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Latest Styles in Window Dressings to Spruce up Your Baby’s Nursery

Latest Window Dressings

Latest Styles in Window Dressings for Your Baby’s Nursery


There is nothing more beautiful than welcoming a child into this world. Expecting parents leave no stone unturned so that their child receives the best of everything. It all starts with making changes in diets in the first trimester to redecorating your home to make it child-friendly. Parents- to be put all their love, joy, and ideas to make the child’s room extraordinary. Still, decorating your nursery can be both a dream and a nightmare for most parents – with so many options available in the market it could be confusing to find what you genuinely want within a budget-friendly range.

In the midst of all the enthusiasm of selecting the wallpapers, wall paints, or the baby furniture, rugs, and toys, don’t forget to design your nursery with the Latest Styles in Window Dressings. Suiting up your kid’s room with the Latest Styles in Window Dressings can go a long way in ensuring protection and safety for your baby.  Here are several window decoration ideas to furnish up your little one’s room.

Are Cellular Shades Out of Style?


Blackout Cellular Shades


The first thing to be taken care of is the light control in the nursery. Your little one needs to be slightly exposed to the early morning sun rays which are rich in vitamin D, and not too exposed so that they’ll experience the sun’s harmful side effects. Exposure to UV rays can be damaging to humans, and especially kids since their skin are very tender. If you are living in a bustling city, noise levels are always too high. Your kid might feel irritated at times and not be able to sleep properly.

As newborns tend to sleep a lot, it’s necessary to ensure that your nursery is undisturbed by the climate and the noise from the outside. These features are provided by Blackout Cellular Shades which provides privacy and protection from the outside weather and sound.

These shades insulate the room as they trap a significant amount of the air in their honeycomb shaped pockets. In cases of warm weather outside, they stop heat from entering. In winter, with the heater on, they stop the warm air from escaping out and chilly air from entering the home. These shades are Energy-Efficient and lessen your power consumption.

Next, we need to concentrate on the child-proof measures in the house. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect while decorating the nursery or any other room in the house as it involves the safety of your child. In case of nursery accidents, prevention is the first line of defense. As your child ages, their antics will too, and it’s not possible to watch them every second of every day.

So while you try your best to keep other objects out of reach of your child, the same needs to be extended to your window treatments as well. Window blinds should be out of grasp for your child, or you can install a safety device on the cord. Still, there are various technological advancements that offer you a simpler solution to keep your window blinds or shades safety proof. Some features provided by Cellular Shades are:

  • Motorization

This features cordless control and allows you to operate with just a click of the button.
Don’t worry about your child crawling and pulling on your Window Blinds.

  • Cordless

There are no cords involved here to adjust the window shades setting.
Sleek and uncluttered look
Very safe feature for children

  • Bottom Up / Top Down system

This blends two popular choices into one – the shade can be moved from bottom to top or vice versa without any exterior cords.
Additional light control settings allow privacy combined with adequate natural light at the same time.

While some might feel Cellular Shades are out of style, their versatility (insulation and noise reduction), practicality, and affordability continue to make them stand out from the rest.

Fabric Roman Shades


Cordless Roman Shades Lift System


These shades tend to be more expensive compared to cellular shades, but they give a much softer and sophisticated look to the room. They come in an assortment of fabrics and designs, fold up neatly, and give an elegant and relaxed look. The Cordless Roman Shade Lift System which allows effortless handling, and also provides security to your children. There are motorized and other options available for Roman Shades as well.

Light Filtering Roller Shades


Light Filtering Roller Shades


Roller Shades are another shade offering a safe and durable Cordless Lift System. They come in various bold and stylish colors and also have a blackout option for an undisturbed nap or bedtime for your baby.

Double up your Home Office as a Nursery Using Smart Home Blinds


Smart Home Blinds


If you and your spouse are career-oriented persons, and you can’t find time to decorate the nursery, you can double up your home office to accommodate your child as well. It will save time and offer you the convenience to watch over your little one even when you are working. In this case, choose a Window Treatment that allows you to work, yet gives your kid the freedom to sleep or play.

Smart Home Blinds offer you a high tech Motorized Lift System with built-in Z-wave that enables it to connect to a home automation system. They are energy-efficient and allow you to control the movement of the blinds/shades with just a click from your smartphone app. You won’t have to worry about operating your shades when at home or away – you can program the shades to function automatically so that you can concentrate on your family and work.

You get to decorate your kid’s space once in a lifetime only, so don’t wait – with our selection of beautiful window decor, you can pour all your love and creativity into making your dream nursery.

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