of the window.

Window Sun Protection Curtains


2) Curtains According to Fabric

Light Blocking Blackout curtains boast of thicker fabrics. Sometimes they have room darkening features that are amalgamated with natural fabrics like cotton or two fabrics are used together for protection against the sun.

Earlier, thick fabrics like plastic and polyester were used to create a rough texture for curtains used in hotels. With modern technology, softer fabrics have been constructed that defend against outside light. Many bedroom curtains have linen and cotton blend as material used with a thick polyester lining. This combination creates a subtle look for the room while not compromising on the comfort against outside elements. Linen cotton curtains can be a good choice for bright rooms.

Silk and velvet curtains are thick and require time and maintenance, although they are fine choices for a peaceful atmosphere in a bedroom. However, materials made from faux silk are better options as pure silk curtains are prone to sun damage. Velvet curtains, on the other hand, are natural light blockers with thermal insulating properties that can be used in colder places.

Lighter fabrics such as lace must be avoided when going for blackout curtains as they give a sheer or semi-sheer look, which is preferred by those who want to let in a decent amount of sunlight for energy-saving purposes.

Light Fabric Curtains for Bedroom


3) Curtains According to Attachment Styles

They could have rod pockets sewn inside the fabric or have rods going through eyelets. Curtains with rod pockets are best suited for linen or cotton fabrics to create a casual look for the bedroom. Curtains used with grommets, on the other hand, are the most popular types in contemporary styles.

Other types of popular attachment styles include tab tops and hidden tabs. In the former style, the curtain rod hangs through the loops of fabric which are sewn into the top of the curtain. They are versatile in the sense that they can be used as decorative options in both casual and contemporary settings. Hidden tab curtains are those in which the tabs that hold the curtains are kept hidden behind a decorative piece of fabric.


4) Curtains According to Color

It must be considered that some colors will fade over time under constant exposure to sunlight. It is better to use lighter colors with room darkening properties that also complement the rest of the room. That also depends on the make and finish of the bedroom. If the room is too bright, you can choose such colors that blend in easily with the overall feel. Going for loud colors in curtains in a somber, small room will look off and out of place, making your guests question your taste.

Decorative Window Coverings for Bedroom


5) Curtains According to Patterns

The kind of patterns you choose for your light blocking bedroom curtains depends a lot on personal taste and how you have the rest of the room designed. Pure solids lend a casual, somber and classy look to any living space and are available in faux silk, velvet and cotton fabrics.

Patterns like striped and printed are preferred by younger adults, children, and people who like to experiment with contemporary styles. Other patterns that lend a flamboyant vibe without compromising on protection against sunlight include graphic, geometric, dots, checks, plaid, stripes, toile, paisley, and chevron.


6) Curtains with Other Features

Curtains with materials like velvet and burlap offer thermal insulating benefits apart from providing excellent protection against sunlight. With a decorative exterior fabric that traps warmth in colder environments and keeps the air cool inside in hotter places, thermal curtains can save a decent amount on your electricity bills that include your cooling and heating costs.

A few curtains come with an additional layer of fabric to make them excellent sound absorbers. These type of curtains are necessary in urban areas which are closer to the main roads where traffic sounds are common. These curtains come in handy for light sleepers who need privacy against both light and sound.

Shopping online is a great way to find the exact kind of light blocking bedroom curtains that you want. As they are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics and features, going for a random one will not serve the purpose. Prepare a list of the features you want in your purchase, the do’s and don’ts, and then accordingly choose the one you like.

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