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Learn the Art of Blending Your Window Coverings

Blending Window Coverings

To Blend is the New Trend

The main objective of incorporating any unique design style in your furnishings is cohesiveness. If you take multiple décor components from different eras and patch it together in a room, then chances are they might work or they won’t. So, where do you draw the line between a creative leap and a chaotic result? The answer is simple. Blend. By blending various window dressings and adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your indoor color scheme, you can construct a decor that is both alluring and breath-taking.

Restrict the Color Usage: You have probably heard the saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth”, or something similar. Similarly, adding too many colors to the theme of the décor can be overpowering to the senses. Less is more. It is easy to blend when you use a few colors.

Select a Unifying Design: If you select only one motif or design that brings everything together, it still works. Because the surroundings then have a theme of unity to it and a sense of cohesiveness.

Pattern Rules: Select one area of the room to focus on. Then mix and match various design styles until you are satisfied with the outlook. Ensure that while you are blending, don’t go overboard. If that happens, then your styled patterns will clash.

The Rule of 80/20: When you try to mix different styles, please follow the 80/20 rule. This means that one style is eighty percent, and it is matched with a design style of twenty percent.

Mix the Styles: Balance is the key to blending. Different eras of fashion can be complemented when done in the form of moderation. If one theme overpowers the other or too many design themes are used, it can look chaotic, not to mention off-putting.

Mix and Match Your Window Attachments

Many people often overthink when it comes to renovating or redecorating their homes. Is it ok to mix and match window treatments in the first place? If yes, how to go about it? Even though the type and size of the windows may be different, you can still cover them with an array of window dressings. Just make sure that whatever you select as your covering, they must complement each other to give you beautiful surroundings.

So many window dressings to choose from, where do you start? Whenever you decide to improve your home décor, feel free to go wild with your decorating options that match your persona. That includes custom drapery, blinds, shades and shutters and lots more. Remember, there are no rules to mixing and matching your window shadings.

Check out the guidelines below for a comprehensive take on blending your modern window blinds with other window treatments. Create an appealing look without a care in the world.

Sheers and Shutters: Indoor wooden shutters and sheer curtains add finesse and chicness to your living spaces. Privacy and light control they offer functionality and add a sense of beauty to your surroundings. You can combine sheer drapes over the shutters for a classic flair, or you can go for pastel color themes for a sophisticated yet modern look. Install sheer white curtains for large windows for a stunning appearance. If you want to make your windows pop then select off whites and pastel colors that can pair up with dark wood shutters.

Layering Shutters And Curtains

Blackout Window Drapes and Sheer Panels: These kinds of drapes are super functional, at the same time classic in terms of aesthetics. Noise reduction, insulation against harsh temperatures, and privacy are just some of the benefits of blackout drapes. Depending upon the way these drapes are hung on the curtain rod, you can create the illusion of space with your interiors. They can draw in a large room or maximize the space in a small one. They also have a soft look and feel to them, which cannot be attained with other kinds of window covers such as blinds shades or shutters.

Due to their room darkening capabilities, these drapes are ideal for family rooms, media centers, bedrooms, and theaters. However, there may come a time during the day when you want some sunlight streaming in your window. For this purpose, you can combine these drapes with sheer panels. Install one rod of sheer panels close to your window. Then install another rod of blackout drape next to the sheer one. This way, you can open and close the window covers independently. With such a layered window treatment, you can get sunlight when the drapes are opened and a bit of privacy via the sheer curtains.

However, at times, you may wish to lighten up your rooms and let in some sunlight. Layering your window treatments with sheer panels along with your blackout drapes provides that option. Use two curtain rods, placing the sheers closest to the window and then the drapes. This will allow you to draw or close each window treatment independently. Your room will be airy and light when your drapes are opened, yet still, provide a level of privacy through the translucent curtains.

Roman Shades and Draperies: Draperies when combined with roman shades, they give depth to your interiors. They also make your window attachments look eye-catching.  Roman shades have the folded pleated look that matches well with draperies. If your roman shades have a bold design, then go for neutral-hued drapes. While using these shades, you will notice gaps along the sides. These gaps can be negated by installing panels and thereby creating darkness and privacy for your room. Available in many fabrics, colors, and designs, you can build a mesmerizing point of focus in your interiors.

Pairing Roman Shade With Curtain

Cellular Shades and Grommet Drapes: For a classic touch to your windows mix grommet drapes with cellular shades. Not only that they are versatile, with a variety of pleats, sizes, shapes, designs, or colors, these window coverings can also do magic for your home. You can create so many different textures to suit your persona. Raise them to let sunlight in and lower them for privacy.

These drapes look layered and fall in neat folds as the curtains are hung through the metallic eyelets. When you pair cellular shades with grommet drapes, you add vibrancy and newness to your interiors. You can use these window shades easily, and if they have the bottom-up and top-down feature, you can keep the bottom part closed for privacy and the top part open for incoming sunlight.

Mixing Cellular Shade With Drapery

Wood Window Blinds and Cornices: Cornices are not only beautiful but functional as well. They have a stately appearance. They can function as part of the wooden furnishings. As a result, the window mechanisms can appear invisible if these window shadings are used. These are great for small rooms because they draw attention towards the ceiling and hence make the room feel bigger than it is. When you pair up cornices and wood blinds together, you create a character for your home. Perfect for dining rooms, they provide fresh air and add elegance to any space. They are available in a variety of wood colors and hues to match.

Integrating Cornices With Wood Blinds

Here are Some Quick Hacks for Mixing Window Treatments

Now that you are familiar with understanding the art of blending your window shades take a look at these innovative tips below for blending drapes, shutters, curtains, and blinds:

Go for Neutral: When do you opt for neutral window blinds and shades? When your room furnishings are bold in design and color scheme, that is when you go for neutral window coverings. Because if your interiors are bright as well as your shades, then the overall aesthetics may clash, thereby ruining your décor style.

Go Bold: If you want your home décor to make a bold style statement, then choose curtains or drapes that will dominate the room. You can pick out contrasting color schemes that go well with other interior components of your living spaces. For example, select curtains with bold designs for window blinds that blend into the subtle hues of the ceiling.

Go for Lines: Whenever you install your window shadings ensure that you consider alignment. Why? Because when you align your window attachments along with your draperies, it gives off a well-balanced look. You can go one step further by matching the surrounding art pieces with your window shades. Thereby you create the illusion of symmetry in your interiors.

Let Your Window Covers Showcase Your Creative Side

Here is an excellent opportunity to be extra curious and creative when it comes to your home décor style. Why not? Let your hair down, relax, and enjoy the process. When you put together multiple patterns, designs, and colors together, you can significantly enhance the look and feel of your interiors. Feel free to experiment and go beyond your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless.

Think of it this way – building an all-around interior shading system upgrade that will showcase your modern sense of style and personality. Construct living areas that will complement your modern sensibilities and functionalities of your current lifestyle — time to match home décor innovation with your creativity.

If you are not confident in experimenting with different interior designing looks and window attachments, then the best thing to do is to get a window dressing design professional who can show you the ropes. With a plethora of options for you to choose from, you will be well on your way to creating a space that is uniquely you.