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Why You Should Go Cordless?

Latest Styles in Cordless Window Dressings

It is Time For An Upgrade: Latest Styles in Cordless Window Dressings


When technology is powering everything around us, why leave the window covering market behind? From all your blinds and shades to the curtains, drapes, and valances, all window coverings are going cordless these days. You don’t have to worry about your little ones getting entangled into the dangling cords anymore. You can confidently leave your pets alone at home at any hour of the day without giving it a second thought. The cordless window treatments are safe, stylish, and super classy. All that cluttered appearance can be removed from your window blinds. So, have you realized that it is time for an upgrade?

If you’re not sure, then go through this blog and for a few reasons on why you should go cordless?


Latest Styles in Cordless Window Dressings


It allows us to show off the advantages of modern day cordless window coverings. Besides adding a great deal to the aesthetics of your windows and rooms, getting rid of cords gives your windows a streamlined look, irrespective of the size of window coverings you install, and the convenience and comfort go without saying. In addition to this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends going for cordless window coverings too. The market is flooded with window coverings offering cordless features. Available in a wide price range, you can go for the ones most favorable to you. You can also browse through our website and order your free samples.


Cordless Honeycomb Shades and How do They Operate?


Cordless Honeycomb Shades


Cellular shades AKA honeycomb shades are the ideal choice for people who put up in extreme environmental conditions. Their hexagonal cells let them trap all the outside air and let your air conditioner maintain a very comfortable temperature inside. Their modern variants have done away with cords or rods and all you have to do is either give them a soft push to use their bottom rail to pull them up and down. The cordless shades provide a much sprucer, neater, and trimmer look to the windows, thus making your room look spacious and airy.


Day and Night Cordless Cellular Shades


Day and Night Cordless Cellular Shades


Another variant of cellular shades, day and night cellulars are incorporated with a 2in1 feature. You can raise the shades to welcome the morning light inside and you can stack the light filtering part over the blackout section and enjoy complete blockage of outside light and view. They also offer you a balance between the light and privacy by adjusting both the stacks in a half and half manner.

Light Filtering Blackout Cordless Shades: The 2 in 1 light filtering blackout cordless shades are a new age window treatment which can maintain your privacy as well as help you get that sound sleep you have been craving for, even during daytime. They can be operated through a remote, a mobile phone application, and even though a voice assistant such as Google Home. Ideal for the bedroom windows, they can block light up to 99% of light and give you a totally dark room during the noon.


Welcoming the Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades


Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

Those oversized solar shades can be easily controlled with your smartphone as well as your home automation system. The battery in their headrail will allow you to sit on your couch and operate the hefty window coverings with extreme ease and convenience. To make things better, there is a solar battery which charges itself through the sunlight. To enjoy low electricity consumption, you can mount them on your outdoor windows and contribute something towards the sustainable development and environment. That home sweet home gives you memories to cherish forever.

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