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Why Zebra Sheer Shades Are Worth It?

Zebra Sheer Window Shades

Why Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades Are Worth It?


When you think of adding new shades to your home or office, you may need to consider a lot of options. One of the options worth considering is sheer shades. If you have never heard of sheer shades before, then you should know that they are an extraordinary creation that gives the soft look of shades while offering the flawless functionality of a blind. When thinking of buying sheer shades, you need to consider Zebra sheer shades. To know more about these shades and get the answer to why Zebra sheer shades are worth it, simply keep scrolling and reading below.


What are the Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades?


Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades


Layered Zebra sheer window shades, also known as transitional shades, are special because they allow you to get sheer as well as light-filtering fabrics at the same time. The result, you get to enjoy a zebra-like pattern that adds a new shine to your interiors and looks great from the exterior as well.


What’s the Most Amazing Thing About Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades?


The most amazing thing about these shades is that you can leave them open during the daytime and look out to enjoy the view. On the days when sun rays are too harsh, you can protect your family by partially closing the shades. At nighttime, when you require complete privacy and darkness, you can shut them completely.


Are Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades Worth it?

Yes. Zebra sheer shades are worth it. Here’s why.


Perfect Style

The shades have 2 – 2 ¾” of woven sheer fabric vanes and 2¾” – 4 3/8” of semi-opaque fabrics. They are extremely good looking and contemporary in style. When you add them to your home or office, people won’t be able to resist asking where you got them. So be ready for a lot of compliments.

Making Bedrooms Memorable

These shades make your bedrooms memorable and a bit more private by allowing you to choose the room darkening fabric color option. When you do that, you will get maximum privacy thanks to 2 5/8” sheer fabric vanes and 4 3/8” room darkening color vanes. Don’t worry, you will still have the power to enjoy the view whenever you want and let in the light in your bedroom when you need to.

Different Size and Color Options

Zebra sheer shades are available up to heights and widths of 94” which means that they can add a new charm to wide windows and doors as well. Some of the colors worth trying are gray, black, ivory, beige, natural and chocolate among others. 10 light filtering colors are available while 4 room darkening colors as well.

Horizontal Sheer Shades Offer Total Control

Horizontal Sheer Shades

Another thing that makes these horizontal sheer shades worth it is that you decide how you want to control it. You have two main options, cordless control which is easier and more modern or you can opt for continuous cord control that’s simpler and yet so amazing.

Easy Installation

No matter whether you go for vertical or horizontal sheer shades, you will be able to do the installation yourself if you are interested in such things as all the hardware is included in the order you place. In case you can’t do it yourself, you can call a professional to lend you a hand. The professional would also be able to do the installation within a few minutes which will ensure that process won’t cost much to you.

Simple Cleaning

Cleaning all Zebra products, be it modern kitchen window shades or the sheer shades is quite easy. You can adopt various methods of cleaning like dusting vacuuming, spot cleaning, and soil removal. As the quality of the modern kitchen window shades is quite high, you can be sure of the fact that dust won’t accumulate on it easily and will be cleaned off within a few minutes.

Measuring Zebra Sheer Curtains or Shades

The process of measuring Zebra sheer curtains or shades is simple. You just need a measuring tape and a ladder (if the window is high up). First, you need to decide whether it’s an inside mount or an outside mount. Then you need to measure the height and width of the targeted area. The final step is to decide the location of the headrail, and adjust measurements for overlap and the headrail on an outside mount if necessary.

Long Warranty

No matter whether you are buying Zebra window panels or shades, you should check its warranty to be assured that you are getting an original product. Most sheer shades have a warranty of five years that includes coverage on all original defects in workmanship or materials. This warranty is only applicable if the purchaser still owns the product.

Uplift a Room

When you add Layered Zebra sheer window shades to a window of an old room, you will instantly enhance its appearance. If you are going to rent or sell your property, then adding them is smart as they will enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room instantly.

Durability is Strength

All the products you buy from Zebra such as sheer shades or Zebra window panels come with a promise of quality. We do not manufacture or sell cheap products that compromise on quality in any manner. We work hard continually to ensure that the products we are making for our customers are durable enough to bear anything, be it the harsh light of the sun or the outdoor pounding rain or heavy snowfalls.



It is hoped that this article has made you realize that Layered Zebra sheer window shades are worth the money you spend on them, and you now have half a mind to buy them. If so, you should start browsing through the selection today and visualize which shade or color would match the décor of your property. Good Luck!

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