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Learn the Innovative Art of Treating Your Attic Windows

Attic Window Coverings

Searching for the Perfect Window Treatment for the Attic

First of all, the attic is probably the last space the guests see when they come over. Because it either becomes a storage area, or the kids’ extra playroom or even a spare bedroom. It acts more like an additional space or storage unit. Nevertheless, it is a space that needs some attention and time. If you want the furnishing to match that of the rest of the house, then it is best to scout for the right window covering to go well with the decor in your attic. When it comes to the attic, due to the elevation and level where the room is located, you want to make sure that it provides you with lots of comfort, relaxation and a space that is an extension of your persona. At the end of the renovating or redecorating process, it should be a place that you as a homeowner identifies with. Once you do find it, that window dressing will enhance the space and elevate it to the next level.

So, to sum up, the main focus is figuring out which window treatment suits your attic windows. You have hung up the drywall and secured the flooring. Removed the storage boxes out of the way and created another living space. Now, what do you do? How are you going to cover those windows? Will the new attic window dressings fit in with the existing décor? These are the questions one has to keep in mind. Moreover, those windows are uniquely shaped and oddly designed. They don’t look like a regular constructed window. Which cover would suit them best?
Attic Window Coverings

Window Shape: Are They Odd or Not?

First off, are those windows situated under a pitched roof? Why ask that? Because a pitched roof can cause the window to have a unique shape and that may prove to be a challenge to dress up. Unique, how? The angles and slants are located at steep angles giving the window frame a unique design. There could be a circular or an arched window that is sometimes used as a vent. Anyway, however they are shaped, they still need to be covered. Sometimes you have to implement some customization and use some treatment to incorporate the window frame. Remember square-shaped window covers and sheer curtains won’t help. Instead, install plantation shutters. They are ideal for such windows as they are the best in tackling the unique designed windows situated at odd angles. By using such a window covering, you will ensure that your room doesn’t get any sun glare and that you are provided with a lot of privacy. By doing so, you can be assured that your attic will look less like an attic and more like any other room in your house.
Plantation Shutters for Attic Windows

Did You Know that These Windows Need to be Energy-Efficient?

Before converting your attic into a living space, there was no requirement to worry about energy efficiency. But now that this space has become your second abode, you have to take into account the insulation features, humidity, drafts, and heat loss factors. If you dress up the windows in your attic with energy-efficient window attachments, then cooling and heating the attic itself will not be a problem. This will affect your energy bill in the long run. The ideal window cover for this is plantation shutters and of the faux wood variety. Once installed, they will help to reduce heat transfer through your window.

Let’s Talk About Draping Your Windows, Shall We?

There are specific rules to keep in mind while draping your attic windows. Warm colors can uplift a space while darker ones provide a somber vibe. Moreover, a vibrant color palette can refresh the environment. For brightness, add some sheer curtains. When thinking about the shape -asymmetrical windows or skylight windows work on sloping attic ceilings. Use short curtain rails or rods for skylight windows. Once that is done, then you can decide the length and color of your curtains. One more thing. If your window is facing in the east direction, then go for denser fabrics to block the harsh sunlight and harmful UV radiation. If your window is facing in the north direction or large buildings are blocking your incoming light, then opt for short, vibrant colored sheer curtains. These rules, when followed, can help transform your attic space into a delightful haven.

Here are some awesome curtain ideas for your attic

• Pale, unobtrusive window coverings always look great
• Go for pale-colored subdued window covers
• For a touch of glamor, add long curtains that reach the floor and eye-catching designs
• If your attic is a child’s space, then opt for trendy drapes
• If the windows are sloping, then try out brightly colored floral designs on the curtains
• For a classy and majestic appeal, check out dark curtains
• Match your window dressings with sofa cushions that have a floral design on them
• Select blinds if you need protection from harsh sunlight, and you don’t want to attach curtain rods or rails to your skylight windows
Drapes for Attic Windows

An Attic Décor to Call Your Own

Another tip to spruce up the room under the roof is modern light hatches. They come in a myriad of shapes and designs. They add beauty to your attic spaces so that you can enjoy the sunset and the stars at night. Mix these kinds of skylights with the right drapery for adding vibrancy and brightness and proper ventilation at all times of the day. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find fantastic window coverings for your little nook under the roof. There is every type of pattern, shape, color, design, and texture available. It would take a lot of time, but the effort will be worth it. By implementing the points as mentioned above regarding attic window dressings, you will be well on your way to achieving a mini sanctuary to call your own.

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