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Learn How to Treat Your Transom Windows

Transom Windows
Different homes are made in different styles, and that goes for their windows as well. We are used to having blinds and shades for a variety of windows like French doors, bay windows, circular windows, and the general square/rectangular windows. However, it might be a tad tricky when it comes to designing your transom windows. The name might not ring a bell for the layman or for the average homeowner who just wants to spend money to get the window designed in the best possible way. Consult a designer first, and he/she will tell you all about transom windows. Nevertheless, you might have come across them on the top of a door. These are in the shape of a bar or a crosspiece that separates them from the door. They were earlier used in houses (although they are still common in many homes) to provide ventilation when air conditioners were not in vogue. These windows were operated by transom operators, more like mechanical arrangements more suited now in industrial buildings. So if you have transom windows in your home and are in a dilemma about how to treat them, this section will work for you as an important guide.
Transom Window

Why Install These Windows in Your Home?

Also known as transom lights, these windows are installed to enhance the architecture of your home. It is a decorative element of your home decor. If they look like arch-shaped windows then they are termed as fanlights. Such windows are used to decorate outside entryways and doorways that pass through your interior areas. Furthermore, with advancements in window design technology, they even come with motorized options. You can close and open them with a control panel that is mounted on your wall. If you do an intensive search, there are even some high-end products that are moisture sensitive, which means that when it begins to rain these windows close automatically. There are some models out there for interior spaces that bring a hint of nostalgia and openness to a room — thereby making areas appear larger than they are. These windows are also available in operable and non-operable options.

Energy Efficient Transom Window

Benefits of Using These Windows

Shade: Treating the transom windows on French doors will help to reduce heat gain and glaring sunlight that streams in. If your home has an assortment of smaller windows above bigger ones, then cover them all together in a uniform style. In that way, your interiors get complete shade from the natural elements.

Privacy: The best part of using this window structure for your home is that it provides lots of privacy along with incoming natural light. They are quite high for passers-by to peer into your home. Covered windows that include both the transom and the primary window areas of your abode can send a strong message that reads “privacy wanted.”

Light Filtering: Transom windows only let in a decent amount of sunlight, while keeping the ill effects of UV radiation at bay. While we understand the health benefits of the sun, exposure to too much of it may cause pigmentation and other items, flooring and furniture to fade. Frosted glass on such windows protects your important stuff, while lowering your electricity bills by ensuring reduced usage of artificial bulbs during day time.

Unique Design: It is rare to spot transom windows in today’s apartments. More than anything else, they add a unique and fabulous design that may remind you of the yesteryear European style of living. They spell sophistication and class, and will make your visitors gush over your exquisite taste.

No Additional Costs: Unlike window treatments that entail a lot of work and regular maintenance to keep them functioning, having transom windows entails no additional burden. You may style them with a valance or curtain, and just leave them as they are for years without diminishing the indoor appeal of your home.

Elegant Transom Window

The Mechanism Of Transom Windows

The regular shades that we generally talk about, namely, Roman and roller blinds, plantation shutters, aluminum shades, Vertical blinds and cellular shades, won’t be fruitful for your transom windows. The structure would be unlike anything most windows boast of. We have listed some ways in which you can design these windows for your privacy, light-filtering, and insulation needs.

1. Curtains: As already mentioned, your regular solar shades or honeycomb shades will not be applicable for transom windows. Instead, you can cover them up with smaller window curtains that cover only the arched or rectangular window portion. However, ensure that you do not have a complicated setup which makes taking your curtains off and back on an arduous task. A simple command hook setup for them may work well. Since these are harder-to-reach windows, you can install regular light filtering curtains.

2. Frosted Glass: You know those translucent glasses with a textured surface, mostly used on windows or to separate two different sections of a bar or restaurant? That’s what you call a frosted glass, and it may take several shapes for an appealing design. Many homeowners use frosted glass surfaces to filter scorching heat in summers as well as to ensure insulation for their bedrooms or living rooms. Your transom windows can be frosted at the time of renovation or when you’re getting a new house constructed. You can also resort to DIY methods, through acid etching or sandblasting.

3. Valances: Apart from curtains, valances are also a great way to style the limited space of a transom window. Whether it’s the front door, arched windows of your attic, or those of the bedroom, hanging an attractive valance will enhance the indoor space like no other. For your reference, there are various valances that can look great, depending upon the color of the door, the walls, or other random furniture items in the room:

a. Ascot Valances: Classy and elegant window coverings, featuring a smocking design with frills and tassels beneath to lend an inimitable charm.

b. Balloon Valances: Made from a lightweight material like cotton, they puff out in the shape of balloons. They come in various shapes, designs and sizes, so you can shop for one according to your liking and the color scheme in the room.

c. Swag Valances: They come in various types of materials that are built in a single fabric, which can then be draped on the top of the window with tails hanging on the sides.

d. Scarf Valances: They are made from one piece of fabric that is wrapped over the window like a scarf, with ends falling to either side of the window. They are made from a lightweight material and can work like a charm.

Areas Where Transom Windows Can Be Constructed

It’s not just the front door where you can construct the arched transom windows at the top. They can work equally well in the following portions of the house.

1. Bedroom: Naturally an area where you wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Smaller window space is essential in the bedroom with a maximum amount of enclosed space. Transom windows are great choices for bedrooms where utmost privacy, besides proper insulation, is essential.

2. Study: Instead of having large windows that are best suited for a porch area or the living room, the study is a place that calls for minimum disturbance. You need pin-drop silence in there so that you work or study in peace. Transom windows with frosted glass can be perfect for the bedroom, and will also ensure a minimum amount of natural light so that you do not feel completely cut off from the rest of the house.

3. Attic: Areas such the attic, where you can store your off-season essentials or items that are currently not in use, can also be your go-to areas when you want some solitude. Besides, they are areas that invite the maximum amount of sunlight. So have transom windows constructed on them for keeping excess sunlight at bay and for reveling in a space with the perfect blend of comfort and light control.

4. Offices: At a workplace, you need an environment that can enhance productivity without making the employees feel suffocated or claustrophobic. Glass partitions in the shape of a transom window can be ideal in meeting rooms and conference halls where ideas can flow and work is done without disruptions.

Final note: Transom windows denote an unconventional style that is out of vogue, but can still be found in many homes. They remind you of an era lost in time, and when covered with frosted glass, curtains or valances, they can offer various benefits, including enhanced privacy, insulation and light control.

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