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Latest Styles In Window Dressings for Summer 2020

Latest Styles In Window Dressings for Summer 2020

When decorating your homes or even preparing your homes for summer or winter, window treatments are considered an essential element. It is a great way to add your personality to a particular room, transform the appearance of any space in an instant and also important in offering a layer of protection against natural elements like cold draft or hot air. They help to add aesthetic interest and value to the windows and the rooms and transform the homes into an oasis with pleasant and cool interiors. Every year we see changing trends in the window treatment market and some styles come to dominate a particular year.

Summer is accompanied by rising mercury and occasional heatwaves in some parts of the country. Even without stepping out you can start feeling the increasing heat and discomfort. This puts immense pressure on the air conditioners as they have to overwork to keep your interiors cool and pleasant and you may not always want to keep the artificial cooling system on inside the house all day. Window treatments play a very important role in keeping indoors cool and pleasant. They help to reflect the heat back, block UV rays and sunlight from entering the house and can go a long way in creating a soothing environment within the house. You could use drapes, shades, blinds or even layered window treatment solutions for optimal impact.

Things to Look Out for When Choosing Window Treatments for Summer Season:

Heat protection:
This is the most important consideration. The discomfort of the rising temperature outside should not penetrate the comfort of your homes. Window treatments that can reflect the heat back to the source and keep the warm air outside is ideal.

Light blocking:
During the summer months, the sun is at its brightest, shining down in all its glory. It causes the harsh rays of the sun to enter the homes and disrupt your normal activities, cause irritation to your eyes. The glare makes it difficult to look out for too long and you no longer enjoy the natural light that fills your space. You need window treatments that can block out light and allow diffused light to light up your rooms.

UV Ray protection:
Sun’s rays are accompanied by harmful UV rays that make their way into the homes causing health hazards and also causing damage to furnishings and expensive interiors. You need window dressings that can block out these UV rays completely.

With these considerations in mind, you go about determining the window treatment styles that will dominate the summer of 2020.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes continue to remain a favorite among the house owners because of their elegance, beauty and grace. In curtains, the two hot designs are naturals and metallic. With more and more people showing a strong inclination towards indoor gardening, natural themed curtains are becoming quite popular. They spread tranquillity. Hand-painted birds, tree branch drawings, abstract patterns cherry blossoms, are all available in designer fabrics. Water, coral patterns also suggest a natural theme and all these help to bring nature indoors. It helps create a fascinating and relaxing atmosphere. Classic blue, aquamarine, scuba blue tones are a hit this year and for summer they are considered an ideal shade as they help spread cheer and warmth.
Sheer Curtains and Drapes

Blue is My Color

Colors bring more harmony into our lives than anything else. A colorful curtain, a colorful cushion, or a bedcover can instantly change our mood. This year the cold greys are on their way out and warm neutrals are making their way in. Blue seems to be dominating the color palette everywhere and classic blue is stealing the show. Once again it is a color of nature through the skies and the seas. The softer tones help to calm the mind, improve concentration and also support clear thinking.

Blue curtains can be mounted anywhere including living rooms as they are chic, classic and stylish at the same time and can blend with any decor – minimalist, contemporary, beach, and even a little on the traditional side. While the abundance of any color might appear over the top, too much of blue never feels bad. So paint your windows blue this summer with some stunning blue tones.
Blue White Color Block Drapery

Sheer Curtains, a Must for 2020

This is one style that never seems to go out of style. Sheer drapes or curtains are always fascinating in appearance. The light airy material helps to diffuse sunlight and fills the space with an abundance of natural light. They also allow significant air circulation. They are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and living room windows. You get a semblance of privacy during the morning hours but you may need to layer them with some blinds or other heavier curtains for better privacy post sundown. You could use them with blackout window treatments for better heat insulation and light blockage as this is being considered for the hot summer months. They are a beautiful choice for the summer months and are available in a variety of colors and styles.
Patterned Sheer Curtains

Shades Never out of Style

Like Sheers, shades too never go out of style. Window shades can be custom made in a variety of materials like fabric, metal and in different colors, textures, designs and styles to suit different moods and decors. Roman shades continue to rule the market with their elegance and beauty. You can choose them in a variety of fabrics to make them suitable for your summer needs. You could opt for blackout fabric to help block out excess light and heat. Bamboo and woven wood shades are also a popular choice for your homes. These natural eco-friendly window treatment options help to keep homes cool and pleasant and lend a natural charm to the interiors. It is another way of bringing nature inside the house.
Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades Designer Series

Motorization & Home Automation

Motorization and home automation continue to dominate the window treatment market and it is no different this summer. Motorized window shades ensure better energy efficiency as they can be scheduled to operate at different times of the year so that you can keep the sun out of the house even when you are not at home. This will prevent heat gain inside the house and you can come back to a cool and pleasant home. This will also help to keep your energy bills in check as your air conditioners will not be pressurized to overwork. Smart homes and window treatment integration with home assistants remain a continuing trend irrespective of the season.
If you are looking to revamp your windows and get those old window treatments replaced we hope these suggestions will help. Summer is a great season to feel the wind on your back and explore the world outside but the growing heat may force you to spend more time indoors than you may have bargained. We hope that you get to spend some pleasant time inside with these pleasing yet stylish window dressings.