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A Dose of Texture to Renew Your Old Kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatments

Importance of Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is the most important part of any home. It’s the place where we make food for our families every day. Your family and guests frequently meet in the kitchen to spend time, eat, and cook together. As the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms of any home, it needs to be dressed up properly with the right window treatments that allow required amount of ventilation, light, and privacy. Kitchen Window Treatments are a great way to add beauty and softness to your kitchen. Window blinds and shades can transform the entire look of your home.


Kitchen Window Treatments Fulfill All Your Requirements


Make sure you note down all the requirements you expect your window blinds and shades to satisfy. The requirements can be the light control, privacy, aesthetics, etc. Be particular in what are you looking for and what you expect your window treatments to perform.

# Privacy

 Kitchen Window Treatments Privacy

Determine the amount of privacy you would like to have in your kitchen. Think about whether you’d like to see outside while the blinds are down, or if you are concerned with someone looking in while you are cooking or eating in the morning or at dinner time with the family. The right selection of the window treatments can only help you to achieve the right amount of privacy you are seeking for.

 # Light Control

 Light Control Kitchen Window Treatments

Light control is one of the major reasons why we cover up our windows with window treatments. Ample light is crucial for cooking during the day, and just being in a well-lit kitchen is a pleasure. In order to get the right amount of light into your kitchen, make sure you select the perfect window blinds and shades for your kitchen.

 # Aesthetics

 Kitchen Window Treatment Aesthetics

Window treatments give a makeover to your room. Since you are in your kitchen every day, it’s important that you are happy with the look and atmosphere of your kitchen. Choose the ideal window treatments that add beauty to your existing home decor.


Modern Kitchen Window Treatments


Nowadays there are many types of modern kitchen window treatments available that can blow away your mind. All you need to do is to know keenly about each and every window treatment, their characteristics, pros, and cons, and then choose the right one. Sounds like a lot? Here are some quick and great ideas for your kitchen.


#1 Graber Shutters for Your Kitchen

 Graber Shutters

Get the best of fashion and practicality with plantation Shutters for your beautiful kitchen. Manufactured from high-quality wood, these shutters guarantee a long-lasting charm to complete the look of your kitchen. With Graber Plantation Shutters, you don’t have to negotiate style over light control or privacy or any other comfort anymore. These shutters offer a classic style that will give your windows an astonishing look.

Interior plantation shutters can make your windows look beautiful with the smooth and classic look of shutters blended with the fashion and function of indoor window treatments. These plantation shutters are installed inside the home. You can completely close them to prevent the light and to offer lots of privacy, or you can open them to let in lots of light and air.


#2 Advantages of The Graber Shutters


-> These shutters are coated with Polypropylene which guarantees that these shutters stay looking fresh and new for a long duration.

-> The materials used can be recycled, securing a greener tomorrow.

-> These shutters are ideal for your kitchen as they are specially designed to prevent any warping, cracking, or fading.

-> Graber Shutters come in a broad collection of patterns, colors, designs, and options to satisfy your personality.


#3 Graber Roller Shades for Your Kitchen

 Graber Roller Shades

If you love a contemporary look, Graber Roller Shades are an excellent kitchen window treatment choice. These shades are also ideal for smaller windows as they stay out of the way when rolled up neatly to the top.

Experience the ultimate privacy, convenience, and improved sun protection for your kitchen, from the numerous interesting choices of fabrics varying from light filtering to blackout, with the Roller Solar Shades. These shades are great for shielding your kitchen from harmful UV ray damage. As the light filtering fabric allows the scattered light into the kitchen, the blackout or room darkening fabrics are fabulous for extra light blockage and added privacy.

Roller Shades are constructed from fabrics of varying opacity for improved room darkening, but Solar fabrics are permeable to light. The visibility and insulation factor depends on the fabric you choose.

They come in a collection of beautiful colors and contemporary designs. Choose from the various sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics as each selection offers different levels of light control.


#4 Graber Cellular Shades for Your Kitchen


Graber Cellular Shades

  1. Cellular Shades are widely known as honeycomb shades because of their design. These shades are appreciated for their unique design, fashion, and style. The rare design of the honeycomb pattern gives the ultimate level of shielding and protection to your kitchen from the outdoor weather. These window treatments protect your kitchen from the sun, noise, cold, and UV rays.
  2. The R-value refers to the insulation characteristics of a window treatment. Graber Cellular Shades possess a greater R-value than any other window treatment, meaning they are one of the best insulators on the market.
  3. Their unique mechanism makes them the ideal window treatment for extreme temperatures like summer and winter where you need greater insulation from the outside temperatures. These shades have pretty colors and unique styles. They also allow you customize and design the ultimate window decor for your kitchen.

If you prefer enhanced insulation for your kitchen windows, choose double cell fabrics. For light-diffusion go for sheer or light filtering fabrics. If privacy is your main concern, choose light blocking fabrics. Cellular shades are also called noise reducing blinds as the air pockets of these shades dampen any exterior noise inside your kitchen.


You can now shop these beautiful and extremely efficient window treatments for your kitchen and make it look beautiful and comfortable. Customize the patterns and design it in your own way. Get these amazing window blinds and shades at ZebraBlinds at the lowest costs. If you have any queries – you can reach our customer support team anytime.

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