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What’s New in Window Treatments? The Latest Technology and Innovations

Whats New In Window Treatments

Innovation is at the heart of modern product development these days. Keeping in pace with the growing awareness of the tech-savvy generation, the market is fast adapting to the changes in consumer taste and expectations. Lifestyle changes are also driving innovation in every sector.

Now consumers are always on the lookout for the next best thing in the market, eager to make the best of what technology and the latest research has to offer. This trend has led to enormous investment in research into making modern blinds and shades suited to the modern lifestyle.

The Top Trends Driving Innovation

Various social and environmental concerns are key factors shaping the trends around modernization. The world of window treatments is no exception. Let’s look at some of the key issues that are shaping customer preferences in modern society.

Concern for preserving our natural resources has reached an all-time high. The new generation of buyers are very conscious of the impact their buying choices are having on the environment. Consequently, they are demanding their everyday items be more eco-friendly. Responding to the growing concern around waste disposal, a great deal of research is going into making window treatments recyclable or using recycled materials to make them.

Reducing Carbon Emission
Household energy consumption has a significant impact on climate change and global warming. Also, a reduction in energy consumption also has a visible effect on energy bills. For these reasons, companies all around the world are gearing up to modify their products to become more energy-efficient and renewable energy reliant.

Following this trend, window treatments are undergoing a massive transformation to provide more insulation, heat-resistance, and energy-efficient functionalities.

Ease of Operation
As modern life becomes more hectic and people seek to get more of their time, ease of operation has become the biggest selling point of window treatment solutions.
Blinds and shades have become motorized and can be operated through mobile, apps and remote controls.

Safety concerns around dangling cords and chains have been growing over the years. Window coverings also have an impact on the overall security of the house. All these concerns are being taken into account as new safety features are getting added to window treatment products.
Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades

Latest Innovations

Let us have a look at the newest blinds emerging the realm of window treatments.

Eco-Friendly Blinds and Shutters

Eco-friendly blinds and shutters are the in-thing, mostly due to their multi-faceted benefits. These benefits manifest themselves in the materials used, energy-saving properties, and recycling attributes.

Some eco-friendly blinds are made using plastic recovered from shorelines, preloved textiles and recycled yarns, to reduce waste. The effect of plastic on the marine environment has emerged as a major concern for scientists in recent years. So, any product that uses plastic taken out of oceans, is making a significant impact on improving the marine eco-system. Same goes for blinds and shades made out of recycled polyester and curtains.

Some eco-friendly blinds, like woven wood shades, are made using materials from natural fibres and are easily recycled. The most popular materials used are bamboo, reed, jute, and wood, which are bio-degradable. Faux-wood shutters, made from recyclable materials, are also becoming hugely popular.
Wooden Plantation Shutters

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are the talk of the town. They are simple mechanical devices that allow blinds and shades to be linked with a centralized home-automation system or the home Wi-Fi and controlled through Smart devices and remote controls.

With SMART technology-enabled blinds and shades, the possibilities are endless. You can pre-program them to adjust according to the position of the sun or the time of the day. Have them open and close automatically, even when you are not at home, giving the impression of the house being occupied. The absence of cords also makes them child-friendly.

SMART motorized blinds are also energy efficient. They use very little power and can be powered by solar cells. All these features and many more, make the SMART motorized blinds and shades the most versatile innovation in window treatments.
Motorized Cellular Blinds

Triple Shade Blinds

Triple Shade Blinds are the new kid in the block. In triple shade blinds, horizontal slats sit between two sheer fabrics. The beauty of these shades is in the fact that the shades can be opened for a partial view, closed for privacy, or tilted at will to control the flow of light into the room.
The triple layers provide enhance insulation and heat-resistance. The sheet fabric allows plenty of light in, all the while protecting the interiors from harmful UV rays.
Triple Cell Shades

3D Printed Curtains

If you wish for something spectacular, go for 3D printed curtains. Add your favorite scenery to your living room, or print out a fancy design with 3D printed curtains, which can be customized to include a variety of features. Although much heavier than traditional curtains, they come with greater insulation, and light and noise control functionalities.

A big part of the industry views 3D printing a solution to the harmful effects the textile industry is having on the environment. Innovation in 3D printing has led to the development of washing machine proof, highly soft, and durable fabrics that can easily be modified to add blackout, insulation, noise-cancellation, and light-control properties.

Opaque on Demand

Windows are now being developed that can change from transparent to opaque on demand. With the help of electro gel and a transparent conductor, the window glass turns from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. This will reduce cooling costs while providing privacy on demand.

Intuitive Tinting

New innovations are enabling window glass to tint according to outside temperature, saving cooling costs and preserving energy. With such window panes, the window automatically tints itself to reduce glare, UV radiation, and heat-transfer.

With so much happening in the terms of innovating window treatments, it is an exciting time to start shopping for blinds and curtains. Whether you want to make your home greener or smarter, there is plenty available out there to suit both your budget and preferences.