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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Child-Safety Window Treatments?

Child-Safety Window Treatments

How Much Do You Know About Child-Safety Window Treatments?


Handling kids are no easy feat, and on top of that trying to keep your home child safe is yet another demanding task. Parents and Parents-to-be, we understand your anxiety! At ZebraBlinds, we shoulder our customer’s worries and responsibilities as our own and do our best to help in easing them off. That’s why we have a range of child proof blinds that helps protect your child through both function and operation.


Child-Safety Window Treatments for Your Inquisitive and Playful Child


Child Safety Window Treatments

With many favorite brand catalogs under our hat, like Crown and Graber Window Treatments, we guarantee a safe environment for your inquisitive and playful child. We have you covered on the window interiors front, not just on safety, but also with a host of other benefits.

Below are some common questions that you might have while browsing or choosing between window treatment products. We hope our answers help you!


# How is ZebraBlinds Different From the Other Stores?


Well before choosing any product first you need to believe the shop in which you are purchasing. At ZebraBlinds, we are committed to our goal of making the lives of our customers relaxed and comfortable. We partner with premium brands in the market with a promise of quality and innovation in all items. Safety is a significant factor we work towards in all our window treatment ideas. Our around-the-clock customer support, free samples, and free shipping makes us one of the preferred online stores across US homes.


# What are The Functions of Child-Friendly Window Blinds and Shades?


The first thing to make sure while selecting any window treatment idea is the absence of dangling cords as a security precaution. Yes, if you have got any old drapery panels or blinds with cords hanging around, its high time you change it. As per a study by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) and In-Depth Investigation (IDI) databases, maintained by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, most accidents inside happen due to window cords. You may feel that by keeping a closer eye on your kid, you might prevent any accidents, but it is not always the case. Since a child can get hurt in a matter of seconds, its best to go cordless or motorized for your window coverings for peace of mind.


# Next Things to Consider are – Privacy and Convenience:


With cordless and motorized mechanisms, you get convenient lifting and lowering of the blinds and shades. Also, enjoy getting unequaled privacy with a range of fabric options available. Blackout fabrics block the heat and light entirely from entering the rooms, so are excellent for kid’s room and nurseries, providing darkness on demand for uninterrupted nap time. Room-darkening shades are also advisable as they shield from the UV rays and offer a comfortable ambiance for your kids to play around. Apart from shades, if you have read any Graber Blinds reviews, you’ll know that their shutters would make an excellent addition to your other rooms with their convenience and functionality.


# How to Operate Child-Proof Blinds or Shades?


Smart Home Blinds

The advancement of technology has paved for a very comfortable life. Like old times, no longer do you need to adjust the blinds or shades depending on the time of the day. While ordering the products, you can get extra motorized accessories like RF remote controls, wall switches, timers, etc. for operation. Motorized window shades just need a button push while other innovative Smart Home Blinds or shades only require your smartphones for control. Play with your kids without distractions and adjust the shades with the portable controls wherever you are.


# What Other Benefits do You Get?


When you choose kid-friendly treatments, there are many other benefits apart from safety and privacy. For example, Smart Home Blinds can be fitted with automatic wind sensors and scheduled timers to operate the shades without interruption. They open and close according to the program giving a sense of occupation even if you are not home, thereby providing another layer of security to your home. Most of these mentioned window coverings are also energy-efficient, which in turn reduces the energy costs needed to heat and cool your home. Energy transfer is slowed as your blinds and shades offer excellent insulation, keeping the room temperature comfortable even under extreme temperature conditions. UV rays are not just harmful to humans, but also to our furniture, interior furnishings, and other items as well. With these window treatment ideas, say goodbye to UV rays from entering your room.


# Are They Affordable?


We can proudly say that ZebraBlinds is one of the online stores with superior quality furnishings at very competitive prices in the market.


# Smart Window Shades are Safe for Children?


Smart Window Shades

While there are a lot of products to choose from, a few of the products we would recommend are Graber or Norman Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades2-inch Aluminum Blinds, Smart Window Shades, Roller and Solar Shades, etc. Installation is a very straightforward process, but just ensure that everything is secured correctly. Maintenance is also pretty simple, as most shades are cleanable with a light vacuum cleaner or dusting.

Providing attractive and functionality-packed blinds and shades are our forte, and we deliver with a bang. From subtlety to bold, vibrant colors, make your interiors radiate with excitement and beauty, just like your child. We offer personalized customization and free samples to help with your selections.

So what are you waiting for? Come and fall in love with our assortment of products, just like your kid will once they are installed.

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