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Learn How Cellular Shades Can Save You Money Big Time

The Redeemer Cellular Shades to save you from energy bills

Energy Bills are nightmares!

We Americans are well-acquainted with the financial strain these can bring. Electricity rates have been climbing over the last couple of years, which doesn’t bode well for your budget. Staying warm using other forms of heating also burns a hole in your pocket as energy prices are on the rise as well.

Any respite from these bills would be welcome around the country, and that’s where cellular shades come in.
Cellular or honeycomb shades are a versatile window covering with high R- Value; this is due to their insulation ability. They offer a sleek contemporary look that complements your home’s modern decor. Paired with suitable valances or draperies, they can even fit right into traditional decor.
These shades are made of either single or multiple rows of fabric ‘cells’ that are attached in a honeycomb pattern like you can see in the image below.

Cellular-Fabrics -

This hollow design helps them trap air at the window, providing thermal insulation and sound insulation. Your window’s R-value (the measure of their effectiveness as insulators) can be doubled! Some call these fabrics as blankets due to the exceptional insulation properties. Unlike window blinds that are made of harder and heavier materials, these are made of soft, energy-efficient fabric.

As with other kinds of shades, they can be used to completely block external light, or to let light in partially. Most of the Blackout Cellular fabrics are coated with Mylar (Mylar is a metalized coating) to block the light completely. In the Graber Cellular Shades collection the cocoon fabric has three layers of fabrics which include, 1st one outer colored Fabric, 2nd Mylar coating and 3rd a soft fabric coating to cover the Mylar coating. With this three layer of coating, the Graber Blackout Cellular Shades with 3/8″ double cell cocoon fabric has the highest R-Value when combined with two pane glass windows. These shades also provide the highest levels of thermal and sound insulation. Thus making these the highest insulating shades among all window shades.

As for control, they can be operated using conventional cord-based arrangements, or with special child-safe cordless mechanisms or motorized options available.

Why You Need One Of These

These shades, invented in the 1980’s, have been repeatedly improved upon to be as efficient as possible. Cellular shades offer many advantages over conventional shades. The most impressive of which is a significant reduction in energy bills, insulation, and usability.

Let’s take a good look at all the benefits using these shades gives you.

  •  No More Cold Transmitting Through Window Panes In Winter this holds true even if you use double or triple-paned glass windows!
  • One of the major energy bill boosters during the holiday season is the cost of heating your house against the biting cold of winter. What if, however, there was a way to keep your home from cooling immediately after your heating system is turned off?
  • By using a cellular shade, you could save up to one-third of the generated heat that would otherwise escape through your window. This is thanks to the pocket of air that the cellular design traps, which works as highly efficient insulation and keeps the heat in and the cold out.
  • This honeycomb structural design also works its magic during summer by keeping unnecessary heat out. This reduces something called ‘solar gain’—the buildup of heat in your home because of the sun.

You’ll save money on energy bills using these shades as you’ll need less heating during the winter and less cooling during the summer.

Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Cellular-Shades -

Privacy Is Guaranteed

Unless you select a sheer material-type cellular shade, you can be sure that they’ll offer you complete privacy, should you need it. This is down to the versatile top-down-bottom-up feature that you can choose.
This feature lets you either lift the shade up all the way to the top of the window or lower it all the way to the level of the window sill. If you’re using these shades on a street-facing window or bathroom window, this feature comes in handy. Lowering the shade a bit from the top will ensure privacy from prying eyes while still letting in natural light.

Cordless Operation

When a cord arrangement is undesirable, you can always go for the cordless option. This is especially handy when you have kids around, as there is no risk of tiny hands getting tangled in the cord.
The cordless operation is pretty straightforward; all you do is pull the shade up or down using a tab, and it stays at the position you leave it at. This, in addition to being childproof, is also neater aesthetically, as there is no cord hanging on one or both sides.

Another Child Proofing Solution

If you want a corded operation, but are worried about risks to children, you can opt for the cord cleat installed comes as the standard feature for corded shades. This has to be installed with cords stretched tight so that to avoid hanging cords dangerous to kids and pets.

Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Cellular-Shades -

Sun-Up-Sun-Down or Day-Night Cellular Shades

Graber had come up with a new options Sun-Up-Sun-Down to have two fabrics on one shade so as to increase the usability of these cellular shades. With this option, you could choose the top shade as light filtering or sheer option and bottom shade as room darkening or blackout shade. Graber Cellular Shades collection offers huge varieties of colors and fabrics for this option. Crown also offer this option as Day Night Cellular Shades and with limited colors, fabrics and with a better price point. With this option, the usability of shades is doubled.

The Vital Question: How Effective Are Cellular Shades At Thermal Resistance?

When talking about how much money cellular shades can save you during this winter, it is important to understand the R-value.
R-value is a number that tells you just how effective a particular building insulation material is at thermal insulation. The higher this number, the better the material is at doing its job.

The average double-glazed window has an R-value of 3.5. Using a suitable cellular shade, this number can actually be doubled. That’s how effective this shade is at keeping the heat in and the cold out during winter!

Getting these shades installed in your home this Christmas may bring those bills down so much that you can beat the dreaded Christmas-present-induced financial strain. Coupled with the many other advantages, it offers, a cellular shade is a right choice for your window. Use it to spruce up your interior decor and bring down those pesky bills!

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